Introducing #EVER Skin- #FabuLyssfind-October 3rd, 2017 New Beauty #FabULyssfind for All #Divamoms and #Glamas

Introducing EVER Skin



Q: I am so excited to introduce the #divamoms and #glamas to the #FabULyss EVER Skin line, which I recently started using myself. Can you please tell our readers about your brand?

A: We are dreamers, innovators, thinkers and believers. And we joined forces to make a difference in what it means to be beautiful. Yes, beauty comes from the inside out, but it also comes from the outside in, so we crafted a skincare collection that guarantees results and sets new standards by using the finest, purest, and most effective ingredients to give your complexion its well-deserved “wow” moment.

Q: Can you please share details about EVER Skin’s clinically proven products that target the top 10 visible signs of aging? 

A: EVER Skin delivers a luxury brand experience for real women who want real results. The products are made with good for you ingredients charged by state-of-the-art science. Results are visible and transformative. The brand sets itself apart from the competition because the products are good for your skin AND efficacious. This is because of EVER’s patent-pending LSR10, which was scientifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of inflammation and the top 10 visible signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, loss of visible elasticity and firmness, spots, appearance of redness, loss of radiance, uneven texture, uneven skin tone, dull skin, dehydrated skin, and thin skin. LSR10® amplifies the ancient restorative power of the Magnolia Officinalis plant with two powerful antioxidants and a boost of modern science to help skin appear smoother, brighter, and more lifted, as well as to help minimize the effects of future damage to skin.

Q: What are your most popular products for moms and why?

A: SUBLIME Retinol Eye Wrinkle Smoother with LSR10 has been an instant hit because it makes you look like you got a good night’s rest, which, as moms, we know is hard to come by! SUBLIME visibly depuffs and reduces the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and expression lines. If used in combination with our DAYLIGHT Treatment Concealer, it’s almost all you need for an instant eye lift.

Our Pure Results Regimen with LSR10 is also a hit because it’s an easy-to-follow 4-step skincare regimen that cleanses, exfoliates, treats and moisturizes skin, leaving it looking healthier and more radiant – less dull and tired.

The Regimen is designed for all ages, all skin types and all ethnicities and can be customized for specific skin concerns such as oily/dehydrated/sensitive skin and blemish-prone skin.  It’s quick and simple for busy moms looking for something that works!

Q: Which products do grandmother (glamas) like best and why?

A: Same goes for glamas – SUBLIME Retinol Eye Wrinkle Smoother with LSR10, but combined with OVERNIGHT FACIAL (made up of Retinol and peptides).  Applied before bedtime, this power pair works while you sleep to smooth, firm and hydrate the skin.

Q: How do you purchase EVER Skin? Which products would you suggest starting off with? 

A:  You can purchase EVER Skin through our website, or through one of our passionate EVER Independent Specialists. Most of them were consumers before they were specialists. They know this brand inside out and will always be honest and only sell you what you need—and maybe what you don’t know you need, but must have!

Q: If you are interested in becoming a specialist, what do you propose are the first step?

A: Try the products and make sure you love them. That is crucial to being able to successfully sell them. A personal testimonial goes a long way, so we want to make sure our Independent Specialists are as passionate about EVER Skin as we are back at home base.

Once you start to see results, we encourage you to join our community of Independent Specialists, and it’s pretty simple to do so…

You can sign up right on our website, We provide the training, tools and support that you need to operate a thriving business. You’ll get one-on-one coaching from your Mentor, and you’ll meet other Independent Specialists at monthly local Specialist meet-ups. The Home Office also provides training calls and 24×7 online tools. You’ll be set up for success from the start!

Q: Tell our readers about the opportunity.

A: The EVER Skin opportunity allows you to take control and decide when and where to sell and how much time you want to invest in your own independent business. This allows you to create a business that fits your life, scaling up or down as you wish.

Q: Do you advocate for moms and glamas to take before and after photos (before and after starting to use the products)? When do you suggest they will really start to see results?

A: We love ourselves a before and after because they capture our visible results. The proof is in the photo.

74% of our consumers saw an IMMEDIATE difference within days – skin was visibly smoother, more moisturized.

91% saw fuller, softer, glowing skin after 1 week!

100% saw improved texture, brighter, hydrated, and less visible lines in 30 days.

If you can share your results with our team, we’d love to see them!

Q: Please tell our readers about EVER Skin’s breakthrough science.

A:  WHAT EVER DISCOVERED: Inflammation is the most vicious thief of youth. Sun, stress, bad habits, environmental toxins, irritating chemicals and hormonal changes all cause it.
WHAT EVER HARNESSED: Magnolia is a true power plant. It has existed since the prehistoric era and has evolved over time to become more potent. EVER taps into Magnolia’s resilience and time transcending power in a way that makes it totally skin available, uniquely skin catalyzing, and intensely skin transformative.

WHAT EVER CREATED: Patent-pending LSR10 is EVER’s magnolia-charged science in action. EVER boosts their restorative magnolia bark with science: safe bioactives that energize the bark’s natural antioxidants. This lets EVER generate formulas that are good for you, proven by science, and designed to help reduce the 10 visible signs of aging.

Q: If a #divamom and #glama is interested in hosting a private EVER Skin event for friends and family, who should they contact to set up?

A:  They can contact their local specialist. Find her here:

Q: Anything else about the EVER Skincare line that you want to share with our readers? I want to share that I personally love the overnight facial oil. I can’t get enough!

A: When you look beyond the jar, you see the best part of EVER: a mission-driven company ready to change more than skin.  We want to change work for women.  Our passion is to help you fund yours.

We have a #FabULyss upcoming #beautybreakfast on October 19th, space is limited

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