#Why City Girls LOVE Surburbia #SuburbanJungle – November 1st, 2016


Why City Girls Love Suburbia

You’re a city girl—we get it. We love the city, too. What could be better, right? The energy, the culture, the dynamic people and personalities, the food—why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of the hustle and bustle of it all?

But now you’re on the fence. Maybe you’ve been having the “should we stay or should we go” convo or, maybe, you’re on your way to suburbia already. And it’s getting real—you won’t be a “city girl” anymore. You’re heading to the ‘burbs. Cue the dramatic exit music!

Our advice? Don’t fight it. If it’s your family’s time to make a move, then take a breath and put one foot in front of the other. Because here’s the thing—more often than not, city girls wind up falling head over heels for life in suburbia. Why? It’s simple—because there’s lots for those diehard city dwellers to love about the ‘burbs.

  1. Your Yard, Your Rules

Want a pool? An outdoor kitchen? An enormous playscape that your kids don’t have to share? Check, check and check. Anything’s possible once you’re calling the shots on your own backyard. Sure, those massive city parks are incredible, but you’re constantly vying for the best picnic spots, benches in the shade and time on the swings.

When it’s all yours, just open the door and shuffle your brood out. And when they have to go to the bathroom (or get a popsicle or a drink or a new t-shirt…), they can just pop back in and take care of business. No public restrooms or expensive cab rides home required.  

  1. No One APPLIES to Public School

School admissions. Need we say more? No matter what city you call home you’re likely going to find yourself elbow-deep in the school admissions process by the time your child is two or three years old. TWO OR THREE! There are preK applications to weed through, tours to take, interviews to schedule and tons of time spent waiting and waiting and waiting for an answer. And that’s for private and public schools!

And in the ‘burbs? While you may wind up sending your kids to private school, even that process tends to be less cut-throat, less time consuming and less all over the place than the city system. And if you opt for public schools, you just walk in and sign your kid up—seriously. Bring proof of residency and you’re in. No preK admissions counselors and gifted & talented tutors required.

  1. Suburbia Is Catching Up

Major shows, concerts, galleries, designers and restaurateurs are popping up all over suburbia, so many of your favorites will likely wind up following you to suburbia eventually. Plenty of Michelin-star chefs are opening up suburban outposts, as are top designer brands, home goods shops, boutiques and more. And that concert you don’t want to miss? It might be heading to your downtown before it’s in the city. Imagine that!

Will you always miss the city? No doubt! Who’s to say you can’t pop in on a whim or, even, plan a fun family weekend in your old stomping ground. But don’t let your love of the city keep you from considering the ‘burbs. There’s lots to love beyond city limits, as countless families have learned—and, chances are, you will, too.

See you in suburbia!

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