The 5 Things Every Suburban Mom NEEDS- December 5, 2016


The 5 Things Every Suburban Mom NEEDS

If you’re moving from the city to the suburbs, there’s no doubt you’ve made your list and checked it way more than twice. Because when you’re making such a monumental leap, there are endless to-dos topping your list, from registering the kids for school to signing up for activities to getting your family in the mix ASAP in your new community—and then there’s the HOUSE…

It’s enough to make even the most Type-A parent’s head spin. And that’s why, in the midst of all the excitement and, yes, chaos surrounding a move to suburbia, it’s easy to forget a few other must-haves—must-haves every mama needs when she makes the leap from the hustle and bustle of the big city to life in the ‘burbs.

#1. A CAR (and a LICENSE)

Sure, the suburbs is all about Uber, but that can’t be your only wheels. While you have endless transportation options in the city, even the best-connected ‘burb can’t compete. So do yourself a favor and get a car. Ideally, get two—if you’ve got kids you’ll inevitably have a ton of double-booked days, and being able to deploy two parents to get the job done will help big time. Make that one of your first—if not the first—major acquisition in suburbia. You’ll be glad you did.

And, side note, if you don’t have a license, take care of that NOW. If you or your spouse grew up in the city, there’s a chance you never had that adolescent rite of passage. Sign up for driving lessons and get to it. Navigating life in the suburbs means tons of driving—trust us.

#2. Your Very Own TOOLKIT

Guess what? In the suburbs there’s no super to call for the leaky faucet/burned out bulb/clicking in the AC. That’s not to say you’re flying solo—you’ll have a great plumber, roofer, contractor, landscaper and a bevy of other experts at the ready. But they won’t be 24/7 and they won’t be a floor away. And that means you and your spouse need to know your way around a basic toolbox. You don’t have to be Chip and Jo Gaines, but you should aim to master the basics—tightening the screws, changing the lightbulbs, unclogging the toilet…you get the idea. So get that toolbox stocked and make sure you know what’s what. When a problem arises, you’ll be glad you do.

#3. Some Outdoor Basics

Same goes for the great outdoors. Even if you’re going to hire landscapers or gardeners, you’ll probably need and want to tackle a few basics on your own—think watering the garden, salting the walkway and cleaning up after bad weather. A few staples—a rake, heavy duty garbage bags, a hose and other climate-specific must-haves should be enough.

#4. Bikes!

Bikes are a hassle to store in the city but, in suburbia, you’ve got nothing but SPACE. Get your entire family in on the action by getting bikes—or skis or rollerblades or something—early on. This will help you make a habit of getting the whole gang up and out. Which, by the way, is much easier in suburbia…


Yes, your apartment feels packed in the city and that can make it feel like you have plenty of furniture and accessories to go around. But guess what? You don’t. Even if your new home isn’t a massive upgrade square footage-wise, there’s something about a house and it’s general configuration and flow—you just need (and want) MORE.

Start shopping before you move in to ensure your new home feels as homey as possible from day one. And don’t be afraid to go big. Lots of apartment-dwellers are so conditioned to save space and opt for the smaller, more compact options out there. Take measurements and focus on what fits in your new space, not just what you’re used to. Then be prepared, because furnishing a house is nothing like furnishing an apartment.

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