Moving? A new #fabuyssfind For NYC Families-FlatRate Moving – April 26th, 2019


Lots of families are moving into different areas of NYC. A new #FabULyssFind is FlatRate Moving.

In 1991 FlatRate® began to offer customers in the Big Apple an all-inclusive, guaranteed, one-price move, with no surprises. The flat rate pricing model removed one of the biggest headaches in the industry and allowed them to seamlessly move over 100,000 New Yorkers. Everyday they strive to continue to improve the moving experience by investing in the best materials, trucks, technology, and teams to ensure your next move will be better than the last. We encourage you to read our Q & A with them below and see why this is the moving company for you.


Q: With technology moving so fast today, please tell our readers about your new app, how it works and how easy it is to use and track

A:  Since New Yorkers are constantly “on the go,” we want to make sure our clients can manage their move whenever and wherever by using our FlatRate app to stay informed and be in touch with us before, during, and after their move.  The app can be downloaded from the mobile app store or on Google Play and it allows clients the ability to track their truck on move day, review & tip their mover, create a photo inventory, edit move details, and retrieve items from storage.

Q: You have been in business for over 27 years, how have you seen the business change especially in NYC?

A: Over the years, we have witnessed an increase in luxury condo moves, which is a different type of move because of the unique building restrictions including required elevator reservations and strict operating hours as well as the fact that weekends are not always an option for moving in some buildings. Also, many luxury condos require COI’s with very high coverage, which we are prepared to provide. So, although this is a major change in the moving industry, we know how and love to do these moves.

Q: How far in advance do you recommend that people plan their move, start packing, booking moving company, etc.?

A: It is always best to start the planning process for your move at least 30 days in advance and start getting quotes from moving companies at least three weeks before your move. To avoid last minute packing stress, it is always a good idea to pack in advance of your move day.

Q: What is the best way to contact you? Please provide your email, phone number and any other information.

A: You can contact us to get a free quote by phone at 212-988-9292 or on our website at

Q: What are some factors that set you apart from other moving services in NYC?

A: Not only do we move individuals, families, and businesses, but we are also able to move the world’s most respected organizations throughout the world as we are certified to move families in the U.S Military as well as diplomats at the United Nations. Also, our luxury white glove moving service sets us apart from other moving companies by providing a peaceful moving experience done with as little noise as possible. Our white glove services are perfect for clients moving in and out of luxury buildings who could benefit from our discrete black moving trucks, special handling of furniture, top-of-the-line packing materials, and custom wood crating.

Q: What is one of the biggest packing tips you wish more people knew before moving?

A: Pack essentials and items you will need right away when you arrive at your new place such as your cell phone charger, jewelry, and medicine in a separate labeled box or overnight bag that you can easily locate once you get to your new home. Packing is the most important part of moving because how well your items are packed determines in what shape they will arrive. The best approach is to let professionals do it or if you choose to pack yourself, do it carefully. See our Youtube videos for how to pack like a pro:

Q: Tell our readers about the boxing materials that you provide, is it more than just bubble wrap and the boxes?

A:  Our movers use professional packing boxes and materials to make sure your items remain in perfect condition throughout your move. With certain types of moves we have special procedures. We use high quality blankets, boxes, and tape to pack furniture and belongings as well as heavy-duty boxes for longer cross country or international moves. We always double wrap your items on Long Distance moves to protect them during the move and we shrink wrap items to protect from dust accumulation in storage! Also, for our clients moving antiques, chandeliers or fine art pieces, we provide custom wood crating for these fragile items. We also have special boxes for different items such as a lamp boxes for lamps, bike boxes for bikes, and we always use floor, corner, and wall protection to prevent any damage to your home and building during the move.

Q: Is there anything you would like to share with our readers about FlatRate?

A:  We are a customer service business first and we prioritize this but we also love to help others. One of our biggest values is being able to give back to our community by helping organizations of all types and sizes make a difference. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to participate in many charity events and causes including Feedingnyc, Upcycle, Move for Hunger, and New York Cares.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know of a charity or non-profit that could benefit from our moving services by emailing

Q: Can families hire you to move them out to the Hamptons from NYC for the Summer and then back to NYC when the Summer is done?

Do you do this service for other Summer vacation Summer Homes outside of NYC?

A: Yes, of course! We do it all the time, even for one-month rentals. Many of our clients will have us move several furniture items in the beginning of Summer that they would like in their Summer homes in the Hamptons or other areas around NYC and then have us move these pieces back to their NYC homes once Summer is done including pianos, couches, and antique artwork.