FabULyss Find! Preminente College Counseling-June 8th, 2017

http://preminentecollegecounseling.com/A new #FabULyssfind for families that are starting the College & Graduate School Process.

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Q & A Below


Premier College & Graduate School Counseling Services


Q: Please tell our readers what your main focus is…


A: Our goal is to assist students in finding the best educational environment thereby allowing them to thrive and reach their fullest potential.


Q: How long have you been around and what makes you a leader in the industry?


A: We have been in this business since 1998. We are an industry leader because of our holistic approach and the highly customizable concierge services that we provide to each family.


Q: Please tell our readers about the many services that your provide, and which are most popular? 


A: Our team works with families to counsel them through their very first educational decision (Private K-12) and continues to provide expert guidance all the way through the graduate school application process and first job applications. Our most popular services are our Private School K-12 and our College Concierge services.


Q: At what grade level do you begin to start working with students applying to colleges and why that age?


A: We ideally like to start college advising in 9th grade with our students because we are able to start identifying areas of strengths. This helps us focus on how to package the student to maximize their college choices and chances of gaining acceptance to their top choices.


Q: Where have members of your consulting team worked before working with Preminente?


A: We have an incredibly passionate and highly qualified team that comes from a diverse career and educational background. We have former college admissions officers, teachers, attorneys, educational and business consultants, professional athletes; all of whom bring a unique perspective that allows us to offer targeted advice to our families.


Q: What is your philosophy? 


A: To find the best fit for our students where they will thrive, be happy, and able to achieve their dreams.


Q: With so many teens applying to many colleges, how do you help make the process much more focused?


A:  We like to begin advising our students as early as possible because this allows us to craft their packaging early on. This ensures that each class and activity will support this packaging. We set short-term and long-term goals with each of our students, and we meet regularly to ensure that our students are on track.


Q: What is the best way for families to be in contact with you? Via Email, Phone, Text? Please provide all…


  1. Email and Office Phone


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


A: preminentecollegecounseling.com see our website


Q: What are the costs associated with your services? 


A:  A very detailed list of our individual packages and the costs associated is available on our website.


Q: How long do you typically work with a family and is it from start to finish?


A: It depends on when they enter our pipeline. I recently attended the wedding of a young lady whom I had the pleasure of working with from the time she was entering middle school. We have many longstanding relationships with our clients that have spanned almost two decades.