Staying Warm with Hot Chocolate, Hysterical Laughs and Movie Nights! – November 15 ’13

Hey DivaMoms, and happy Friday! #TGIF! Wow, we definitely had a crazy temperature drop in NYC this week; my boys are calling it a real-life Disney’s Frozen! It feels like a total arctic chill; I have been in the mood for decadent hot chocolate ALL week! On the coldest night of them all, I saw the hilarious musical comedy Murder for Two! I kept telling my husband how the big laughs were keeping me amply warm; it was seriously a laugh-out-loud musical that you should all see (for entertainment and warmth purposes)! 🙂 Officer Marcus Moscowicz is a small town policeman with dreams of making it to detective. One fateful night, shots ring out at the surprise birthday party of Great American Novelist Arthur Whitney and the writer is killed…fatally. With the nearest detective an hour away, Marcus jumps at the chance to prove his sleuthing skills—with the help of his silent partner, Lou.  But whodunit?  Did Dahlia Whitney, Arthur’s scene-stealing wife, give him a big finish?  Is Barrette Lewis, the prima ballerina, the prime suspect?  Did Dr. Griff, the overly-friendly psychiatrist, make a frenemy?   Marcus has only a short amount of time to find the killer and make his name before the real detective arrives…and the ice cream melts! Murder for Two is the perfect blend of music, mayhem and murder!  In this hilarious 90-minute show, 2 performers play 13 roles—not to mention the piano—in a witty and winking homage to old-fashioned murder mysteries.  The New York Times calls it “INGENIOUS!  A snazzy double-act that spins out a comic mystery animated by funny, deftly turned songs.”  You won’t want to miss this killer musical comedy! As I like to say, RUN, don’t walk! 🙂 The boys and I are going to see Disney on Ice at the Barclays Center on Sunday– their own version of a laugh-out-loud and entertaining show! I’m just as excited as they are… I love Disney! 🙂

Hot-Chocolate-with-Coconut-Whipped-Cream15 Murder For Two

Even thought ice cream is the last tasty treat I want to think about in this freeeezing cold weather, I can’t help but be intrigued by the latest food craze: Glow-in-the-dark ice cream! I’m not sure if I should tell my boys, because they’ll undoubtedly want a scoop… NOW! I think this weather calls for popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie for my boys on this Friday night! Speaking of which, did you catch me on Fox this week discussing the RidicULyss rise of violence in PG-13 movies? It is my personal view that we cannot blame the movies or the people who make them; it is our jobs as parents, role models and educators to have common sense when it comes to what is appropriate. If it feels off or wrong based on your child’s personality to allow him to watch films with a certain amount of violence, then he is not ready for it and you are not ready to deal with the possible consequences. There have been countless studies done regarding children acting out in violent ways when they watch violent movies or play violent video games… so much that I can’t believe we still are discussing what to do! If you really do not know what to do or feel you cannot determine/read your child, it is simple: let your kids watch PG-13 movies when they are 13. I know that my boys– ages 9 and a half and six– can handle a little bit of violence in movies because they are grounded strongly in their morals and proper, ethical social behavior. Jackson and Oliver have a great little repertoire of must-see movies that they very eagerly wanted me to share with you! My son Jax says that “EVERY” boy in the world needs to see 42 and Like Mike, while Ollie loves the classic musicals like Annie and The Wiz! A happy medium for both boys seems to be the relatively new movie, Parental Guidance. They love it! (Also, for my fellow DivaMoms, the film Frances Ha, which I know we all saw in theaters and loved, is now on Netflix! Just a heads-up! :))

Movie Lysst

And now, for the DivaLysscious-Did-You-Know of the week: Mothers who exercise during pregnancy may not only improve their health but the brain development of their babies. A new study found that pregnant women who exercised for at least 20 minutes a day, three times a week, had newborns who showed higher levels of brain activity than pregnant women who did not exercise. I was so thrilled to read this fascinating article, and immediately told Exhale Core Fusion and FlyWheel Sports NYC that they’d be seeing a LOT more of me and my pregnant belly! 🙂 Aside from my exercise classes, my husband and I had parent/teacher conferences! I have never been so proud of my boys; nothing better than TWO great reports! 🙂 We also stopped by the incredible Stephanie Hirsch’s art gallery opening! “Religion is for people that don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those of us that have been there.” There is no better saying that captures the emotion of Stephanie Hirsch’s artwork. Her work delves into the deeper or double meaning of words and sayings with both humor and enlightenment. “Initially, sayings can be static,” Stephanie says, “but once we apply our life experiences they can have infinite meanings.” To convey her messages, she utilizes beads and embroidery, which give her artwork a three-dimensional depth. The metallic sheen of the medium also serves to remind us that the mantras can shine a positive light on our inner struggles, both literally and figuratively.I absolutely fell in love with this piece of artwork and, from what I’ve been told by my assistant and friends, it looks kind of like me (I think it’s the eyes…definitely not the lips unless I’ve stolen one of my kids’ blue raspberry lollipops..)! Speaking of art, don’t forget to take your little ones this weekend to the Free Art NYC Kidsfest, hosted by Dior!



 Have a beautiful weekend, DivaMoms! And remember…

“I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I’ve stopped work and said, ‘Thank God it’s Friday.’ But weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place. Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.” – Helen Mirren…. I know I’ll be indulging in that decadent hot chocolate I’ve been dreaming about… 😉

I also encourage everyone to keep everyone in the Philippines in their thoughts and prayers. Natural disasters are unfathomably horrific and detrimental. FOR MULTIPLE WAYS TO HELP, CLICK HERE.

DivaLysscious Moms is also thinking of the incredibly #BRAVE Amy Robach as she battles breast cancer publicly & gracefully.


Lyss 🙂