Gobble Gobble I will not Wobble Wobble – NOV 27 ’11

Hope you all had a fabulyss Thanksgiving! This year my sister, Sam, and I decided to host Thanksgiving in my apartment. Sam happens to be the most amazing cook, so I was excited to see her cook a full meal that was also all gluten-free (she and I both have recently gone gluten-free).  The food was delivered on Wed afternoon via Fresh Direct, and then I was out and about on the perfect wine search.

Sam came over Wednesday night at 9pm and started cooking, as well as preparing the turkey and the side dishes. This was the first Thanksgiving dinner she ever prepared, so she wanted everything to be perfect. She brined the turkey overnight in vinegar, garlic, onions, salt, pepper and a bunch of other delysscious spices. My refrigerator was bursting at the seams with food!

My husband got VIP tickets to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade however the boys wanted to watch in bed and help my sister cook, so we had a full house all day. My parents, our family friend, Alyson, my sister’s boyfriend, Adam, and my uncle came over in the afternoon. Then, the real fun began.

Aly and Sam were busy in the kitchen preparing the feast.  They made all of the classics from scratch — green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and the most amazing stuffing! You could smell everything the moment you stepped off the elevator on my floor. It was amazing! I set the table, made the salad and the boys helped me prepare a great Jello mold. Cooking a meal for 10 in a New York apartment kitchen is no easy task, but Sam and Aly did a fabulyss job of getting creative in the kitchen with cooking utensils and space to make sure everything was ready on time. We even came up with a new TV show called “Kitchen Impossible” where elaborate meals for 10 or more people have to be prepared in the country’s tiniest kitchens. I was impressed by how Sam and Aly pulled it off, so I think others would be too!

Aunt Sam and "Uncle" Adam

We then sat down to a beautiful dinner, and we all ate every single dish. Our chefs blew us away with the delysscious food! I can’t believe they both learned how to cook by watching the Food Network!

Then, the best part of the evening was the dance-off. My family loves music, so there is always dancing involved when we get together. My oldest son, Jackson and Sam and Adam had a dance contest, and the rest of the family judged after each performance like we were on “Dancing with the Stars.” I always knew Jackson had some amazing moves, but I was blown away by Sam and Adam! It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. We were all in tears from laughing so hard by the end when Jackson was declared the dance-off champion! The most ironic thing was that my little one, Oliver, is the natural performer in the family, and he slept through the whole thing! It was one of those amazing family moments you’ll never forget, and if I ever do, we have it all on tape to replay for years to come!

Thanksgiving is a time where we can sit back and realize all the things we have to be thankful for, and I have so much – a healthy  family, great friends and a job I love waking up to each day. I hope you all took a moment to recognize what you have to be thankful for in life this weekend, too.

As it always goes when you host Thanksgiving, I will be eating leftovers for the next month. All that delysscious, rich food makes you want to just lay around for hours, but I got up Friday morning and took a pilates and a spin class so I could get rid of the extra wobble wobble I gained from the amazing feast!

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Also, check out the Diva Events page for some fun things that are coming up! On December 4th, there is the Children Aid Society’s Miracle on Madison Ave. event! Also, be sure not to miss the Divamoms Holiday “Do’s and Don’ts” event on December 6th with hairstylist Ricardo Rojas. I can’t wait!