Guest Blog Post! Dan McLaughlin author of The Parents Homework Dictionary – Sept 5th ’12

Guest Blog Post Dan McLaughlin author of The Parents Homework Dictionary!
With school having started for many children and mine starting this Thursday, I know that homework is on the top of so many of our minds. With the kids being off all summer to run free and enjoy the carefree days of summer *while doing their summer reading* getting the kids to get back into the school routine especially with homework is always a challenge for many parents. Dan Mc Laughlin author of The Parents Homework Dictionary has some very helpful tips for us.

Raising successful children is the most difficult and demanding job we have as parents. However, it is also the most rewarding. A major part of this journey is school and more specifically, homework. Here are a few tips to make this homework task easier for you and your child:

First, make homework a priority. Just like mommy and daddy have a job so do our children. It is their family responsibility to do the ‘best they can’ at whatever they do in life. School and homework is part of that responsibility. Although there are experts that debate the validity of homework look at it this way, how good would your favorite football team perform if they never ‘practiced’ before a game? We all know the answer to that. Besides, if your children are well prepared for school teachers love it! Well prepared student make for a better learning/teaching environment.
Next, make homework ‘quality time’ with your children. Use this time to talk about all the important issues of their day and share your day as well. This can even include outside activities. Take your child to buy groceries to reinforce a math or nutrition lesson. How about letting them help with taxes to teach a lesson on government. The opportunities are out there so take advantage of these moments, they will be remembered! Remember, you are the most important teacher in your child’s life.

Lastly, keep in mind that in most areas school budget cuts are here and they will get worse before they get better. That means programs will be cut or go away entirely. Now, more than ever, the parent has to be the most important teacher at home and in life. DO NOT leave the success of your child to a school or teacher. They are your ‘support’ but YOU are the reason your child succeeds!

You need to have the knowledge of a teacher in every grade and the Parent’s homework Dictionary is the ONLY resource that will give you this Parent Empowerment.


Thanks Dan….I can personally say that having one of my sons enter Kindergarten and the older son entering third grade has me a bit anxious as a parent. In the public school system here in NYC, third grade is a critical year. We made my sons desk and room more inviting for him to want to sit down and do his homework.

Wishing all the kids a great entry into the new school year
xoxo, Lyss