The List Writer’s Lust is a hot and witty romantic comedy just for you- March, 28th 2019

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 The List Writer’s Lust is a hot and witty romantic comedy about a 40-year-old woman who’d rather have an elevator quickie with a stranger than settle down with the man of her dreams.
Gwen is a cunning freelance clickbait writer. When Gavin, her rich, handsome, and devoted boyfriend, proposes marriage, she panics at the thought of happily ever after. Gwen puts her perfect relationship on hold for eight weeks, and instead of planning a wedding, she sets out on a provocative journey of one-night stand after one-night stand. Will she want her happily ever after when the eight weeks are up? And if she does, what are the chances that Gavin will want her back? This serial romantic comedy brings together the boldness and humor of Sex in the City with the naughtiness of 50 Shades of Grey. What you get is fantastically sexy chick lit (and the guys think it’s hot too).

Q:  Please tell our readers what inspired you to write The List Writers Lust?

A: I’ve been wanting to write sexy romance for so long, but between parenting and my day job, it was impossible to find the time. Now that my kids are a little older, I managed to find the brain space to start writing. I was thinking about romance in middle age, and I started to imagine a character who chooses the road not typically taken, who walks away from the fairytale, and embraces her naughty side. I like to write comedy and I like to write about sex, so I just kind of  went with what I like to do, put the words on the page, and Gwen was created.

Q: When you describe sexy chick lit what’s the first few things that come to our mind? 

A: A playful read that will make you forget about the stresses of real life for a bit! The List Writer’s Lust is a really naughty romcom.

Q: How long did it take you to write episode 1? When will episodes 2 and 3 come out? I know divamoms and glamas will want more after reading the first episode.

A: I worked on it sporadically for at least 6 months before I moved on to episode 2, which will be released in May. 

Q: Why do you think women in their 40s, and 50s will specifically relate to this book and series?

A: I think because it’s kind of an ironic reflection on what middle age is like for a lot of women today.

Q: What makes the main character draw you into the story so fast?

A: Well, it’s Gwen’s profession to draw you in! And I think Gwen is very relatable. And while a lot of women don’t try to make their fantasies come true IRL, Gwen does. She’s just going for it! And she’s testing her limits.

Q: Is there anything specific you want the divamoms and glamas to know about the book series?

A: After my friends read the book they told me their respective husbands said to say “thank you” to Violette. (wink)

Q: When would you ideally recommend downloading the book? Before bedtime, on the weekend, on the beach, on the subway?

A: I would recommend downloading it right away so it’s ready. Best time to read is whenever you have sometime alone to think and stuff. 😉

Q: How long have you been writing for? When did your passion begin for writing?

A: Writing has always been my thing. I started writing short stories in college.

Q: Do you think one man can really ever be enough? Please elaborate.

A: Haha. Of course! But we’ve all seen so many movies and heard so many stories about the man who is afraid to settle down with one woman. I wanted to flip the story around and show those sentiments from a woman’s point of view.