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#MagicalMitzvahPhotographer-June 27th, 2017

I am so excited to introduce #divamoms to the #fabULyss JKP Photographers
You are going to see the world through the amazing photographers eyes. Jamie’s photos are truly magical and each photo is a masterpiece. She is known as the #magicalmitzvahphotographer! Team JKP is known to EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE Mitzvahs! Their eye for detail is the epitome of #fabULyss!
this is
Q:  How long have you been photographing for? When did you realize that you were going to make your passion into a successful business?
A: My team and I have collectively shooting for over 13 years.  I think we need to through ourselves a Mitzvah!
Q: What’s your favorite part of photographing the Mitzvah child/service and celebration?
A: We love that even event is different.   Each child is unique and brings something new and exciting to the table.
Q: How far in advance should parents book you? What’s the best way for them to contact you? Via.. email, phone?
A: We book as far as three years out.  Most families book us when they are 1-2 years out.
Q: How do you help families ease their anxieties on the big day? Any fun tips you want to share with our readers?
A: Our goal is to make the photography portion of the Mitzvah to be the fun part!  We have a laid back but yet gentle firmness that keeps both the kids and the parents happy.  We make sure that we keep everyone amused!
Q: When #divamoms and dads hire #JKP for their Mitzvah.. will they get you and or one of your other photographers? How many photographers do you usually send per job?
A: Great question! We work as a team.  If I am available, then parents can book me.  If not, our amazing team of photographers are a extension of me and a reflection on JKP Photographers.  My team photographed my kids B’Nai Mitzvah! 
Q: Can the #divamoms and dads hire #JKP to video the affair as well? What other Mitzvah services do you provide?
A: We can absolutely offer video and montage services.  We also offer full event Styling by Jamie.  She will dress you from the pre-shoot all the way through the party—it takes all of the guess work of what to wear and will it match out of the equation.
Q: How long on average does it usually take for the Mitzvah parents to see the photos from the big day?
How many photos do they select for the album? Do you help the family with the selects?
A: We usually give our clients a sneak peek one week after their event.  The fully edited gallery is available approximately 4 weeks after the event is over. Our albums are AMAZING!  We design all of our albums in house and use only the best print and binding.  We encourage out clients to choose their favorite images to incorporate into their albums but we are always happy to help select images we think really embody the feeling of the day.
Q: There are a lot of personalities on the big day… How do you make sure that the Mitzvah teen is relaxed and most comfortable in front of the camera? Is this one of the reasons the Pre-Mitzvah shoot is so important? So the Mitzvah teen can get most comfortable with you and your team?
A: The pre-mitzvah shoot is one of our most favorite parts of photographing Mitzvahs.  We find a location that the Mitzvah boy or girls comfortable in and give them their moment to shine.  Whether they are in ripped jeans or a beautiful dress, this relaxed portrait session always makes the kids so happy.  It also provides you great decor for your party! 
Q: What do you think makes for the most beautiful Mitzvah photos?
A: Easy answer. We always say its all about the love in the room. The timeless moments are always best captured when the room is filled with family and friends and tons of love in the room…
Q: Anything else you want our #divamom readers to know about JKP Photographers
A: Photographers, stylists (sometimes therapists!) we EAT, SLEEP and BREATH Mitzvahs! We are obsessed with the details and capturing your Mitzvah’s unique and unscripted moments. We at JKP Photographers are more than photographers: we are part of the #fabULyss Family!

Summer Is Here-June 22nd 2017

Happy Thursday #DivaMoms and welcome to summer! The solstice might not have been until the 21st, but I know I’m not the only one feeling the New York heat. And what a hot week it has been; if there’s two things I’m grateful for, it’s ice cream and swimming pools! LOL! Luckily we have Juice Generation and their amazing juices and smoothies to keep us cool. Nothing is more refreshing than their watermelon smoothie; it’s my absolute favorite. That and some #delysscious lobster salad from Sable’s Smoked Fish and you’re set for the summer. Speaking of appreciation, a special thanks to all the #Fabulyss fathers out there, we can’t forget all that you do! Hopefully all the dads out there had a lovely weekend to kick up their feet, crack open a beer, and enjoy the great, sunny weather. I know my kids and I are so proud of my husband, Brian Stern, for all that he does for us!



Last Tuesday evening, I was fortunate enough to host the New York Pediatric Oncology Committee at the beautiful Aurora Lopez Mejia Gallery auroralopezmejia.com and it was such an amazing experience to see so many people gather for such a great cause. We were surrounded by such beautiful art and jewelry. All of her work is breathtaking, I highly recommend that you check out this #fabulyss woman. Hopefully with so many strong people joining the cause, we can finally eradicate children’s cancer!  We have a lot of work ahead of us!



It was also an eventful week for my children as well! The Stern kids must have a superstar gene, with Ollie killing it in his school’s talent show and Blakey’s dance recital; my heart is so full! Blakey looked so cute at her recital in a sparkly red tutu dress with glittery polka dots! It was almost


tu tu cute! LOL! The whole family enjoyed a celebration treat after the recital at Serendipity 3, which makes the most amazing frozen treats. We all tried the frozen hot chocolate! Definitely a sweet way to cool off from the humid New York summer!


And a special happy tenth birthday to my son, Ollie! I’m so proud of all that he’s done, I can’t believe he will be double digits in just a few weeks! We celebrate his birthday every summer at our beach club before he leaves for camp. Yikes! How time flies! Lol! I’m gonna miss him so much while he’s at Camp Greylock for 7 weeks. Who knows maybe next year I’ll be one of his camp counselors… I dream about that!

Have a great weekend, #divalysscious moms!


FabULyss Find! Preminente College Counseling-June 8th, 2017

http://preminentecollegecounseling.com/A new #FabULyssfind for families that are starting the College & Graduate School Process.

PREMINENTE offers expertise, guidance, confidentiality, exception service and proven results


Q & A Below


Premier College & Graduate School Counseling Services


Q: Please tell our readers what your main focus is…


A: Our goal is to assist students in finding the best educational environment thereby allowing them to thrive and reach their fullest potential.


Q: How long have you been around and what makes you a leader in the industry?


A: We have been in this business since 1998. We are an industry leader because of our holistic approach and the highly customizable concierge services that we provide to each family.


Q: Please tell our readers about the many services that your provide, and which are most popular? 


A: Our team works with families to counsel them through their very first educational decision (Private K-12) and continues to provide expert guidance all the way through the graduate school application process and first job applications. Our most popular services are our Private School K-12 and our College Concierge services.


Q: At what grade level do you begin to start working with students applying to colleges and why that age?


A: We ideally like to start college advising in 9th grade with our students because we are able to start identifying areas of strengths. This helps us focus on how to package the student to maximize their college choices and chances of gaining acceptance to their top choices.


Q: Where have members of your consulting team worked before working with Preminente?


A: We have an incredibly passionate and highly qualified team that comes from a diverse career and educational background. We have former college admissions officers, teachers, attorneys, educational and business consultants, professional athletes; all of whom bring a unique perspective that allows us to offer targeted advice to our families.


Q: What is your philosophy? 


A: To find the best fit for our students where they will thrive, be happy, and able to achieve their dreams.


Q: With so many teens applying to many colleges, how do you help make the process much more focused?


A:  We like to begin advising our students as early as possible because this allows us to craft their packaging early on. This ensures that each class and activity will support this packaging. We set short-term and long-term goals with each of our students, and we meet regularly to ensure that our students are on track.


Q: What is the best way for families to be in contact with you? Via Email, Phone, Text? Please provide all…


  1. Email and Office Phone


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


A: preminentecollegecounseling.com see our website


Q: What are the costs associated with your services? 


A:  A very detailed list of our individual packages and the costs associated is available on our website.


Q: How long do you typically work with a family and is it from start to finish?


A: It depends on when they enter our pipeline. I recently attended the wedding of a young lady whom I had the pleasure of working with from the time she was entering middle school. We have many longstanding relationships with our clients that have spanned almost two decades.

Summer Academic Planning- June 7th, 2017


Grab your calendar, your kids and let’s get to work!

By: Mary Miele, Founder of The Evolved Education Company


Guest Blog Post

Hello Diva Moms #divamoms and #glama Happy May! I am so grateful for Lyss’s offer to write this blog to help you all learn ways to keep your children engaged in the summer time. Please feel free to read, share this, and contact me with any questions you have!MARY

Before I assign you any summertime homework, I will do what I would do with my students, and conduct a proper introduction. My name is Mary Miele and I am currently a mother to three amazing children. I am the CEO of two companies, The Evolved Education Company, which provides tutoring and education consulting services to families in their homes in NYC, the Hamptons, and the larger Tri-State Area, and SEPAQ Inc., which provides inventories to help professionals, parents, educators and students to survey social, emotional and physical well-being. I come to these roles from a long career in education – working as a learning specialist in both public and private sectors.  My passion is in the learning process! I LOVE unlocking students’ highest academic potential. Glamour to me is intelligence and empowerment that comes from truly addressing and improving all areas of oneself.

In my younger years, I grew up as the oldest of four daughters. We lived all over the country, in the mid-west, west coast and east coast, as my father worked within scientific, academic research. I gain my friendly attitude from these early moving experiences. I was fortunate to attend NYU where I gained the foundation for my career in education, and where I met my husband. Since then, we’ve settled in NYC where we also raise our three children, ages 10, 6 and 3. I embrace all of my roles as a parent, wife, community member, educator and businesswoman.

I founded Evolved Education in 2014 because I saw a void in the tutoring and education consulting industry. There needed to be a place for parents to come for everything needed to support their whole student from pre k through college. At the time, I was a busy learning specialist working with families in New York City. I witnessed too many tutors coming to their role with workbooks, curriculum and a one-sized-fits-all philosophy. In addition, too many companies were hiring less experienced educators without support, or not fully celebrating seasoned, qualified educators. As a result, on the front lines, the student’s experiences were not as meaningful as they could have been. Evolved Education provides families with a true partnership around their student’s overall education process, and it is a place for the very best educators to thrive.

Now that you know about me, what kind of work I do, and how Evolved works, I would love to empower you to help the students in your life to take advantage of the summertime so that they can start the FALL 2017 in a strong academic place. For many parents, summer time transitions include academic planning. For most school-aged children, summer lasts anywhere from eight to sixteen weeks. During that time, studies tell us that without any academic activity, a child may lose up to 2/3 of their academic aptitude and skill if they do not read, engage in math and other academic concepts. You, Diva Mom, have the power to avoid this summer slide by taking steps now – before the summer begins – to ensure your child is in a position to thrive once school starts again. #takecharge


This advice applies to all students as early as pre k- through college.


#calendar Now is a great time to sit down and get a plan together for how the summer is going to pan out for your student. If you can’t commit to the time needed to make a plan, outsource it, but don’t skip this assignment. Even if your child is away at camp for eight weeks, you still need a plan.

Step 1: Create a calendar of your summer.        

Create a calendar of your summer. You can print templates using Microsoft Word or use a wall calendar.

Step 2: What are you already committed to doing this summer?

Fill the calendar with what you are already committed to. Input dates and details for camps, classes, family commitments, and/or social events.

Step 3: Write down what academic work your child MUST do this summer.

Create this list by:

Talking with your child’s teacher. What does your child’s teacher believe he or she should work on this summer?

Make a note of what courses your child will take next year — are any of them going to be challenging for your child? If so, you may consider previewing course work. This is especially popular for students entering 8th through 12th grade.

Step 4: Categorize the academic work your student MUST do this summer.

Every day work = work your student needs to complete each day.

Every week work = work your student needs to complete each week.

Every month work = work your student needs to complete each month.

If you like to color-code, that works well for this step. Every day = Blue; Every week = Purple and Every month = Red

Step 5: Place the academic work your student MUST do this summer onto his or her summer calendar.                                                                                                        

For all children, at any age, it is helpful to work through this process alongside or with your child. In this way, your child will have ownership over when each task can and will be completed.

For instance, maybe your child would prefer to get up a half an hour early for camp to read and work on a math worksheet instead of doing this at the end of the camp day. How will you know this unless you ask your child?


A plan is only as good as its execution. You might need a few Diva Mom tricks to get your child to get to work!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Have answers ready for when you receive push back.

#notforme Student: “But mom, no one else has to do this summer work!”

Your response: “Yes, but in the [insert your family name here] house, we all do summer work. It is our way.”

#blamegame Student: “I am having the WORST summer. It’s all your fault”

Your response: [deep breath, call to fellow mom friend to vent] “I’m sorry you feel you are having the worst summer. Let’s look at the work you need to do and I’m happy to get your ideas for how it will get done.” – the key here is that the work is NON-NEGOTIABLE, but how and when they get it done may be negotiable.

*If you get other pushbacks, feel free call me and I’ll help you work through them!


Create a routine around completing summer work with your child. Write down this routine on a checklist sheet and laminate it. Grab a few dry erase markers and put the checklist in one spot in your house—preferably near the summer calendar.  

Have your student work through the checklist a few times with you before you allow your student to work through the checklist on his or her own.

Create a weekly review lunch or dinner for you and your child to reflect on work completed and to amend plans as needed.                                                     

Each week, it is important to schedule a time to sit with your child and review tasks completed and amend plans as needed.

Sometimes, a child will become sick, or a family will be invited to a friend’s place to swim and plans need to be changed. This is all okay as long as you have the ability to move tasks to another day!

Many children and families find that planning either on a Thursday evening or Sunday evening (or both) is a helpful routine to establish.


#aceit The start of school is always so much more pleasant when students are not cramming three books, a math packet and test prep into the last weeks of August. By planning out work to do over time (even around camp), students can establish longer-term balance and reap the benefits of summertime work.

Want to connect?

Call me! 917 388 3862


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