A #fabuLyssfamilyfind America’s Cleaning Service LLC, NYC Janitorial Service and Office Cleaning Company- April 23rd, 2019


A new #FabULyssFind is America’s Cleaning Service LLC, NYC Janitorial Service and Office Cleaning Company, with over twenty years of experience this family owned business knows exactly what they are doing. Everyone I know, from busy moms, to busy corparations everyone is always looking for a great cleaning services. I am happy to bring you this cleaning service that will work with you and your families needs here in NYC. For more information, please read the Q and A that will hopefully answer some of your questions. Keeping offices in NYC clean along with apartments with kids clean is no easy task! This company can really help you.



Q: What is your most popular cleaning service for busy NYC Families?

A: Our most popular service is office cleaning in NYC, we also offer post construction services, janitorial services, and apartment cleaning services.

Q: Please tell our readers what the costs are and or where they can get information in a quote? Do you come to the apartment first to see the space and what is needed? Does the client send photos?

A: Most of the time for office cleaning, post construction or any janitorial service we would have to see the job in person for the best rate, our house cleaning rates are late, we don’t require a picture but it does help.

Q: How long does it usually take to book a cleaning service? Do you like your clients to book out for the month or week to week?

A: Booking a service with us could take a phone call or up to a week depending on the job but if its simply quoted we can have a cleaner to you next day.

Q: I know trustworthy is a big word when it comes to having your cleaning in your apartment done. How do you select your staff?

A: Our staff is well trained we hold daily training meeting every week to make sure our staff offers quality work.

Q: How many members of your team do you send to clean the apartment? Does it depend on the size and or how much work is needed?

A: It depends on the size for a 1500 sft apt we would send 2 cleaners and would take 2-5 hours, for office cleaning we have some jobs that require 20 of our employees. 

Q: Do you bring in the cleaning supplies and or does the client provide them for you? Can the clients buy them directly from you? Do you use “clean” products ones without chemicals?

A: We provide our own cleaning supplies however some of our clients prefer us to use there equipment.

Q: Can families hire you just for a morning and or afternoon? Do they have to book you for an entire day of services? Is there a cleaning menu of services for them to pick from?

A: We have 3 different time slots in the day mornings, evenings, and nightly cleaning to fit all of our clients needs.

Q: How did your family get started in the cleaning business? Have you seen the business change remarkably over the past twenty years? What are some of the biggest changes you have seen and want to continue to see?

A: Our Family has been in the cleaning business for over 3 generations we have been servicing NYC for over 20 years we have several locations around the US.

Q: What is the best way for our readers to get in touch with you? Email, Phone, website? Please provide all the information. 

A: Best way for readers to get in touch would be to visit website enter information or give us a call at (917)-818-4438.

Q: Do you travel all over NYC and the Tri-State Area? Do you travel out to the Hamptons in the Summer?

A: At the moment we currently cover all of NYC we travel for post construction, however we don’t not service the Hamptons but we do service the Catskills Upstate we currently have 2 locations in Orange County NY, & Sullivan County NY, Along with our NYC location.

Q: I read that you will even restock items in the bathroom for families. I love that service. Does the family send you a list of items needed? Can you do that for other rooms in the apartment as well? Can you restock the kitchen?

A: We do restock items but the customer would have to specify the request, and we would use there supplies or we can supply them and add it to the price what ever works for our clients.