#fabULyssfashionfind CLUB PRIVE-By Appointment Only-April 25th, 2017

The most #fabULyssfashionfind for all #divamoms and #glamas

CLUB PRIVE- By Appointment Only


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Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glamas all about your beautiful by appointment only showroom..

A: Hating the crazy and difficult process of shopping I created a cozy, private way to shop w the well curated mix of fabulous brands where a client can calmly try on a variety of clothing ranging from gowns and furs to tshirts, sweats, cashmere sweaters, cocktail dresses, ton of beach coverups, etc and various accessories.

Q: How long have you had your passion for fashion? Who inspired you and who inspires you each and every day?

A: I started in fashion 25 years ago when I worked for Chanel and Dior in my early 20’s and then started my own business 18 years ago.

Q: What brands do you carry? Which are some of your favorites?

A: I carry Alexis, Zimmerman, Sundry, Plein Sud, Blumarine, Maria Lucia Hohan, Fabiana Filippi, Max and Moi, Nicholas, Sunday st Tropez, pop St Bart’s, 360 cashmere, Rizal, Bailey 44 and many more! 

Q: How long do you like to spend with each client? What’s a typical appointment look like?

A: I would say on average 1.5 hours but could be less or more depending on how fast one makes decisions.

Q: How far in advance would you like the #divamoms and #glamas to book their appointments to see you?

A: Appts are booked anywhere from 1-2-3 weeks ahead to a day in advance with some luck!

Q: Now that we are headed into Summer… please tell our #divamom and #glama readers what are some of your favorite #fabuLyssfinds for the beach?

A: I love Sunday St Tropez and Pop St Barths for the beach and some fabulous beach bags and sandals I carry!! 

Q: What’s the best way for the #divamoms and #glamas to make their appointments with you? Cell, Email, Text?

A: Text or email, katerina@clubprivenyc.com Kat 1

Q: You are a busy mom mogul, what do you like to wear during the day and night? 

A: I am always casual and comfy but trendy and fashionable during the day in jeans and cute tops or sweaters and then glam up at night w heels, sexy dresses or tops and leather pants.

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Q: We have a lot of Bar and Bat Mitzvah moms… please tell us about your dresses and gowns.. what are some of your favorite looks for the mitzvahmoms?

A: I love the well price and beautiful dresses from some of my European brands as well as Alexis and Nicholas.

Q: If you could wear three designers all the time, who would they be?

A: It changes every year for me , but I always love Fabiana Filippi, Rizal furs, 360 cashmere and Alexis! Sunday St Tropez for the beach.

Q: What do you do for your #MTO #MommyTimeOut each and every day?

A: I have been so busy but always try to steal some time and squeeze some exercise, massage or just having a nice cappuccino w the friend and catching up! 

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Have a #FabULyssfun time shopping at CLUB PRIVE!