Rebecca Provder and Laura Levy, matrimonial and family law attorneys at Moses & Singer LLP- March 5th, 2018

We have a new #FabULyssfind for you: Rebecca Provder and Laura Levy, matrimonial and family law attorneys at Moses & Singer LLP. They are a dynamic duo here to help you, whether you are about to get married or going through a break up.

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Q: Please tell our #divamom blog readers what separates you from other matrimonial and family lawyers in NYC…

A: We are young, savvy, relatable, and straightforward. We are truly invested in each of our clients.  The prenuptial agreement process can be daunting.  The divorce process is overwhelming. We stand by you and help navigate through the numerous difficult issues that arise. We strive to achieve favorable results for our clients without unnecessary delays.  We realize that divorce is not a journey you want to be in forever. We try to settle cases where possible.  However, recognizing there is not a one size fits all approach to divorce, we are strong and effective advocates in the courtroom.

Q: What kind of law do you specialize in?

A: Our practice is 100% dedicated to matrimonial and family law.  We represent clients in a wide range of matters.  When tying the knot, we negotiate and draft prenuptial agreements. When untying the knot, we handle all aspects of divorce (negotiated and litigated), custody, parental access time, spousal support, child support, and property division.  Rebecca is also a certified mediator.  In addition, we represent clients in connection with separation agreements, postnuptial agreements, and post-judgment issues, such as enforcement/modification and relocation matters.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your practice area?

A: Divorce is hands down one of the most difficult life events a person can experience.  We often see clients who are shells of themselves when they walk in the door and come out changed for the better.  Even if a client has not initiated the divorce, we help provide perspective and remind them that a new chapter lies ahead.  We take pride in maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.  After our role is done, we keep in touch with many of our clients, which we feel is reflective of a job well done.

Q: Why did you get involved in this practice area?

Rebecca: I have always been a “people person.” I am empathetic and a good listener, which results in people feeling comfortable and easy to open up to me.  It was a natural progression for me to flip these traits into my professional life and become a family lawyer in order to help people through a tough time. On a personal level, my mother and aunt went through divorces after long term marriages.  From their divorces, I took away the importance of especially women and mothers being entitled to a strong attorney who is genuinely looking out for their best interests.

Laura: Luckily, I stumbled into this line of work early on in my career and have never looked back.  Adding to my depth as a matrimonial attorney is that I can also relate to what our clients are going through on a personal level.  I went through a divorce at a relatively young age, which provided me with an additional layer of understanding of the process from both a legal and emotional level.  Another take away from the experience was that separating does not necessarily need to be nasty, and I try to work out an amiable resolution where possible.

Q: Is there anything else about the firm that you want to share with our readers?

A: One of the many benefits of working with us is that, unlike most matrimonial practitioners in NYC, we are part of a full service law firm. The firm has specialists in a wide array of practice areas, many of which overlap with divorce matters, such as trusts and estates, corporate, and real estate.  All of your needs can be taken care of in one place.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the easily accessible NYC landmark, the Chrysler Building. Our address is 405 Lexington Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, New York.

Q: What’s the best way for a new potential client to get in touch with you? Please provide your email addresses and phone numbers….

A: Rebecca’s contact information is: 212-554-7628,  Laura’s contact information is: 212-554-7848,  We look forward to hearing from you!