Super Saturday 19/#Camp DivaLysscious -July 26th, 2016

Hello #fabULyss divas! I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool during this heatwave!

I started out the weekend by watching #Olliepop star as Peter Pan for the camp play. I wish I could have seen him in person but the video will do for now! He was amazing! Everyone go check out the #fabULyss video on @CampGreylock Instagram page.

The new issue of Social Life Magazine came out with my new summer HotLysst. You will read all about the #fabULyss finds in NYC and the Hamptons. Be sure to pick up the latest issue!

Then, I was at the beach for the weekend! I bet you didn’t guess that…  I have to share with you a #fabULyss read, The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. A MUST read I love it! I lounged all day with my book and iced coffee.


One night over the weekend we took #Blakeybleu miniature golfing! Never early enough to start! Look on my Instagram, @diva_moms, for an adorable picture of her playing with her #fabULyss hat on!

I also got to enjoy my most favorite drink at the Brooklyn Crab…their bloody marry! Its #deLYsscious.

Sunday, we took #Blakeybleu for an fun breakfast at Kellogg’s NYC. Go check it out in Times Square. I will definitely take the boys there for a sundae when back from camp.  Then, Blake scooted off to our cabana! It was another #fabULyss day at the beach and we couldn’t have ended it better than with Marvel ice cream on the way home!




Hope you have a #FabULyss week and keep staying out of the heat!

Looking forward to Super Saturday 19 this Saturday/ #Camp Divalysscious!

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