Mom Mogul Breakfast: Wake Before the Quake

Hey DivaMoms!! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather today; the sky looked awful and stormy this morning but it’s turning into a gorgeous afternoon. Last week, I didn’t have a second to blog… or breathe! The Mom Mogul Breakfast (AKA the #MomMogulBreakfast as it was a hot trending topic on Twitter and Instagram) was one of the biggest DivaLysscious successes the DivaMoms team has ever experienced!! Those of you that attended already know how unbelievably incredible, inspiring, impressive and just plain fun the breakfast was, and those of you who weren’t able to attend better put it on your Lysst of priorities for next spring!! Hearing what business moguls and fabulyss mothers Rebecca Minkoff, Jennifer Fisher, June Ambrose, Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson, Ruth Zukerman, Mary Alice Stephenson, and Veronica Webb had to share about how their business got started and how they juggle it all– the corporate world, motherhood, marriage, family, social life– was so exclusive, rare and incredible special. I have to say: I expected to be blown away. I expected myself and all of our guests to be impressed. I was prepared to be enlightened and surprised. But, I did not expect to feel such a connection with over 200 women at one time, and to feel so emotional. It was such a pleasant surprise, and I think I speak for everyone when I say it started that delysscious Tuesday off with utmost motivation and sense of strength. I swear, at some moments I couldn’t believe the absolutely golden quotes– quotes for the books, quotes you read on some inspirational website– that were coming out of the mouths of our panelists! They are such hard-working, intelligent, educated and–above all– endlessly curious women and members of society who are leaving huge, impossible-to-fill footprints. My fab and talented friend, Sharon Lippmann, who runs the hilarious blog My Daily Pill, used her super-journalist powers to jot down some awe-inspiring quotes that I am very tempted to tattoo all over my body. Check some of these out:

Ruth Zukerman: “It’s so much about being passionate about what you want to do. I got divorced when my children were 6 years old…I had to start all over again. I was like a fish out of water. I had found spinning and it had actually helped me through my divorce. I got hooked and knew it was something I wanted to build a career in…I started out carrying my spin shoes from gym-to-gym just teaching spin classes…I believed in it…and it happened.”

This hit so close to home for me and, as I’m sure some of you remember, got me a little bit teary-eyed. FlyWheel Sports changed…my…life. Just like spinning helped Ruth through her divorce– a detrimental event that caused her so much stress– it has helped me through work stress, hard times, anxiety over my ridiculous fear of not being able to be in 12 places at one time, and more. For her to speak to such feelings of passion, stress-release, and turning around the horrible feeling of not belonging was so honest and real…and I will always remember it. I’m sure everyone else in the room– guests, panelists, and, hey, maybe even waiters alike– will, too.


Jennifer Fisher: “I had a different experience. My business started because I was told I would never have children…I ended up getting pregnant naturally, and I decided to keep the baby. That’s my son Shane. And, he’s the reason the company started. When he was born, it was such a big deal. I wanted something to represent him…something that felt really, really important and special. And, that’s how my company started.”

I felt such a connection to this beautiful, moving image because my first son, 9-year-old Jackson, is the reason my company began. To this day, DivaLysscious Moms represents the lives of both of my sons. My boys continue to inspire new events, projects, and more, and I am so grateful for their existence giving me another baby I cherish: my company.

June Ambrose: “I wake before the quake.” (I love this. June described how she gets up an hour before her two children, ages 11 and 9, so she can center herself, meditate, and get herself ready for the day ahead.)

What mother– whether she has 10 kids or 1– wouldn’t understand and crack up at this!? Even if it means waking up at 3 AM, I am going to have a “calm before the storm.” Bring on the green tea, erotic novel, and dog-cuddles before the “where’s my orange juice?”s and “do I HAVE to go to school?”s!

Sharon also recorded something I said during the Q & A, and I am so grateful for this. I have read it a few times since the event, during moments in which my confidence is a little down. “I started my business 9 1/2 years ago, and I remember people saying things like ‘Why are you doing this?’ My answer was, I believe in this. I was passionate. I felt there was a real need for what I was doing. So, if you believe in something do not listen to the naysayers. Stay focused. Stay down that road. It will happen. Don’t let people tell you you can’t do it, because you can do it.”

I will always remind myself that I said this, and that I “CAN do it!” 🙂

Rebecca Minkoff: “Growing up, I was raised that if I wanted something, I had to make it. So, my Mom would provide me with fabric and she would teach me how to sew but she wouldn’t buy me the dress…And, that’s the lesson I’m going to try to teach my son.”
This made me say, “YES!” in my head; one thing I always consider to be of utmost importance is teaching my boys to be hard-workers, take nothing for granted, and be self-sufficient. Just last night, my son wanted chicken nuggets. Instead of taking him to his favorite place on earth (Johnny Rocket’s, of course), I showed him how we can made chicken nuggets at home, together, side-by-side, and how we don’t have to spend money every time. We can do a project together. He even said that the chicken nuggets “tasted even better because we made them!”
Mary Alice Stephenson: ”If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.”
I SO agree with this; if you’re not dreaming beyond the stars…if your dreams don’t sometimes want to make you question your abilities…if your visions don’t suffer moments of being seemingly impossible, ridiculous or outlandish…then they aren’t dreams!
Veronica Webb: ”If we can raise children, we can start a business.”
All I have to say is something I say everyday: Motherhood is the hardest job. Motherhood is the most rewarding job. Motherhood is impossible. Motherhood is incredible. Motherhood IS a job.
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson: “Don’t be shy. Ask for help. Those are two really important skill sets…being able to ask for help and not being shy about it.”
Hearing this immediately brought me back to one of my college summers when I was an intern for the Joan Rivers show. I remember being so intimidated at time; if I was unsure about something, if I didn’t understand something, if something genuinely puzzled me, I was always too scared to ask for help. If I could go back and tell myself something, it would be exactly what Alexandra shared with us last Tuesday. People have so much more respect for your abilities and mind if they see that you can admit to not knowing everything. Nobody knows everything, and admitting it makes you nothing but intelligent and one step closer to understanding and effective. This is why I always tell my assistant and all of my interns to come to me with anything and ask in an upfront, straightforward manner, and why I am able to have open, successful business relationships.
If you want to read about Sharon’s experience and get a fantastic mini-recap of the event, check out the post here!!
“I’m feeling so empowered right now, totally inspired,  and incredibly schmaltzy about my fellow sisters out there in the trenches. Because, as women, and especially as women who are also Moms, we engage in some form of battle every day,” Sharon says.
Here’s Sharon Lippmann and myself 🙂
From L to R: The talented and creative mom mogul of the fashion world Rebecca Minkoff, the sweet and smart mom mogul of the jewelry industry Jennifer Fisher, the honest and lovely fashion and style mom mogul Mary Alice Stephenson, founder of every girl’s guilty pleasure (Gilt Groupe) Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, stunning mom mogul of the acting and modeling world Veronica Webb, hilarious and incredible celebrity stylist June Ambrose, founder of my #1 addiction FlyWheel Sports the ambitious Ruth Zukerman, my amazing co-host Sabina Feldman of the successful MORE Magazine, and moi! Such a great & telling step & repeat capture…we all couldn’t stop giggling! Such phenomenal, genuine smiles that lasted throughout the entire morning…even when there were tears 😉
The food that Bond 45– the STUNNING venue– provided was delysscious, but nothing beats candy, cake, and cupcakes!! Cakes Jagla created the ultimate mommy mogul cake, and Laurie Singer Zucker created a REAL-LIFE CANDYLAND!
I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from nearly every person at the event, moguls and attendees alike and, once again, I am reminded why I love what I do and that I have an impact one people’s lives. SO many people that were so dear to me attended the event, including high school friends, my mother, and more. Moms were able to indulge in gourmet food the minute they walked in the door, get their photos taken, and even get their hair professionally styled by the trusted and luxurious DreamDry team. I am so thrilled with the aftermath of this event and I still feel like I am living and breathing the special moments it was composed of.
Zimbio put together an awesome display of Mom Mogul Breakfast VIPs, which you can check out here, and Heidi Green put together an incredible slideshow of the event as well, which you NEED to see here! 🙂
I am happy to say that we will continue to be blogging weekly through the busy summer to keep you updated with everything DivaLysscious and FabULyss! I hope you enjoy your day DivaMoms, and that your little ones are having a strong and wonderful day at school!
Lyss 🙂