We have a new #FabULyssfind for Divamoms/Dads BASIS Independent Manhattan School-February 20th, 2018

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We have a new #FabULyssfind for Divamoms/Dads and Students

We are thrilled to introduce you to BASIS Independent Manhattan (PreK–8), the newest of 5 BASIS Independent Schools campuses across the U.S., and the second campus in New York City, following BASIS Independent Brooklyn (PreK–12), which made quite a splash in 2014. BASIS Independent Schools is redefining education, and have certainly garnered the attention of families across the city. With a mission to raise the standards of student learning to the highest international levels while simultaneously fostering a love of learning in every classroom, it’s easy to see why. Keep reading to find out more about how these schools are making such an impact:



Q: Please tell our readers about your Liberal Arts, STEM-focused program? What makes it so unique?

A: Our program prepares students to tackle whatever challenges come their way through our well-rounded, globally-inspired curriculum that prioritizes foundational knowledge, encourages independent learning, and grows critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our teachers are literal subject experts—they hold advanced degrees in their chosen field and use their expertise to craft engaging, thought-provoking lessons that allow students to take risks while remaining supported every step of the way. Our teachers are proactive in helping students learn to advocate for themselves and work to foster a culture of social-emotional wellness in addition to academic support. With an abundance of electives that allow students to explore a wide variety of interests and topics and an array of extracurricular offerings to help them discover their passions, students get the complete learning experience as they learn at the highest international levels, build confidence, and celebrate learning day after day.

Q: Is it true that children as early as Kindergarten are taught Mandarin? I think personally think this is amazing!

A: Yes, starting in PreK, students will begin taking Mandarin. Learning Mandarin gives students the opportunity to engage both sides of their brains. Taking on a second language aids in the development of creativity, mental flexibility, and free-thinking skills. In grade 5 students can continue taking Mandarin or switch to Latin, and their options expand to French and Spanish in grade 7.

Q: There are two different campuses: the one in Brooklyn and the one in Manhattan. What are the differences? Which families should apply to which campus?

A: BASIS Independent Schools has two campuses in New York City—their flagship in Red Hook, Brooklyn (PreK–12) and their newest location on the Upper West Side in Manhattan (PreK–8). They both utilize the same curriculum and high caliber of teacher quality. BASIS Independent Brooklyn offers high school grades. Families should apply to whichever campus affords them better convenience. If they enroll in the Manhattan campus, families can rest assured that their child will have a guaranteed spot in the BASIS Independent Brooklyn High School Program when the time comes. 

Q: Please tell our readers about your hands-on, project based curriculum and classes… 

A: We implement project-based, hands-on learning to build a student’s inquisitiveness, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Rather than solely focus on memorization-based learning within our curriculum, our teachers focus on knowledge application and critical thinking to encourage students to question, analyze, and then seek their own answers in a variety of different settings. For example, a teacher will present a scenario and then ask the following: “What do you know? What do you not know? What do you want to know? How can you find out?”

Q: Do you focus on math, reading and science? Which subjects are your most focused on for the children and why?


A: BASIS Curriculum schools are known internationally for our rigorous and spiraling Math and Science programs. However, our Humanities and Arts programs are just as robust of an offering as we are focused on readying students to succeed in any discipline they decide to focus on. All our teachers are subject experts in their fields and hold degrees in the subject they teach; giving our students a well-rounded liberal arts education in every discipline. A little known fact is that our high school graduates end up with more humanities hours than math or science!

Q: I know you are PreK-8, do you think you will have a High School eventually? Do you help the parents prepare and place out for High School to other schools? Which are most popular for the students to go to? 

A: We fully intend to offer a high school option to our students at BASIS Independent Manhattan and are actively looking for real estate opportunities. We started with K-6 just this year, so we do not yet have grade 8 students.

Q: Do you have a dress code? Is this a uniform school?

A: We do not require uniforms. 

Q: How many kids are in a class room?

A: Our PreK classrooms are capped at 14 with two teachers, K is capped at 16 with two teachers, grades 1-4 20 with two teachers, and grades 5+ is 25 with one teacher (for each subject)

Q: The school has many awards, which are you most proud of and why?

A: BASIS Curriculum schools are lauded for top academic performance in multiple ranking bodies which is always a source of pride for us. On the OECD Test for Schools based on PISA, a test that measures and compares critical thinking abilities in math, reading, and science in schools and countries around the world, BASIS Curriculum students not only performed at the very top in an academic capacity, but students also were among the top in the world for satisfaction with their teachers and the level of support they received at school. It is not an “official” award but we know we are doing something right when our kids are learning at the highest international levels and feel good about school.

Q: Tell our readers about the facilities at the school…

A: BASIS Independent Manhattan is conveniently located on the Upper West Side. Our state-of-the-art facilities are newly renovated; every corner was carefully considered in the pursuit of creating a space ideal for student learning and growth. The building is 43,441 square feet and includes a 7,700 square foot play deck with a combination of green space to run around on as well as an athletic surface for extracurricular activities. We have a gymnasium, theatre, a library, and more.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with the school about tour dates? Phone? Email? Please provide the information.

A: You can contact our Admissions team at manhattan-admissions@basisindependent.com or call them at 347-305-4960.

We recommend joining our interest list to hear about upcoming events, and you can also check out any upcoming events here.

Q: Is there any additional information that you want our readers to know about BASIS Independent Manhattan?

A: We offer multiple events for prospective families to come walk our halls and get a taste of our nationally-ranked curriculum, as well as get a chance to meet our visionary teachers and other school leadership.

Join us for a PreK-K Information Session on March 1 or a General PreK-Grade 8 Information Session on March 15, to learn what exactly sets us apart from other private schools in NYC