Summer Is Here-June 22nd 2017

Happy Thursday #DivaMoms and welcome to summer! The solstice might not have been until the 21st, but I know I’m not the only one feeling the New York heat. And what a hot week it has been; if there’s two things I’m grateful for, it’s ice cream and swimming pools! LOL! Luckily we have Juice Generation and their amazing juices and smoothies to keep us cool. Nothing is more refreshing than their watermelon smoothie; it’s my absolute favorite. That and some #delysscious lobster salad from Sable’s Smoked Fish and you’re set for the summer. Speaking of appreciation, a special thanks to all the #Fabulyss fathers out there, we can’t forget all that you do! Hopefully all the dads out there had a lovely weekend to kick up their feet, crack open a beer, and enjoy the great, sunny weather. I know my kids and I are so proud of my husband, Brian Stern, for all that he does for us!



Last Tuesday evening, I was fortunate enough to host the New York Pediatric Oncology Committee at the beautiful Aurora Lopez Mejia Gallery and it was such an amazing experience to see so many people gather for such a great cause. We were surrounded by such beautiful art and jewelry. All of her work is breathtaking, I highly recommend that you check out this #fabulyss woman. Hopefully with so many strong people joining the cause, we can finally eradicate children’s cancer!  We have a lot of work ahead of us!



It was also an eventful week for my children as well! The Stern kids must have a superstar gene, with Ollie killing it in his school’s talent show and Blakey’s dance recital; my heart is so full! Blakey looked so cute at her recital in a sparkly red tutu dress with glittery polka dots! It was almost


tu tu cute! LOL! The whole family enjoyed a celebration treat after the recital at Serendipity 3, which makes the most amazing frozen treats. We all tried the frozen hot chocolate! Definitely a sweet way to cool off from the humid New York summer!


And a special happy tenth birthday to my son, Ollie! I’m so proud of all that he’s done, I can’t believe he will be double digits in just a few weeks! We celebrate his birthday every summer at our beach club before he leaves for camp. Yikes! How time flies! Lol! I’m gonna miss him so much while he’s at Camp Greylock for 7 weeks. Who knows maybe next year I’ll be one of his camp counselors… I dream about that!

Have a great weekend, #divalysscious moms!