1. Dear Lyss – I feel likeI am always buying childrens gifts and i am so tired of the selections. I wanted to buy something more special for some of my closer friends childrens and spend a little more. Any suggestions on some pretty jewelry for girls? Thanks, Robyn Beilenson

    Hi Robyn,
    I hope you’re doing great! There is a website that I love called Gift Hero, http://www.gifthero.com for birthday presents.
    As for pretty jewelry for girls, I love pretty jewelry from Tiffany for the little girls. The little Elsa Perretti hearts in silver are gorgeous, same with the bracelets and they are something the girls will have forever. Paloma Picasso also makes some silver pieces for Tiffany that are great for the girls.


  2. Hi Lyss, Loveeeeeeee the new site, just fabulous!!! Are you planning to post the pictures of past events??? xoxo Roselyn F

    Hi Roslyn,
    Yeah!! I am sooo glad you love the new site!!! We put a lot of thought and hard work onto making the site extra Divalysscious.
    How are you? I hope great:)! Yes, we started posting pictures of past events on the Diva Gallery Page, more to come within the next few weeks.
    Big xoxo

  3. Dear Lyss, I was 9 months pregnant when we finally found a suitable bigger apartment. Needless to say the move was incredibly overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. Seems like a somewhat common scenario…now my best friend is in the same situation! Is there a service that she can contact to help make this an easier process? I know if anyone would know the answer to this it would be you. Love, Lisa P.S. Congrats on the hot new site, I LOVE IT!

    Hi Lisa,
    I am sooo excited you love our new site!! Thank you very much for writing in! Of course I have the answer for your friend…
    I was recently introduced to a wonderful company called Harmonious Living, you can call Bonni Barrios at 917-309-8717 and or email her at bonnielee@aol.com
    She will personally come in and pack up everything and have your new apartment set up exactly the way you want it before you move in. I am personally using for her our move to our next apartment. We are looking to move into the gorgeous Miraval building.
    I hope this helps, and tell your friend to mention that Divalysscious Moms referred her.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Hi Lyss: Congrats on the revamped website. I love it. It’s a beautiful layout and super user friendly! I read your respond to Lisa posted above. So glad to hear you’ll be moving to the UES Miraval building, and welcome to the neighborhood. Here’s a quick question: I own a coop in UES (mortgage paid off already), and looking to trade up to a bigger place in the same neighborhood. It’s a little tricky, because I’d have to sell my place and buy a new one at the same time. Since my coop doesn’t allow sublet, so it’s no point in my hanging onto it, and i might as well cash it in. How do I coordinate the selling and buying at the same time. Do you recommend any specific realestate lawyer or broker? Thanks Have a great holiday weekend. Junnie

    Hi Junnie, sooo glad you love the new site! It was well worth the very long wait. We wanted to make sure we made the site Divalyssciously mommy friendly! Yes, we’re looking to move to the gorgeous Miraval building or down in Tribeca. We have some decisions still to make. I absolutely recommend you talking to Lisa Nederlander and Vanessa Tawil. The amazing Divalysscious Moms are also our concierge real estate brokers. Please email Lisa at ljn@corcoran.com and Vanessa at Vanessa.Tawil@corcoran.com
    Have a super weekend

  5. I’m trying to RSVP to an event that is happening on the 24. I would love to attend and meet all the other Diva moms. By the way loving the new site. Chanelle.

    Hi Chanelle,
    I am thrilled that you will be attending the opening night Nursery School University event on the 24th. Please click on https://www.movietickets.com/purchase.asp?perf_id=576585527 to purchase your tickets. We are soo excited for you to meet all the fabulous Divamoms and we are thrilled that you love the new site! We will be doing lots of add ons, so stay tuned!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Lyss, Can you recommend someone to blow up fun balloons at children’s parties? I know of Miss Pinky — but she is recommended for children 3-7 and has a more elaborate show than just balloons. This is for a one-year old birthday party. Any ideas you have would be most helpful. I hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you at an event soon.
    All the best, Carastina DuBrovin Brown Harris Stevens

    Hi Carastina,
    Yes! My favorite is Todd Neufeld, with the Twisted Balloon Company (www.twistedballoon.com). Tell him Divalysscious Lyss sends her xoxo’s!
    Xoxo, Lyss

  7. Hi Lyss, So excited to see your book listed in the gift guide in People Mag and Kelly Ripa giving a tip as well (I’m a huge fan)! I’m headed to bn in a few to pick it up (hopefully it’s not out of stock!). Before I do, I wanted to get your super, fabulous advice! Kelly Ripa and HSN are doing a reality show called Mom Inc which I will be auditioning for – so exciting! I’ve started blogging (first time blogger) about the journey to becoming a momtrepreneur and need your help getting the word out! You can view my blog at productx1.blogspot.com. How do I get it out into cyberspace?! Thanks in advance and congrats again on the book – can’t wait to read it! Tracy Sanders

    Hi Tracy,
    I am so excited you saw our book listed in the People Magazine gift guide for Mother’s Day. The book is really “Hot” so make sure you pick up a copy before it sells out. You are going to LOVE the book:)! Yes, it’s such an exciting reality show that Kelly Ripa and HSN are doing. We have a lot of Divalysscious Moms that are going to be auditioning with their amazing products and ideas. I just want to be clear with your question? You want to know how to get your blog known into Cyberspace? Please let me know if that’s your question, thank you. I will be more than happy help answer that for you.

  8. Hello Again.. I am coming into the city on thursday to walk some neighborhoods. Between finding a place to live, public school,pre-school, my head just doesn’t stop spinning. Now my latest panic is that because we won’t officially be there til late-may, june. Will it be too late to sign up summer sports or camps. Need the low down. As always thanks for all your help. Vanessa Keefe

    No need to panic at all. Once you find a neighborhood that you like and settle into everything will work out great! Many of the programs in the city offer sessions throughout the entire summer for camps and sports camps. Example Super Soccer Stars, Kids In Sports, Chelsea Piers and the list goes on and on. You are going to LOVE living in NYC with your boys! Promise! XOXO Lyss

  9. Dear Lyss, I think you are amazing! Do you have any plans to take Divalysscious out of NYC? I ask because we just moved to South Florida and we so desperately need Divalysscious events here too! I am amazed at the amount of young families down here. We need you here, Lyss! Rachel

    Dear Rachel,
    Congratulations on your move to South Flordia! There are lots of Divalysscious Moms in florida! In fact I get at least one request a week from a mom in Florida that wants to start Divalysscious Moms. We do have plans for expansion and will keep you posted! XOXO Lyss

  10. My name is Lisa D. I own a website called Prinatestyles.com. I am launching a new childrens line that is from the UK called SUNUVA. It SPF 50 childrens swim shirts and suits for both girls AND boys. Check us out…

    Hi Lisa,
    I am going to check out your new website, sounds fantastic.

  11. Hi Lyss, I’m a soon to be NYC mom and am looking forward to attending all of your events with my baby boy! Right now, I’m planning my baby shower for about 35 ladies. I’m sure you’ve been to tons of NYC baby showers so I was wondering if you have any suggestions on a great space for a Sunday luncheon. We’re looking for a somewhat trendy/chic place but it not too fancy. Looking forward to your suggestions. Best, Susan

    Hi Susan,
    I hope you’re feeling great!!!! I cannot wait for you to become a Divalysscious Mom and to meet you and your beautiful bundle of joy! Of course I have lots of favorite places in New York City for a Baby Shower. The upstairs of Alices Tea Cup on the UES has a whimsical design and the scones are delysscious, and I also love the Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon at the Inn at Irving Place.
    The Pembroke Room in the Lowell Hotel is always a great location for a private party. The Surrey Hotel has a beautiful roof top that you can rent out and or you can rent out a beautiful suite for the afternoon. Let me know if you are thinking about downtown because there are also a few spots I love.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!