Review of “A Kiss for a Highlander” by Jane Godman #DivaMomsBookClubPick- June 16th, 2015

Review of “A Kiss for a Highlander” by Jane Godman #DivaMomsBookClub

A Kiss

A Kiss for a Highlander begins with Fraser Lachlan leading his injured friend, Lord Jack, on horseback through enemy territory. When a kindly English family and their indignant governess discover Fraser and Jack, the men are forced to stay at the Derbyshire estate through the New Year to allow time for Lord Jack to regain his strength and for the pair to be able to rejoin the fight against the English. Martha, who wears her hatred of the Scots on her body in the scars from a violent attack that left her family dead, is forced to share her home with the sharp-tongued Scotsmen. A “kiss of hate” between Martha and Fraser unleashes a torrent of passion that leads them both into reckless abandon. Soon Martha’s dark past and Fraser’s military obligations will reveal the truth between them: is their desire born of hate, or love?

History is hot, thrilling, and dangerous in Jane Godman’s A Kiss for a Highlander! I think we can all agree there’s nothing sexier than a romance born out of hatred—the snarky comments and the underlying sexual tension simmering beneath the surface. And then when “the magic happens,” oh boy does it happen. Watching Fraser and Martha’s hatred for one another melt away with their growing attraction was not only heart warming to read, it was scorching!

With a roster of characters you’ll not soon forget and war threatening to tear the lovers apart, A Kiss for a Highlander asks the ultimate question: can love conquer all? Touchingly emotional and riveting till’ the very last page, engulf yourself in the drama of two star crossed lovers fighting for love—and their lives!

A Kiss for a Highlander is Diva Mom’s Pick of the Month for June for a hot and steamy summer romance!