Introducing The #FabULyss Noodle Pros- March 1st, 2018

The FabULyss Noodle Pros


Standardized Testing Is My Friend

Noodle Pros is a cohort of experienced, professional educators who specialize in one on one tutoring. With between 7 and 32 years in the business, these highly skilled tutors draw on their collective expertise to provide in-person and online test prep and academic help to students in fourteen states and three countries.

Once a week for the past several months, my son has been working with his tutor Loren Dunn — a Founding Tutor at Noodle Pros — in order to prepare him for the ISEE (also known as the Independent School Entrance Exam). Not only is Loren patient, kind, caring, and super smart, he gave my son the personalized support that he needed. I truly believe Loren is invested in the success of my son — that this is not just “a tutoring job” — and that he really cares about my son as a person in addition to his academic and testing abilities.

After seeing the good work that Loren was doing for my son, I knew that I wanted to interview him for my blog. I believe that Loren and his colleagues at Noodle Pros are true professionals who excel at what they do: working one on one with students to prepare them for all major standardized tests and subjects. I highly recommend Noodle Pros to anyone who is looking for a tutor!

Q: How do you choose your tutors? What makes your tutors stand out from other tutoring companies?

A: The first thing that sets us apart from other companies is that our tutors have been doing this a really, really long time. We don’t hire anyone who has been tutoring for fewer than 7 years, and most of our cohort have been teaching for 12 years or more. Because we’re all in it for the long haul, we have tons of resources to draw on and really enjoy collaborating with each other as colleagues. You should see some of our cohort’s email chains of tips and tricks — I’ll admit that 20+ emails discussing the new SAT places us on the nerdy side, but it works for us! A lot of our business comes from word-of-mouth, which is something we’re also really proud of as a company.

Q: What is the best way for a parent to know who is the best suited tutor for their child? I know that each child and their learning process is different. What do you recommend?

A: Because we’ve all been doing this a long time, we have pretty good intuition when it comes to fit. Our tutor match coordinator Molly is very, very good at suggesting ideal tutors for families; that being said, parents and students should always take advantage of the opportunity to consult with a prospective tutor prior to their first session, so they can suss out the relationship for themselves. I use that word relationship deliberately; tutoring is a relationship, and parents should feel comfortable and confident with anyone they’re inviting into their children’s academic lives.

Q: What is the best way to book a tutor? Email, Call? Please provide the best number and email.

A: The easiest way is to fill out the Request A Tutor form on our website; someone (usually Molly; sometimes our CEO Neill!) will then reach out via phone and/or email to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and recommend an ideal tutor and program.

If you prefer to cut out that step and go straight to the tutor, you can contact a tutor directly through the “Contact Now” button on his or her profile. Alternatively, parents can call us at 844-663-9484. Or send a Bat Signal from Union Square (just kidding).

Q: When do you think Parents should start looking at tutors for the ERB, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT tests? How far in advance? How many times a week do you recommend the child being tutored?

A: This is where tutor expertise really kicks in. Particularly when we’re talking about younger students, there is no one right way to do it. Since every child is different, parents really rely on their tutors to make these types of recommendations based on their particular students’ needs. Typically, it is best to start tutoring 3 to 4 months in advance, but a child who needs a lot of help with content (vs. simple test-taking tips) might benefit from more time. Over-prepping is a real thing, though, and we know how to read a kid’s stamina and attention span and communicate with parents accordingly.

Q: I know many of your Pros tutor academic subjects. Can you talk a little bit more about your non test-prep offerings?

A: Sure! While test prep is definitely our bread and butter as tutors, we’re all skilled educators with high-level degrees and decades of experience in various areas of academia. We’ve helped kids with Latin, Programming, Reading and Writing Skills, and Executive Functioning, among other subjects. If there’s a subject area your child is struggling with, chances are one of us has taught that subject and knows it backwards and forwards.

Q: I know that Noodle Pros has a beautiful location Downtown. Do you encourage students to be tutored there and or their own homes?

A: Again, it really depends on the kid; what I always say is: “let’s meet wherever works best for you.” For most students, that means meeting in their home where they are most comfortable and relaxed. But for others, it helps build a sense of excitement and urgency when we meet somewhere else. In those cases, our Union Square office — which, by the way, is verifiably awesome — can be really ideal.

Q: Is there a consultation fee to sit down and talk with someone at Noodle Pros? Sometimes this can become overwhelming to first time parents. What do you suggest?

A: As a parent myself, I completely understand the feeling. Look, we have spent our whole careers in the world of education and admissions, and we know firsthand how difficult and confusing that world can be. We have a lot of experience guiding parents and students through this process, we are happy to lend our expertise through pre-tutoring consultations. Oftentimes families who consulted with Noodle Pros will return to us multiple times to work with siblings or to prepare their child for other tests, and I think this speaks to the trust that our clients place in us.

I’ll also say that our whole team is also in constant conversation with college advisors, neuropsychologists, learning specialists, and other education experts, so if there’s a question we can’t answer, we can at least point parents in the right direction.

Q: Anything else you would like our readers to know about Noodle Pros?

A: As you mentioned, we offer a lot of services outside the bounds of general “test-prep” tutoring. We’re always excited to create bespoke programs for specific needs. Off the top of my head, I can think of recent programs like executive functioning coaching for a 5th-grader, summer reading help for a high-schooler, and targeted calculus instruction for a pre-med undergrad.

We’re also proud of the fact that, over the years, many parents have made special arrangements with our tutors to accompany their families on long vacations or to summer homes. For a lot of our clients, having a highly professional tutor who is available for flexible travel is a huge asset. Because we’re a small but very experienced company, there are really no limitations on what we can arrange for you and your child.

The last thing I’ll say is that, regardless of your tutoring needs, New York residents can always take advantage of professionally proctored practice tests administered out of our office every weekend. Even if you plan to self-study, a proctored test and score report can be really helpful.