Surviving the Holidays: 7 Shopping Tips for Busy Moms- October 25th 2019

Surviving the Holidays: 7 Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

The holidays are almost here! Before you know it, you’ll be grabbing the kiddos from their last day of school and daycare. On top of watching your little ones, you’ll need to make meals, entertain family and finish your holiday shopping list. If your tasks seem overwhelming, don’t worry, mama! We’re here to help you step by step. 

The following shopping tips are for busy moms like you. Each one of them will help you organize and prioritize your gifting strategy, so you end up with more time and stress less. Grab a hot cocoa and read over this list. In just a short time, you’ll be enjoying the festivities of the season.  

1. Set a Holiday Budget 

No matter if you have a newborn baby or a group of toddlers and tweens, it’s essential to be smart about your finances. Creating and setting a holiday budget will allow you to plan ahead. Once the kids go to sleep, take some time to review your bills and expenses. If you can, compare your budget to everyone’s gift list. This extra activity will help you decide how much you need to save before the holidays get here. 

Need to get creative? Store layaway can be a lifesaver. Many big ticket toys can be purchased for a down payment and then secured until Christmas. When it’s time to wrap your presents, simply pick up the gifts at the store and pay your balance. You can also examine your bills and expenses list to see what you can skip. Pause your meal delivery service for a week and eat at grandma’s—or hold a family movie night instead of going out for a fancy dinner. 

2. Prioritize Your Presents 

Don’t feel bad if you can’t buy everything. Purchase the most-wanted presents first and then worry about stocking stuffers later. Everything from bicycles to affordable holiday airline tickets can be shopped for ahead of time for the best deal. 

Start by browsing Black Friday and Cyber Monday events to see if discounts are available on the most expensive items. Some malls and department stores will even have special sales for frequent shoppers or club members. If your budget is tight, consider bargaining with your partner or spouse. Agree to buy a few favorites and then save other wish list items for your anniversary or birthday. 

3. Go Shopping Early 

Life with a little one is fun, exciting and unpredictable! By shopping early, you will be prepared for everything from seasonal illnesses to jam-packed schedules. If you are shopping for a baby, you can begin checking off your list as far in advance as you want. In the spring and summer months, everything from plush blankets to winter clothes are on discount. Just don’t forget to purchase baby clothing in the size that baby will be wearing during the holidays. You’ll also find deals on car seats, toys and seasonal keepsakes from October through December. 

Unless you have older kids, you probably won’t be interested in braving the stores on Black Friday. Instead of heading out after Thanksgiving dinner for the best discounts, look at the store ads the week before. Some items will be available before Black Friday arrives. You may even be able to access pre-holiday prices if you have a store debit or credit card. 

4. Buy Gifts Online 

Every mom’s secret weapon is to buy online. While you can finish your holiday list in your comfy pants, there are way more benefits to using your tablet or smartphone. Most stores and online boutiques offer free shipping on every item during the winter season. If you can’t get the discount on small ticket gifts, most retailers will at least ship free if you spend over $50.  

A ton of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are also available from the comfort of your home. As with the in-store sales, it’s best to research gifts and stores ahead of time. Some of your kids’ presents may be cheaper on a certain website. Some retailers will even offer deep discounts on bundles for gifts such as video game consoles. Plus, most baby stores also have Internet-based shops. You’ll be able to find all of the gifts for a baby boy or girl that you love without braving the crowds or exposing your infant to more germs. 

5. Work as a Team 

Don’t feel guilty if your budget only allows for immediate family. Buying for extended family, teachers and friends can be taxing. If you must buy a present for someone else, consider working as a team. Ask fellow class parents to pitch in for a teacher’s gift. A gift card or decorative item for the classroom are among the most affordable and meaningful favorites. 

Loved ones will have fun with a White Elephant gift exchangeto celebrate the holidays. This popular event, also known as a Yankee Swap, requires everyone to set a small budget and purchase an interesting, anonymous present. After each participant draws a number from a hat, the first person chooses a wrapped gift. The next person can either steal the first item or grab another one. The game continues until everyone has chosen and swapped a present. With the White Elephant exchange, the goal is to give and enjoy each other’s company. Best of all, most gift budgets are under $20! 

6. Ask for Help 

When purchasing a large playground, expensive piece of jewelry or a high-cost travel system, you may want to see the item in person. Instead of dragging your little one to the mall, ask a loved one to babysit. Most family members and friends in town will be happy to spend time with your sweet pea. You’ll also be able to get your shopping done faster. 

Instead of lugging around heavy items yourself, ask a store employee to help you out to your car. If you’re buying exclusively online, enlist your partner to assist. Have them watch the baby monitor or distract your toddler until you finish your list. 

7. Purchase a Few Extras 

No matter how prepared you are, it’s common to forgetsomething. This may include candy for the stocking or a small gift for your neighbor. While you’re at the store, pick up a few affordable presents. The easiest and most beloved choices include a bottle of wine, holiday baked goods and seasonal candles. 

Many brand name chocolates and sweets are available at your local discount store. At the same time you’re shopping for your kids’ favorites, you’ll be able to grab everything from holiday body wash to wreaths for as little as $1. Some restaurants even offer extra gift cards when you spend a certain amount. Give the additional card to your boss or co-worker. You can even save it for yourself! 

Smarter Shopping Means a Happier Holiday for Mom 

If you shop smart by using the tips above, you’ll feel more relaxed once the holidays get here. A stress-free mom is a happier mom, which means more loving memories for you and your children. These holiday shopping hacks work for every season, so be sure to save them for next year. You can even share them with a fellow mom. The more the merrier!

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