Sue’s Tech Kitchen’s Premier Mission To Mars Summer Program- June 17th, 2019

We have a new #FabULyssfind for the kids this Summer that are interested in an immersive STEM Adventure for kids ages 8-11. Taste the future and enroll your kids in Sue’s Tech Kitchen’s Premier of Mission To Mars.

Q: Please tell the #DivaMom readers why Mission to Mars is called Adventure- Based Learning.

A: This is an exciting hands-on, minds-on camp for kids that leads them through an adventure story while they learn about science and technology! Designed by a team of STEM and education experts and drawing inspiration from role-playing games, escape rooms, and immersive theater, it’s called Adventure-Based Learning because it engages the imagination, curiosity, and intellect of students as they transform into STEM superheroes.

Q: What made you decide to open a STEM camp for children ages 8-11 this Summer? Have you seen a big request for this? I know that if my sister was younger this camp would have been something my mom signed her up for.

A: Kids are interested in space and excited by the possibilities of exploring the planets. In this camp, we’re connecting their fascination with Mars to learning about several different fields of STEM. Our goal is to use the experiences of this camp to empower children of all backgrounds, interests, and learning styles with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in cutting-edge careers. Kids always want to experience something new – and we’re sure our campers will go back to school with a deeper knowledge of science and a thirst to learn even more. That’s something your mom and sister BOTH would have loved – what parent wouldn’t?!

Q: Where are the camps located? How long do they go for? What is the cost? Where can you sign up?

A: The camps will be held at Alchemical Studios, 104 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011. They’re offered August 5-9 and August 12-16. Each camp runs for a half day, Monday – Friday, so you can choose either the morning or afternoon session. It’s $750, and you can sign up at

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Q: What kind of activities and learning will kids experience at the camp?

A: While solving problems, unraveling mysteries, and completing missions together, students learn the basics of CodingMachine LearningEnvironmental Science, and Engineering and hone their skills as Ethical Innovators.

Q:  Who designed this program?

A:  The camp is created by Zuckerberg Media. Randi Zuckerberg’s experiences as a woman in Silicon Valley shaped the mission of the organization, which is to create an inclusive and diverse STEM workforce better able to handle tomorrow’s ethical and cultural challenges. As she raises her own young children, Randi recognizes the importance of exposing youngsters to a variety of experiences and learning opportunities, to broaden their minds and help them see the possibilities for their own futures.

Q: Where did you find the counselors for this program? Are they all trained in STEM? What is the counselor/teacher/child ratio? 

A: A highlight of the program, a tabletop Mars Rover Mission Control game, was designed in conjunction with Dr. Sam Pfister, who served on the Surface Operations team for NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover mission. Our lead instructors are seasoned education professionals with a particular knack for engaging students’ imaginations and sense of adventure. Our overall staff to student ratio will be approximately one to six.

Q: The Mars Rover sounds so fun! What else will kids do?

A: Other planned activities include creating color-changing UV-detection wearables, designing AI weather prediction tools, and participating in a variety of themed “snacktivities” such as 3D-Printed (and edible!) Squad Badge Cookies that commemorate each participant’s contributions to the mission.

Q: If a child has never coded before, can they learn here in the program? Is the program for beginners as well? 

A: Students will start with active computational thinking challenges that get students up and out of their seats to teach them the basics of writing the code that controls Mars Rovers. They’ll also learn about binary code, the fundamental language of all computing, by constructing and enjoying edible 8-bit Binary Bytes snacks. The program is designed for 8-11 year olds, so beginners are welcome and expected!

Q: Can you tell us more about the custom 3D-printed edible snacks? They sound yummy to me.

A: What kid – or adult – doesn’t love a good snack?! 3D printing is now used for all kinds of things ranging from printing tools on the International Space Station when repairs are needed, to printing prosthetics that are custom designed to fit the recipient’s body. Students will learn about the technology and see it in action; then they get to taste the results and see that something 3D printed is as good as the original!

Q: What’s the best contact number and or email to sign up and ask questions about the camp?

A: Visit to sign up. You can send questions to

Don’t forget to use offer code DIVAMOMSMARS when you sign up by June 30 to save 25%!