IGS – A New #FabULyssFind Unlock Your Body Chemistry- January 23rd, 2017

Excited to introduce you to IGS… A new #FabULyssfind
Get Ready To Unlock Your Body Chemistry!
Integrated Genetic Solutions gives doctors the power to measure individual’s unique body chemistry using DNA. Offering personalized treatments based on genetics.
Q: They say.. New Year.. New You! We are so excited to introduce the #divamoms to IGS, Integrated Genetic Solution. Lets start with.. What is IGS?
A:. The IGS/ Integrated Genetics Solution software is a revolutionary program.  It is the first of its kind in the world where clinicians have the ability to optimize their patient’s body chemistry by analyzing quantifiable biometrics and actionable DNA markers to deliver optimal health.  We test a combination of vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and the genetics that together impact how one feels.  We all carry mutations that would otherwise not be discovered without this kind of testing.  IGS allows for the ease of the Clinician to mathematically calculate 30 hours of work in the click of a button.

Q: The tag line is unlock your body chemistry.. What exactly does that mean?

A: By using your DNA which is a roadmap, and the code to what road blocks or mutations you were born with, we are able to solve the puzzle.   This allows us to have insight as to how you metabolize vitamins, hormones and pharmaceuticals. When we are able to analyze your DNA, coupled with your blood chemistry, we then can make an exact plan on how to get the body back in balance. Our bodies are very complex and each and every individual is different, the sum of all our parts are interconnected and they need to work in harmony with one another. IGS is able to unlock and decode the problems and restore balance through a precise personalized medicine program.

Q: Where and when can you begin the program? Is it for both #divamoms #divadads and #glamparents?

A: The program is for any adult over 21 years of age. Singles , Moms, Dads, the Elderly, Athletes and anyone in between.

Q: How long will it take for you to start feeling good once you are on the program?

A: Typically within the first three months a person really sees and feels a shift.  However, everyone is different, this depends on how out of balance the individual is and how long it would take to get them optimal. What we to tend to see, is the more unbalanced the individual is, the quicker they notice the change.

Q: How many Dr.s in NYC can you see? That are working with this program?

Because this event is around one doctor we are not going to talk about other doctors …. this is the link to the doctor we are promoting at the event.

Tomorrow Medicine, Dr Timothy Morley


Q: How much does the program cost and is any of it covered by insurance?

A: For purposes of this event we will defer this question to the staff of Dr. Morley. You will direct the audience to seek out a staff member to inquire about pricing. (since each individual case is different, there are different plans for what the patient is trying to achieve.)  For this event Tomorrow Medicine will be offering a 10% #divamom discount for anyone who signs up the evening of the event on February 1st.   However blood work is not covered by insurance. 

Q: Does this program help with sleep? Many moms always talk about being tired and not getting enough sleep…

A: YES, we have an entire part of the program dedicated to natural sleep remedy, allowing for a patient to have deep and restful night sleep.

Q: How soon after you start the program will you see and feel the results? 

A: Again as in above question, we feel if a patient is dedicated and commits to themselves, healthy lifestyle and taking personalized supplements program,within the first 3 months or sooner.  It truly depends on the individual and their deficiencies and imbalances.

Q: Who are the best customers for this program? 

A: ANYONE wanting to feel their BEST.

Q: What’s the best contact number to set up first appointment and ask any additional questions? Email, Phone Number and name.

A: Dawn Anatra

917 601 3924


Eric Carter 

415 722-8974


Francesca Caputo

917 270 7933


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