#GREYT #FabULyssCelebration for #GREY- June 20th, 2015

I knew who I would be sleeping with #GREY… The night of the #FabULyssGREYCelebration





Did you see the #FabULyss party on #TODAYShow and the fun interview with #EricaHill



I know that by now you’ve all heard that E.L. James has written her 4th installation of the 50 shades of grey series called #GREY. Naturally, the #DivaMomsBookClub had to hold the most #FabULYSS event for this wonderfully steamy book. This was the exclusive book party for #ELJAMES!  E.L. James came to answer fans burning questions and everyone got to have their book signed by the author herself. Not to mention being the first people to be able to buy this absolutely drool worthy book in the U.S.





The event started off with a cocktail hour including a signature “Red Room” drink. If you can’t be in the red room with Christian Grey you might as well be able to experience it in drink form. The cocktail hour also included glam services by the Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa. Women were able to get their makeup refreshed, aromatherapy, hair curled and much more before the Q & A session with E.L. James. Along with drinks there were also#DeLysscious h’orderves  to snack on. This was also the time to buy as many Grey books as you could carry. The guests were snatching them up but who could really blame them, it is the most anticipated book of the summer (already number one on Amazon and Barnes & Noble).


The event was held at the beautiful Garden City Hotel. The lobby was filled with some of E.L. James biggest fans. People flew in from all over to come to this event (Arizone, Texas and California) and the event did not let them down. Rooms with stunning chandeliers, red and black balloons, eye masks, and huge posters of both the book cover and who we presume to be Anastasia Steele in some sexy lingerie. Dessert was absolutely #DeLYSScious with macaroons, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course we had to have the most #FabULyss specialty cakes since we were celebrating Mr. Greys birthday. Don’t worry we made sure to sing happy birthday to the seductive dominant before we dug in.




 Q&A was held where E.L. dived into some of the fans burning questions. Some of these questions included what it was like to write from a man’s perspective, why she decided to write this book now, and then some more risqué questions if ya know what I mean. E.L. James was absolutely wonderful and the #FabULYSS guests went wild every time she spoke! This would also be the only time she spoke directly to her fans for this book release! What a treat for all those in attendance. We had some die-hard fans there, people wearing shirts that said, “Laters, baby”. Even a mother and daughter who had matching 50 Shades of Grey tattoos. E.L. James has an army behind her and they all came marching through the Garden City Hotel last night!


The last hour and a half of the night was the book signing. The guests waited in line to get their books signed and take a picture with James herself. Everyone was giddy to be able to meet someone they consider a hero. E.L. James hand must of hurt by the end because she signed A LOT of books. Those signatures are going to be a lot one day…or today. Go on Ebay, people are probably selling them for thousands of dollars already!


All in all, the event turned out to be an absolute success. I honestly cannot believe, I pulled this off in one week (record time for moi). I usually work on my events for months. Now I know I can do anything (packing the kids trunks for camp, a 5th grade graduation and a book launch party for 200 women) all within one week.


It was beautiful, rowdy, fun and everything you would expect a birthday party for Christian Grey would be. If only Grey was there himself…sigh. Even without the smoldering Mr. Grey the ladies and I had the most amazing time. Talking to E.L. James is an absolute treat and seeing a fandom like the 50 Shades of Grey one was so #FabULYSS. But, the most important part of this whole party was the actual book, Grey. Ladies, run to your nearest Barnes and Noble to get this book. Take it from me, and take it from the Daily Mirror UK who says it’s, “the raunchiest yet”. If that’s not convincing than I don’t know what is!


My mom #NanaDoll was so excited to see #ELJames again

My mom