Let’s Go, Raisins, Let’s go! – February 5 ‘13

Morning DivaMoms! So, did anyone catch that Beyonce concert on Sunday? Um…I mean the Super Bowl?! But seriously; who could possibly have done a better job rocking that fabulyss leather outfit?! She is so talented and absolutely BootyLysscious! I’m always amazed by her, as I think the rest of America is. Apparently, Beyonce was so hot up there that was a 34-minute power outage during the Super Bowl. Oreo took advantage of Sunday night’s stadium blackout to tweet an image of the cookie enveloped in darkness with the caption: “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” The clever on-the-fly ad was re-tweeted thousands of times. The people at Oreo decided that they might as well take advantage of millions of people staring at their screens, and it was definitely a job well-done; I hear they cashed in pretty nicely! I hope everyone had an overall fabulyss Super Bowl Sunday with friends or family; all I know is that I ate WAY too many buffalo wings and slices of Domino’s pizza. The boys agree that Domino’s is the “BEST” pizza ever… I keep telling them, “you won’t be saying that if you study abroad in Italy one day!” What were your favorite commercials during the game? I have to say there were so many funny and memorable ones this year; I have to get around to re-watching them sometime this week.

How many are happy about the Ravens? My 5-year-old, Oliver, says he is “ecstatic that the Raisins won!” Of course, he gets “ecstatic” right but not “Ravens…” He sat there on couch, cheering, “Let’s go Raisins, let’s go!” Over and over… And, like always, I couldn’t bring myself to correct him. It’s too hilarious! Like I’ve told so many of you, I also couldn’t bring myself to root for anyone because of my soft spot for the brotherly bond between the Harbaughs!

Let's go Raisins, let's go

Workout motivation... Who looks THAT hot in leather?!

Loved this ad... So brilliant and funny!

On a sadder note, how many of my fellow New Yorkers got as teary-eyed as I did yesterday watching Mayor Koch’s funeral on TV? Ed Koch was truly a fabulyss man who did so much for New York; he loved this city and called it his home for so long, and was notoriously so connected and concerned with the public. The crowd for his funeral filled the 2,500-seat Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue, where Koch’s plain wooden casket was flanked by an honor guard from police, fire and other agencies. He died Friday at the impressive age of 88, and was called “as genuine a politician as America has ever seen,” by Mayor Bloomberg said, praising his “intelligence, his honesty and his independence.” Born in the Bronx, Koch led New York from 1978 to 1989, when the city was recovering from a fiscal crisis that was a second away from from leading the city into bankruptcy. Koch cut costs, balanced the city budget and got the subway system to scrub away disturbing graffiti. “He restored the arc of our city’s history,” Bloomberg said. “Thanks to him we became great again.” Koch also had a famous catchphrase– “How’m I doing?”– that made it even more obvious to New Yorkers that he cared about what the thought and if he was improving their everyday lives. In fact, my assistant’s father lived in NYC during Koch’s “reign,” and said that he was also up and about and, whenever they passed each other on the street, Koch would ask him how he thought he was doing. Her father always told him he was “doing great,” and I’m sure we all agreed. Even those who didn’t agree with his politics loved him as a person. He was truly amazing for NYC and a man with no enemies. His energy is undoubtedly already missed sorely throughout the city.

He'll be sorely missed in NYC 🙁

There couldn't have been a more gorgeous temple in which to have the memorial of Ed Koch

Speaking of honorable people determined to change the world around them, hundreds of people, including some of Michigan’s political elite, gathered Monday to celebrate the late Rosa Parks on what would have been her 100th birthday by unveiling a postage stamp in her honor steps from the Alabama bus on which she stared down segregation nearly 60 years ago. Martin Luther King Day wasn’t too long ago, so I think it’s great that this is happening now; her defiance and determination contributed to his movement significantly and I think it is beyond wonderful that this stamp has come out in her honor. It gives me hope in humanity, I have to say! Parks always said that she “would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people,” and this definitely proves that that is exactly how she is remembered and known today.