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#FabULyssFind/Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books by Zibby Owens Podcast April 16th, 2019


As a busy working mom of three, I can tell you that one of my favorite podcasts is Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books by Zibby Owens. Zibby Owens hosts THIS very popular and #FabULyss podcast. Zibby has conversations with the best AUTHORS of all types so busy people (like moms) can listen in and get the inside scoop on fantastic, #FabULyss books, articles and more.  Tune in on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Spotify or Podbean. Make sure to also sign up on her awesome website and yes, you can hear my interview on my last book Motherhood Is A B#tch.


To vote for the Webby Award for the #FabULyss new podcast click here: wbby.co/vote-pod8

Q: What inspired you to start this amazing podcast? Which by the way, I think is a brilliant idea for busy moms that just do not have time to read.

A: Thanks, Lyss!! To be honest, I was going to write a book of parenting essays called, “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books,” but it turns out, literary agents didn’t think that was funny! I decided to use the name instead to start a podcast which an author friend of mine, Sarah Mlynowski (of the WHATEVER AFTER series), thought would be a good idea. At the time, I was like, “What’s a podcast?!”

Q: How do you pick which Authors you want to interview? Do you read the books before you reach out to them and their team?

A: I started by asking authors who I’ve loved for a long time, whose books have moved me or stayed with me in some way. Now, publishers, PR firms and authors reach out via email/social media to ask if they can send me their books for the show. If the books look/sound interesting to me, I’ll accept a galley copy (an advance copy), otherwise I say no. Once I start reading the book, I know if it’ll be right for the podcast. I have to feel like, “Ooooh, I can’t WAIT to read this.” If the book is jumping off my shelf, I have the author on the podcast! I also reach out to many authors myself if the books look great or if I think they have something really interesting to add to the show.

Q: I know you are also a very busy mom! What do your kids and husband think of the new amazing podcast? Do they want to help you? My middle son always comes up with ideas for me. I love when the kids love what we are doing.

A: My kids have been AMAZING about the podcast!!! My older son and I read one of the books together and then actually interviewed the author, Jeff Norton, as a team! My son is also the one who suggested I read Kwame Alexander’s books, which I did and then had him on the podcast. Recently I took him — and my husband and older daughter — to meet Kwame at a reading at the Center for Fiction in Brooklyn. It was so great!! My little kids have also been really into the podcast. They interviewed Chris Van Dusen with me. My son even started chanting, “Chris… van… Dusen… Let’s Go!” My older daughter is like my PR machine. She hands out bookmarks about the podcast, tells all her friends, recommends authors and comes up with great marketing ideas for me. And Kyle, my husband… there isn’t a single thing I do that I don’t run by him first. He’s incredibly creative. I don’t think I’d even have this podcast without him and his encouragement from day one.

Q: Has it become a full time job? How many hours a week would you say you put into the podcast? I must imagine many hours and I love the smart, thought out questions that you ask.

A: Oh gosh. I still believe I’m a full-time mom, but I do this on the side. The side has just gotten a little bigger recently. I’m in the middle of campaigning to win the Webby Award for Best Podcast: Arts & Culture. I’m nominated with podcasts like the New York Times and the Paris Review. I’m trying to win to show my kids that I can do it!! Or, that I won’t give up until I’ve tried my hardest. At the least I’ll be setting a good example. It takes me about 4-8 hours to read the book, 1 hour to prepare for the interview, an hour to do the interview and upload and then another 2 hours per interview of emails, technology/website updates which I’m still doing myself, and then publicizing the episode. And I’ve done about 100 episodes. So… kind of a lot. Plus I do author events, interviews… and then write myself. I basically just don’t sleep. I do have every other weekend “off” from the kids when they go to my ex-husband so I try to do a lot of reading when they aren’t with me.

Q: What’s your favorite part about having your own podcast? You must super excited to be nominate for the Webby Awards. How did you fee when you first heard the exciting news? I want all the moms reading this to vote for your podcast. click here https://zibbyowens.com/podcast-1

A: Thanks, Lyss. Yes, please vote, mamas!!! My favorite part is the flexibility. I do it all from home. The authors literally come to my house and sit at my desk with me so it doesn’t take time away from being with the kids. They can be playing in the next room and I just pop in to do the podcast. My other favorite part is that I have SO MUCH FUN. It’s like a dream come true!!! When I heard the news, I’d just gone for a run in Central Park and was walking upstairs, checking my emails, drenching in sweat and I just paused on the stairs to read it and then made my husband get out of the shower so I could tell him!

Q: How many Authors have you interviewed thus far? Have there been any that you just blew you away? Or any that really stand out? One or two of your favorites thus far?

A: I’ve interviewed 108 authors. They all blow me away in some way or another. Some stand out because I form a personal connection to them. Some stand out because of their work. I really love Claire Gibson, a Nashville-based mom of an adopted son whose book, BEYOND THE POINT, just came out. It’s about three women friends at West Point and what happens before and after they go to school together. It has already been optioned by a big shot production team! One of my first interviews was with Andre Agassi. I interviewed him over the phone and was so nervous, I was literally drenched in sweat. Thank God there wasn’t a video component of our Skype call!!!

Q: The only time these days that I get to read a book is before bed when the kids are asleep. Also on vacation if I can sneak in a bit why they are busy. Do you hear this a lot from other other moms? I know before children I read a lot. I loved and still love reading. I know my children see how excited I get when I really get into a new book that I cannot put down.

A: I hear this ALL THE TIME. And I feel it myself! Some weeks, I’m lucky to read two pages! Before bed is definitely my most reliable reading time, too. Now sometimes I get in bed and read for an hour or two. I also try to snatch a few minutes throughout the day, read on the elliptical machines, when waiting for appointments, while the kids are watching “Octonauts.” Whenever I can.

Q: I know a lot of moms are intrigued with the thought of starting a podcast. Was it hard for you to start? Do you have any words of wisdom for moms that might want to start one?

A: It was pretty easy actually! I would encourage moms to try it but to make sure they have something to say – some angle – that makes their podcast stand out in some way. They should listen to all their favorite podcasts (and mine!!!), see what they like and don’t like, see where they can add value, and then do it. It takes a LOT of time now but it’s really rewarding!

Q: In five years from now where to you see yourself? Do you think you will eventually write your own book? You are an amazing writer, I love the stories that you write for different publications. They are very real, funny and authentic.

A: You’re so sweet! I’ve actually written four books. One was published by McGraw-Hill in 2007. I helped write a fashion/fitness book for a fashion designer and fitness trainer called YOUR PERFECT FIT. I’ve also written a note, OFF BALANCE, based on my experience losing my best friend at business school (which didn’t sell to publishers, sadly)  and FORTY LOVE, about falling in love again at 40. I’m still tinkering with 40 LOVE and am changing it from a memoir to a novel. I think. Maybe a screenplay. And I just started another book about doing this podcast! In five years?! Well, here are my secret dreams. Be on the TODAY Show. Have a book on the NY Times Bestseller list. Write articles for the NY Times and the WSJ. (I wrote online for the NY Times once but want it in the Paper so my mom can rip it out while she eats breakfast.) And be in a place where a lot of people look to me for book recommendations.

Q: I saw your NY1 interview last week and loved your interview. Will you be doing more interviews in the near future?

A: I hope so. I LOVED it! I had so much fun!! I brought my older daughter with me. We had a blast in hair and make-up, creeping around the offices together and being on the set. It was SUCH a thrill!!!

Q: If there was one interview that you have done thus far that all moms should listen to, which one would you want them to listen to first? How LONG typically is each podcast?

A: Between 20-30 minutes. Listen to my interview with Delia Owens. Her book, WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, has been #1 on the NY Times bestseller list for something crazy, like 20+ weeks. She was charming, funny and warm. It gives a good taste of the podcast.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to share with our readers about Moms Don’t Have Time To Read BOOKS?

A: I want to tell your readers that even if they don’t have time to listen to my podcast, I have the transcripts of all my interviews on my website,www.zibbyowens.com, so they can skim the interviews and find out more about the authors. Not everyone is a podcast person. Also, I want to tell them that they don’t have to feel bad about reading. It’s not another thing to add to the “should do” pile. They should just know that great books are always there for them. When they’re tired. Desperate. Exhausted. Lonely. A good book can help with all of it. And my podcast is just here to help moms decide what to pick up first. As a therapist once told me when I was going into a weekend when my ex-husband had custody of the kids: “You’ll never feel lonely if you’re reading a great book.”

*Words of wisdom from Lyss, listen to this podcast. I promise you will be hooked! 

The List Writer’s Lust is a hot and witty romantic comedy just for you- March, 28th 2019

We have a new #fabuLyss book just for you
Q and A with the #fabULyss author  Violette Salinger
For DivaMoms:
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Sign up for Violette’s newsletter and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.
*Please note the contest ends April 10th*
 The List Writer’s Lust is a hot and witty romantic comedy about a 40-year-old woman who’d rather have an elevator quickie with a stranger than settle down with the man of her dreams.
Gwen is a cunning freelance clickbait writer. When Gavin, her rich, handsome, and devoted boyfriend, proposes marriage, she panics at the thought of happily ever after. Gwen puts her perfect relationship on hold for eight weeks, and instead of planning a wedding, she sets out on a provocative journey of one-night stand after one-night stand. Will she want her happily ever after when the eight weeks are up? And if she does, what are the chances that Gavin will want her back? This serial romantic comedy brings together the boldness and humor of Sex in the City with the naughtiness of 50 Shades of Grey. What you get is fantastically sexy chick lit (and the guys think it’s hot too).

Q:  Please tell our readers what inspired you to write The List Writers Lust?

A: I’ve been wanting to write sexy romance for so long, but between parenting and my day job, it was impossible to find the time. Now that my kids are a little older, I managed to find the brain space to start writing. I was thinking about romance in middle age, and I started to imagine a character who chooses the road not typically taken, who walks away from the fairytale, and embraces her naughty side. I like to write comedy and I like to write about sex, so I just kind of  went with what I like to do, put the words on the page, and Gwen was created.

Q: When you describe sexy chick lit what’s the first few things that come to our mind? 

A: A playful read that will make you forget about the stresses of real life for a bit! The List Writer’s Lust is a really naughty romcom.

Q: How long did it take you to write episode 1? When will episodes 2 and 3 come out? I know divamoms and glamas will want more after reading the first episode.

A: I worked on it sporadically for at least 6 months before I moved on to episode 2, which will be released in May. 

Q: Why do you think women in their 40s, and 50s will specifically relate to this book and series?

A: I think because it’s kind of an ironic reflection on what middle age is like for a lot of women today.

Q: What makes the main character draw you into the story so fast?

A: Well, it’s Gwen’s profession to draw you in! And I think Gwen is very relatable. And while a lot of women don’t try to make their fantasies come true IRL, Gwen does. She’s just going for it! And she’s testing her limits.

Q: Is there anything specific you want the divamoms and glamas to know about the book series?

A: After my friends read the book they told me their respective husbands said to say “thank you” to Violette. (wink)

Q: When would you ideally recommend downloading the book? Before bedtime, on the weekend, on the beach, on the subway?

A: I would recommend downloading it right away so it’s ready. Best time to read is whenever you have sometime alone to think and stuff. 😉

Q: How long have you been writing for? When did your passion begin for writing?

A: Writing has always been my thing. I started writing short stories in college.

Q: Do you think one man can really ever be enough? Please elaborate.

A: Haha. Of course! But we’ve all seen so many movies and heard so many stories about the man who is afraid to settle down with one woman. I wanted to flip the story around and show those sentiments from a woman’s point of view.


Dedicated Q and A with www.storenyc.com-March 22nd, 2019

Dedicated Q and A with www.storenyc.com

A new #FabULyssfind that all divamoms/dads and glamas on the Upper East Side are going to love!


No Hassle. Just STORE.

STORE is New York’s only local neighborhood storage solution.
Located at 1290 3rd Avenue in the heart of the Upper East Side,
STORE offers no-hassle storage starting as low as $8 per month.
Stop by STORE and try it out or just say hi and we will see you at the #fabULyss Divamoms event on April 3rd 7pm-9pm.



Q: Please tell our readers what inspired you to open STORE on the UES?

 A: We opened STORE on the UES because we knew the area lacked adequate storage facilities. Most are close to capacity and often a hassle to get to, so customers are forced to schlep all the way across town just to get to their storage unit. To make matters worse, with so few units available, customers are frequently forced to take whatever unit is still available, causing them to pay for space that they don’t fully utilize.

 Q: How did you pick the most amazing location that you did? How long did it take you to scout for this corner? 

 A: It took well over a year to find the perfect spot for our first location, and we knew it when we first saw the space at 1290 3rd Avenue! We were attracted to the neighborhood because we knew that Upper East Siders would appreciate the convenience of white-glove service and superb value that our solution provides. We also knew our STORE Valet pick-up and drop-off services would be a hit with busy neighborhood residents who don’t have the time to drag their stuff back and forth to their storage unit, and hate sitting in traffic or waiting around.

Q: Can you please tell our readers how easy your service is? Please elaborate on the valet part of the service.

 A: Using STORE is a breeze; our customers can just go online, create an account, pack up their stuff, and then request a time and date for our Valet Runner to drop by and pick everything up. Customers can also stop by STORE to setup an account, or simply give us a call and we’ll setup the account for them and answer any questions they may have about the process. We employ friendly and reliable Valet Runners who are just a phone call away and will quickly come pick up your stuff – saving you the time and hassle of schlepping everything to a storage unit across town. At STORE, our motto is ‘Leave the Schlepping to Us.’

Our Valet Service is modeled after the time when Doctors still made house calls; our Valet Runners are professional, friendly and fast. Because we use Valet Runners instead of moving vans, STORE can get to our customers quickly, saving them time so they can spend their days doing the things which bring them joy, like working out, spending quality time with family and friends, or just some quiet time alone.

 Q: What are the different costs to Store? Do you have monthly and or yearly packages that moms and dads can purchase?

 A: We like to think of ourselves like the Soul Cycle of Storage; only pay for what you use, as you use it! With STORE you only pay for the items you are actually storing. There are no minimums or contracts to sign. Each storage item is charged per item on a monthly basis. That’s it. This approach enables our customers to tailor make their own storage solution, adding or removing items from storage as they see fit. No one is forced to overpay for a storage unit which is only 1/2 full, nor are their things held hostage by lengthy contracts. We want your stuff to work for you!

 Q: Is there anything specific you want the divamoms/dad and glamas to know about how easy it is to work with you and Store? 

 A: STORE was designed entirely with convenience and ease-of-use in mind. We are only a phone call away to answer any questions – big or small. With our convenient retail location, Divamoms/Dads and Glamas can even make it a one stop event, dropping by STORE on the way back from their summer or winter house/share to unload and store their seasonal items so they don’t have to lug skis, bikes, or golf clubs back into their apartments. A simple heads up is all STORE needs, and we will literally lighten your load, so you can stop schlepping and get on with living.

Q: What seasons do you anticipate being most busy for you? I cannot wait to store all of my winter boots, kids jackets and skis with you. 

 A: Our busiest times of the year are spring and fall, as customers move winter items and sporting goods into storage and request the return of summer items. Those peep-toe Jimmy Choos & Manolos are just a cruel tease during the winter months and that Canada Goose jacket should fly to storage once spring has sprung!! With STORE, you can have what you need whenyou want it.

 Q: I love that you store strollers, cribs and baby beds.  Can you please explain to our readers where you store everything and talk about the blue bins.

 A: All stored items are kept at our 24/7 monitored, safe & secure, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility located in Queens. The blue STORE bin is our most popular storage container because it is durable, weatherproof and lockable. It is the perfect size for winter or summer clothes, books, tax records, holiday decorations, or family keepsakes.

 Q: What do you see as being the most popular service for UES families?

 A: The most popular storage item is our multipurpose blue STORE bin and our most popular service is white-glove valet pick-up and drop-off. By using our Valet Runner our customers save time, space, and money; 3 things all New Yorkers can’t get enough of!

 Q: How many STORES do you think you will open over the next few years in NYC? We reach families all over NYC and they are going to want to Store with you as well.

A: We will open 3-5 more STORE locations in NYC, as we expand to neighborhoods like Chelsea, Murray Hill and the Upper West Side.  For those customers who want to use STORE but don’t live on the Upper East Side, we are able to make pick-ups and drop-offs with our STORE Van for a small fee, which varies based upon customer location. For customers who prefer to come to us, STORE will credit back transportation costs against any storage fees – up to $30.

 Q: Is there anything else that you want to share with our readers about STORE?

 A: STORE was designed to make city living more livable and help New Yorkers enjoy their stuff on their own terms.  We built STORE to serve our customers; if there is anything that we can do to improve our business or storage solutions- please stop by or give us a call and let us know, we’re here for you!



A New #FabULyss Family Casting Just For You- January 17th, 2019


Please note the last day to interview people for this casting is this friday. Please do not delay in sending in your submission today or tomorrow. They can interview people from anywhere in the United States not just in the New York area. The fastest way to submit is to just send an email to tcc@tiffanycompanycasting.com and you will receive the autoresponder for the google form.



Introducing a new #FabULyssfind HudsonWay Immersion School 12/19/2018



Introducing a new #FabULyssfind HudsonWay Immersion Schoowww.hwis.org. Located on the Upper West Side and expanding and relocating to 525 W. 52nd St in time for September 2019.  Nursery – Grade 8 Immersion now in both Mandarin and Spanish!


Q: Please tell our readers about the mission of the new Upper West Side HudsonWay Immersion School…

A:  With this move we are able to increase our capacity for preschool enrollment, expand to grades 6-8 and add a Spanish track alongside our Mandarin track.  Our students consistently outperform, outscore and outsmart monolingual students at every grade level while developing bilingual and bi-literacy skills. Our students also develop critical thinking, cultural competency, and enhanced social skills. We strongly believe that “bilingual students become brilliant adults”.

Q:  What makes this new school different from other immersion schools in NYC?

A: We are a full immersion school where starting from as early as age 2, children are immersed in a 100% Mandarin or Spanish environment.   Our 3 and 4 year old students are in an environment where 90% of the instruction is being delivered in Mandarin or Spanish.  This develops the brain resulting in superior cognitive skills and sets them up to learn academic content in kindergarten-grade 6 in two languages.  As a result our students are highly proficient in both languages and also outscore independent school norms in all subjects tested in English.

Q: Please tell our readers about the curriculum for preschool as well as elementary school… What grade does the school start at and at what grade does it end? What is your ex-missions program like? Getting kids into schools after they have graduated from the school. Please elaborate.

A:  In preschool we use Creative Curriculum as a framework for a theme-based program.  Each theme lasts about 6 weeks for in depth discovery.  We observe children in 8 developmental areas- social-emotional development, cognition, language, literacy, math, science and technology, art, and physical using a framework of 38 developmentally appropriate objectives. For elementary school, we select “best of breed” curriculum in the content areas of Mandarin or Spanish Language Arts, English Language Arts, math, science and social studies.  We provide a 1:1 chrome books for all students in kindergarten and above.  Beginning in K, students are assessed every 6-8 weeks and placed in flexible groups.  This challenges each student to his/her potential, individualizes the learning and maximizes the learning opportunity. Beginning in September 2019 we are adding Grade 6 and continuing growth through Grade 8.   If students do choose to leave they are accepted at the most highly competitive schools.

Q: What are the hours for preschool and elementary school? What is a typical day look like for each

A: For preschool 2’s and 3’s we offer either half day (8:30am-12pm) or full day (8:30am-3:30pm).  Our pre-K 4’s and K-Grade 6 are full day at 8:30am-3:30pm.  A typical preschool day consists of center activities followed by morning meeting, bathroom and snacks time, playground, art, music or PE, and  read aloud.  Elementary students will start with a morning meeting, follow by Mandarin or Spanish Language Arts, specials (arts, PE and music), lunch, English Language Arts classes, math, science and social studies.

Q: How many kids are in a classroom? What is the teacher/child ratio?

A: In preschool, our ratio is 1:4 for 2’s, 1:7 for 3’s and 1:8 for pre-K.  In elementary, the ratio is around 1:15.

Q: You now have two campuses one on the Upper West Side and one in New Jersey. What are the main differences besides the location between the two schools if any?

A: The programs use the same curriculum, and are overseen by the same leadership team.  Now with offering Spanish in NY starting September 2019, the programs will be the same.

Q: Are the families very involved with the school and the community? How do you engage parents to get more involved?

A: Because we have such a unique program and mission our parents are extremely committed and supportive.   The HudsonWay Immersion School Parent Association (HWISPA) promotes a sense of community among the families and administration, support the school in creating an outstanding learning environment for the students, and enrich the student experience through organizing school-wide events and activities and fundraising.

Q: Will you be having any open houses in January? If  so can you please elaborate on who can attend (parents and kids or just parents)? Do you know when they will be?

A: We’ll have general information sessions on January 10 and February 7 at 9 am, however we welcome all those who cannot attend one of these sessions to contact us for a private tour.

Q: What is the best way to set up a time to visit the school.. email, phone number, contact via the website? Please provide

A: Parents can feel free to join any of our information session by signing up on our website, www.hwis.org,  or contacting our Admissions Manager Nicole Liu at nliu@hwis.org to arrange a private tour.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about the HudsonWay Immersion School?

A: We want to quote from one of our parents: ” My child loves coming to school everyday….she’s upset on the weekends when there’s no school. Her  love of learning is what we value most.  Our 5 year old daughter learned the anatomy of an ear in Mandarin and because neither my husband nor I speak Mandarin she translated it all in English to us.  We were floored”.




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