Moving to the Suburbs, Westchester, New Jersey, Fairfield County, Long Island? From City To- A New #FabULyssfind – October 3rd, 2019


We have a new #FabULyssfind for parents thinking about moving to the suburbs. “From City To” understands that relocating can be very overwhelming. Learn about the best schools, towns, stores, doctors and everything in between. Discover the Suburbs of New York City together with this wonderful company that will guide you each and every step of the way. You will also meet some of your new very best friends.

Q: Please tell the #DivaMom readers what inspired you to start your wonderful business “From City To” (I love the name)

A:  Over the past several years I have organized and hosted dozens of events across New York City entitled #FromNYCtoWestchesterLiving – “City or Suburbs?” I’ve spoken with future suburbanites in Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Long Island City, FiDi, Midtown, the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side – and the conversations, the questions, the concerns and the hopes around finding the perfect suburban community and lifestyle are almost universally shared.  With this in mind – we set out to create (ad hyperlink) – a FREE resource with a singular mission to support, educate and advise future suburbanites in their quest to find the perfect community & lifestyle to match their unique needs, wants and wishes.  

Q: I know there is so much information out there about the suburbs of New York City. How do you suggest your clients start the process of looking for a home with your company.

A:  We are focused on helping future suburbanites triangulate their unique community and home needs, wants and wishes.  The best way to get started is to register to join our community, thoughtfully fill out our questionnaire and then schedule your Suburban Success Call.  Communication is critical to honing in and matching communities and individuals or families.

Q:  How much time in advance do you think interested buyers/ renters start meeting with you. What the the process look like from start to finish?

A: We always say it’s never too early to start the process but there are some nuances.  We work with many families who are 1-2 years out who are trying to get a handle on what communities might align best with their needs well in advance of honing in on a specific house.  Other clients who are further along in the process leverage our expertise, contacts, and experience working with first time suburban home buyers. 

Q: What would you say are the most coveted suburbs right now and why?

A: In general, suburbs with easy commutes (45 minutes or less and or direct lines) with walkable, vibrant downtowns tend to be in very high demand.  Many future suburbanites are trying to take some of the city vibe and convenience with them to the suburbs.  

Q: Does your company help come up with a solid game plan for each family interested in moving?  

A: Absolutely!  We specialize in tailoring individual plans for each family and helping them reach their goals in a supportive, consultative and seamless fashion.  

Q: Where do you like to meet with the families in person and or do you Skype with them in the beginning?

A: The journey begins with registering on our website and thoughtfully filling out the questionnaire.  The next step is our signature Suburban Success Call where we dive into getting to know each other and teasing out your unique lifestyle and community needs.  Any on the ground or in person meetings happen during our Touring phase when we match you with our hand-picked and trained local partners.  We quarterback the Tours to make sure they are successful and that post-Tour synopsis either eliminates a community from consideration or helps us determine if there’s something here so we dig a little deeper together.  We are also very active during the home search phase educating and preparing clients for what’s next.

Q: What is the best way for families to get in contact with you directly? Please include your email, phone number and any additional information you would like our readers to have.

A: Communication is the lifeblood of our services.  We encourage future suburbanites to register on our website and contact us any time at or on Facebook messenger (hyper link

Q: I know first time buyers have lots of questions. Do you suggest they write them out ahead of time before they talk and or meet with you in person? What is the best way for you to answer all of the questions.

A: Absolutely!  It’s a great idea to start a journal of ideas, considerations or things you’ve heard from family and friends.  Then it’s our role to help you distill what might be fact or fiction and keep you focused on the process from start to moving day.

Q: Is there any additional information that you would like our readers to know about your company?

A:  All of our services are FREE for our future suburbanite neighbors.  I know hard to believe but it’s true.  We can dive into the details of why during our intro Suburban Success Call.

Q: How often do you set up tours for the families to visit the different communities? Are there specific days that you like better for the families to tour?

A: We are available at our clients’ convenience and weekday and weekend tours are all possibilities.  Initially the tours are more community based.  We think it is critical to learn as much as possible about the communities and neighborhoods before honing in on the actual house.  We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from clients who have found the tours very informative and fun.

Q: What’s one piece of advice that you would give to all your potential new customers looking to buy a new home in the suburbs?

A: It’s a process – try to be open minded and flexible.  It may seem overwhelming at first but with proper guidance and preparation it can be a fun and successful experience.  To your new beginnings!