Do You Know Romio?! A new #fabuLyssfind- May 14th, 2018

We have a new #fabULyssfind to hep you find the best experts…





 Romio is a mobile platform where consumers can search, discover and book local services through a trusted network of friends and experts.


Please tell our #divamom readers what makes the mobile platform Romio so unique.


Romio is the only platform with experts — a trust shield that lets users have peace of mind they are booking services from top-rated providers. Our experts are industry renown authorities in their respective fields, and they vet everyone on Romio. You can’t get listed otherwise.


How can busy moms use the app to book services?


Very easily — download the app and find a service you need, including babysitters, dog walkers, plumbers — we have everything a busy mom needs. Parenting is a full-time job in itself and people are pressed for time. With Romio, you have everything at your fingertips. You can discover, book, and pay a service provider in just minutes. And, because all of our providers are pre-recommended, you don’t have to worry about reviews.


What is the recommended time in advance to book a service?


Every service is different, we have some available immediately, and others you can book a week in advance or longer.


Does the app cost money to download? How does it work? What are the costs associated with using the app?


Romio is available for free on iOS and Google Play. We charge a 15% booking fee, so we don’t make money unless our services are booked.


Will moms that live outside of NYC be able to use the app?


Yes, soon. Right now, we are hyper-focused in New York, but as more people outside the city download and sign-up for Romio, we’ll begin to unlock other markets.


What do you think the most popular services will be on the app?


We’ve been called the “Uber for everything else,” but we have more categories — parenting, pets, home, fitness, lifestyle — that tend to get greater attention.


Please tell our #divamom readers what sets apart the ROMIO app from other service apps out there.


Simple: Experts. We have them, our competitors don’t. Also, at the core of Romio is a sense of community and trust. We are giving providers a chance to work for themselves and develop their own business. We are enabling experts to make money from their recommendations. And, we are giving users access to the best services. There are opportunities for everyone.


How many services will the app have to pick from?


We have more than 1,200 unique services and 3,800 pre-screened providers.


What if you a #divamom wants to become an expert herself, how does she sign up to become one?


We are very selective when it comes to experts. You need to be an established voice in your profession, and you need to come with a network of people just as qualified.


Anything else you would like to add about the fabulous (fabULyss) new app?


Yes, download ROMIO today!