Summer Reading #LYSST-June 15th, 2015

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I know that sometimes, or all the time, we want to escape from the daily grind, but between work and family there aren’t a lot of places that we can actually jet off to. That’s why I love to read so much; it takes you to another universe without ever leaving your chaos filled home. It’s the perfect getaway without actually getting away. So, without further ado here is my absolutely #FabulyssSummerBookLYSST to get you through a hot summer ahead. I know I will be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer recharging my batteries, sitting under an umbrella (with a LARGE #DeLysscious Iced-Tea) reading away.

1)#GREY: Your prayers have been answered ladies; E.L. James has graced us with another book and this time its’ through the point of view of the mysterious and sexy Christian Grey. The retelling of the first book through Grey’s point of view is bound to be as steamy if not steamier than the original. Who wouldn’t want to read about a tortured, handsome man fall in love with a shy, innocent girl. I’m more than ready to lose myself in #GREY!



2) The Girl on the Train: Paula Hawkins debut psychological thriller is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story follows a woman named Rachel who see’s the same couple every day on her way to work. Everything seems picture perfect until one day she see’s something shocking. The rest of the story is a whirlwind of events that will make you think twice about how you perceive other peoples lives. This is a page-turner; you won’t be able to put it down!



3) All the Light We Cannot See: Winner of the Pulitzer prize this is a beautiful novel about two adolescents whose paths cross during World War two. In Paris Marie-Laure, a blind 14 year old girl, and her father flee to the walled citadel of Saint-Malo while in Germany an orphan, Werner, becomes an expert at building and fixing radios which earns him a spot at the academy for Hitler Youth. Their stories intertwine when he also finds himself in Saint-Malo. Through the convergence of these characters we see that even through hardship humanity prevails. It feels as if there are a million World War two novels but this novel tells a different story, one that is relevant even today.



4) The Light Between Oceans: This book, which is soon to be a major motion picture, will keep you interested from the first page to the last one. After for years on the western front Tom goes back to Australia to work as a lighthouse keeper on Janus rock. With him he brings his young wife Isabel, while there Isabel struggles to have a child leaving her disheartened and depressed. One day Isabel hears the cry of a baby that stems from the washed up boat of a dead man and a living baby. Isabel wants to keep the baby while Tom wants to immediately report it but he gives in and they end up keeping the baby as if it was their own. Two years pass by and the family returns to the mainland where they find out the devastation their choice has caused. This is a book that reminds you that the things you do absolutely affect the people around you. It will leave you thinking for days.



5) Luckiest Girl Alive: If you’re a fan of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train then you’re bound to love this book. Another page-turner, Jessica Knoll leaves you with a book that you will devour start to finish. The novel starts off with our main character, Ani FaNelli, in high school where she is publically humiliated. Determined to reinvent herself she obtains the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect wardrobe, but nothing is really perfect. Ani is still harboring a secret that could destroy her perfect world. The twists and turns will keep you intrigued while also being able to relate to “wanting it all”. As women we are expected to be perfect, the perfect wife, mother, employee and this book explores just how impossible that is.


6) Secrets of a Charmed Life: This novel is told in both the present day and during World War two. Yes I know you all are thinking, “not another World War two book”, but I promise this is worth it. An American scholar, Kendra Van Zant, gets a chance to find out the secrets of Isabel Mcfarland and who she really is. After hearing the details of this womans life Kendra is left with both a blessing and a burden. This book will most certainly tear at your heartstrings.



7) The One That Got Away: Simon Wood takes you on chilling ride with this novel about two girls, Holli and Zoe who are abducted on their way home from Las Vegas. Zoe manages to flee from the sadistic killer labeled the “Tally man”. Now a year later Zoe finds herself helping the police with a case that sounds eerily similar to hers, but while Zoe looks for justice for Holli the “Tally man” is eerily awaiting Zoe’s arrival. A book that will leave you breathless, this is a must read.



8) The Knockoff: finally we have a lighthearted book! Imogen Tate is the editor in chief of Glossy magazine who returns to her job to find her former assistant, Eve Morton, changing the entire company. Eve, a twenty something fresh out of college, is looking to make everything digital which is a nightmare for someone like Imogen. This is a hilarious story about the ever changing fashion world and our technology filled future.



9) Leave Your Mark: One of my #FabULyssFriends has come out with a book and it is absolutely ahhmazinggggg. Aliza Licht has provided us with all her knowledge in 288 pages. For the person just starting a business or one who has been in the business world a while this novel will provide you with the insight you need to succeed. Aliza Licht as our mentor? Yes please!!!!!!!!



10) In the Unlikely Event: Judy Blume has come out with a book for adults. That’s right you heard me, adults. For all you lovers of “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” then your in for a treat. In the Unlikely Event tells the story of three generations of family, friends, and strangers who are not only affected by a plane crash in their town but also by all the events that surround them such as first love, difficult friendships and much more. Set in the 1950’s this book will break your heart and then meld it back together again. That’s what Judy Blume does right? She takes our feelings on a crazy joy ride and I can’t wait to experience it again.



11) Memory Man: A stunning novel that will stay with you even after finishing it. Amos Decker’s entire life shatters after the murder of his family. With no leads and no reason why this tragedy occurred Amos finds his whole world collapse around him. Fast forward a year a man who claims to have committed the murders has turned himself in.  Amos finds himself called back to help with the investigation and learn what really happened to his family.



12) Our Souls at Night: a quiet, bittersweet novel about a widow and a widower who come together to share their struggles and pleasures with each other. This story shows the need for human contact and how no matter what age you are you can find someone to share your life with.


13) Beach Town: The perfect book for the beach, Mary Kay Andrews introduces you to Greer Hennesy, a location scout whose last chance is to find the perfect beach hideaway for a big budget movie. Greer finds Cypress key, a small town in florida that she deems perfect for the movie but Eben Thibadeux, the towns mayor, isn’t interested in commercializing his recovering town. This book is filled with hilarious characters, and maybe even some true love. Its got all the ingredients for the perfect summer book!



14) Suddenly One Summer: Theres nothing wrong with bringing a little romance to the beach with you. A lighter read, Suddenly One summer follows a lawyer, Victoria Slade and her devastatingly handsome and cocky neighbor, Ford Dixon, who team up to find out who impregnated Ford’s sister. Although both annoy each other to no end there is an undeniable attraction that lies between them. This book will keep you entertained while baking in the sun for the day.



15.) The Balance Project: Susie Orman Schall  writes a provocative novel based on a study she performed, called “The Balance Project”. I am honored to be a part of her blog series #TheBalanceProject.. take some time to read all the #FabULyss women that she interviews. This book is a #FabULyss read for woman who are trying to juggle it all, from children, to being a wife, and working….all while keeping it in balance.


16.) Hello Hollywood: My #FabULyssFriend Suzanne Corso has done it again! With the last book of her trilogy.. #Hello Hollywood takes you to the place you want to go #Freedom. Finally independent, Sam moves with her daughter to Hollywood, where she can participate in the production of the movie version of her novel. Dating the film’s producer, however, reveals a dark side to all the Hollywood glam, especially when figures from her Brooklyn past start showing up where they are definitely not wanted. And then there’s a mysterious man named John who is showering her with attention. Is this a new romance, or another misstep? And is Sam’s turn in the spotlight worth all the real life drama?



            This concludes the Divalyssicous #FabULyssSummerBookLYSST… there is a book in here for every mama and glamma and I hope that you all read as many as you can. Reading is so Fabulyss because its able to take you away from the real world even for just a little while. Go-ahead #Divamoms, jet off to that fantasy land, you deserve it!