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Do You Know Romio?! A new #fabuLyssfind- May 14th, 2018

We have a new #fabULyssfind to hep you find the best experts…





 Romio is a mobile platform where consumers can search, discover and book local services through a trusted network of friends and experts.


Please tell our #divamom readers what makes the mobile platform Romio so unique.


Romio is the only platform with experts — a trust shield that lets users have peace of mind they are booking services from top-rated providers. Our experts are industry renown authorities in their respective fields, and they vet everyone on Romio. You can’t get listed otherwise.


How can busy moms use the app to book services?


Very easily — download the app and find a service you need, including babysitters, dog walkers, plumbers — we have everything a busy mom needs. Parenting is a full-time job in itself and people are pressed for time. With Romio, you have everything at your fingertips. You can discover, book, and pay a service provider in just minutes. And, because all of our providers are pre-recommended, you don’t have to worry about reviews.


What is the recommended time in advance to book a service?


Every service is different, we have some available immediately, and others you can book a week in advance or longer.


Does the app cost money to download? How does it work? What are the costs associated with using the app?


Romio is available for free on iOS and Google Play. We charge a 15% booking fee, so we don’t make money unless our services are booked.


Will moms that live outside of NYC be able to use the app?


Yes, soon. Right now, we are hyper-focused in New York, but as more people outside the city download and sign-up for Romio, we’ll begin to unlock other markets.


What do you think the most popular services will be on the app?


We’ve been called the “Uber for everything else,” but we have more categories — parenting, pets, home, fitness, lifestyle — that tend to get greater attention.


Please tell our #divamom readers what sets apart the ROMIO app from other service apps out there.


Simple: Experts. We have them, our competitors don’t. Also, at the core of Romio is a sense of community and trust. We are giving providers a chance to work for themselves and develop their own business. We are enabling experts to make money from their recommendations. And, we are giving users access to the best services. There are opportunities for everyone.


How many services will the app have to pick from?


We have more than 1,200 unique services and 3,800 pre-screened providers.


What if you a #divamom wants to become an expert herself, how does she sign up to become one?


We are very selective when it comes to experts. You need to be an established voice in your profession, and you need to come with a network of people just as qualified.


Anything else you would like to add about the fabulous (fabULyss) new app?


Yes, download ROMIO today! 

#FabULyssfamily Restaurant Johnny Utah’s-March 12th, 2018

I always love finding new #FabULyssfamilyfriendly Restaurants

I would love to introduce you to Johnny Utah’s located in Rockefeller Center



Q: Please tell our Divamoms about the only mechanical bull in NYC… How old do children need to be to ride the mechanical bull?


A: Johnny Utah’s mechanical bull is free to ride for all our guests. Our mechanical bull is operated by a trained staff member who can adjust the speeds accordingly for all ages. There is no age requirement to ride the mechanical bull. All riders under the age of 18 must have a consent form filled out by a parent or guardian to ride.

Q: How did you redefine the urban cowboy experience? 

A:  Johnny Utah’s is New York City’s original line-dancin’, mechanical bull-ridin’ entertainment venue that’s a little bit country, a little bit Rock-n-Roll and a whole lot of unique FUN.  Our versatile space, relaxed atmosphere and promiscuous promotions have redefined guests’ views of “What is Country”

Q: What are some of the most #delysscious dishes on the menu for parents and children?

A: Our menu boasts an authentic, made in-house BBQ and Southwestern menu.  Parents love our health-conscious menu options, like our Southwest Cobb Salad and Pan Seared Salmon.  Kids love our Mac n’ Cheese bites and Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich! 😊 Our menu is diverse, and offers some tempting new twists on traditional Tex-Mex.  We cater to picky eaters and all dietary restrictions.  Our full-service kitchen is willing and able to customize a menu specific to your party’s needs 😊

Q: Can you rent out the restaurant for Birthday parties? Do you take care of everything for the parties? What about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

A: Absolutely- private parties are our specialty!  Our in-house event coordinating team will work alongside you every step of the way.  Whether you’re looking to host a small gathering with friends and family, or a complete venue buyout, we have you covered.  Our packages are customizable and we work with preferred vendors– including face painters, balloon contortionists, DJs, musical entertainment, kosher caterers, photographers, customized merchandiser, party decorations and more,  to make every event unique 😊

Q: Who is the best person to contact when inquiring about a private party and or dinner? Please include name, email and phone number.

A: Christina Cairns is our in-house event planner extraordinaire 😉 She will be your personal host and ensure that your party goes off without a hitch!  She can be reached at ccairns@johnnyutahs.com or by phone at 212.265.8824

Q: What makes the restaurant so unique? What will surprise families most?

A: Johnny Utah’s is the most reasonably priced restaurant located in the heart of Midtown, steps away from Rockefeller Center, Radio City & all of the action. We pride ourselves on the guest’s experience. Our major focus is the quality of food and service.

Q: Tell us about your incredible dj…

A: Johnny Utah’s has multiple DJ’s with incredible experience. Our DJ’s are highly trained. They have spun for multiple venues and events including weddings, birthdays and bar/bat mitzvahs. We are proud to say some of our resident DJs have had the pleasure of opening for and working with famous artists such as Flo Rider, Pitbull and many more.  Not only do we have wonderful DJs, but we also have amazing acoustic performers.

Q: For the parents (tell them about your amazing cocktail menu)… What are some of the best drinks?

A: Our delicious cocktails come in festive mason jars or our novelty boots which guests can take home with them. We have unique cocktails to suit all tastes. Some of our best sellers are the Texan Mule and our Southwest Sangria.

Q: Anything additional you want our #divamomblog readers to know about the restaurant?

A: All our events are completely customizable to suit all tastes and budgets. We are dedicated to making your event planning experience as stress-free as possible. Tell us your wants and needs, we will do all the work!

Kid’s Birthday Extravaganza

Join Us For Our Birthday Showcase

March 24, 2018

Looking for a fun and unique place to host your child’s birthday party? Look no further! Johnny Utah’s has everything you need: Great food, great staff, and the ONLY mechanical bull in NYC. Join us Saturday March 24th to see what all the talk is about! We will be hosting a Birthday Extravaganza from 12pm-6pm. RSVP to join the event. Enjoy complimentary food and cocktail tastings, meet our wonderful staff and vendors. Last, but not least, Grab The Bull By The Horns! Our event manager Christina will be able to answer any and all questions. We will be offering a one time 10% discount off of your entire party if you book your child’s birthday during our event on March 24th.


RSVP on the link below


A new #fabULyss Find WeGrow – March 6th, 2018

A new #fabULyss Find



WeGrow is committed to supporting growth in children’s minds, bodies, and souls through an integrated, individualized curriculum that challenges and elevates all aspects of the child. The learning originates from each child’s passions and is hands-on and project-based, drawing from progressive educational pedagogies, such as Montessori, Bank Street, and Reggio Emilia. The goal is to create conscious global citizens, who know who they are, understand their gifts, and approach life with wonder, joy, humility, and a profound desire to share. With a focus on studying life through spirituality, farming as a way to respect and understand the planet, and yoga, meditation, and conscious eating as tools to center our bodies, they delve deeply into cultivating the whole child. Language and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) are taught and emphasized as ways to further connect with the world. WeGrow supports the growth of our children’s entrepreneurial spirits through initiatives such as a school-run farmer’s market as well as a collaboration with WeWork. As they begin to identify our students’ passions, they will be paired with employees and members under whom they can apprentice.

Q: Please tell the #divamom blog readers how WeGrow came to be?

A: The idea for WeGrow came from Rebekah and her husband Adam’s search on both the East and West coasts for an elementary school for their eldest daughter. They had a very clear vision of the type of school they wanted their daughter to attend – a place that would not only nurture growth in her mind but also her spirit, a place that had a real culture of kindness, a place where she would have a real connection to nature, and a place where her individual gifts, talents, and passions would be recognized and supported. Ultimately, they could not find a place that was addressing the needs of the whole child in such a way, and Rebekah decided to launch WeGrow.

Q: Where will the first of many new locations be opened in NYC? When?

A: The first WeGrow school will be opening September 2018 in Chelsea at the WeWork Headquarters on West 18th Street.

Q: What are you most excited about for the new school? Please share with our readers…

A: We are most excited to help every child unleash their superpowers. We believe that every human is a creator, that each of us has a unique spark to share with the world – and we want to help every child discover and nurture the creator within themselves. Children are innately creative, curious and altruistic yet too often these characteristics are lost in traditional school settings. We’re excited to create an environment where the magic and joy of childhood thrives and helps to cultivate the creative, entrepreneurial spirit within every child.

Q: Please tell us about the schools philosophy and the awesome curriculum (I love that you offer yoga and meditation)

A: At WeGrow we believe that you go to school to evolve as a human just as much as you to do expand your intellect. Our goal is to create conscious global citizens, who know who they are, understand their gifts, and approach life with wonder, joy, humility, and a profound desire to share.

We draw from progressive pedagogies such as Montessori, Bank Street, and Reggio Emilia to personalize curriculum around children’s passions, needs and aptitudes. But ultimately, we aim to take learning out of the textbook and classroom. We bring our students to a farm once a week to cultivate a deep love and appreciation for nature. While they learn how to plant seeds and harvest crops, they are expanding their understanding of science and math at the same time. We use the WeWork community as our classroom. With more than 200,000 creators, leaders, and specialists across the world, students have access to an amazing network of mentors who encourage our children to pursue their passions creatively through mentorships catering to their interests and superpowers.

Q: What makes WeGrow stand out from other schools in New York Cit

A: There are five things that make WeGrow stand out from any other school: our weekly connection to nature at our supernature labs, an emphasis on creating a culture of kindness, a curriculum that is centered around the spirit as much as the mind, access to the WeWork community, and plans for a global expansion that will allow families to live an international life and for students to use the whole planet as a classroom.

In particular, the WeWork community is one of the most unique aspects of WeGrow. Each student at WeGrow has access to WeWork’s global community of more than 200,000 creators and entrepreneurs. Until now it has been nearly impossible to have this many specialists in one school. So whether a child is interested in fashion, engineering, or coding and tech, he or she will be paired with WeWork members and employees as mentors who can bring their passions to life.  

Q: What grades will you be enrolling to begin with?

A:  For the 2018-19 school year we are accepting applications for ages 3 through fourth grade.

Q: How many children will there be in a grade?

A: In our first year, each class will be composed of 15 students with 2 co-lead teachers.

Q: Any additional information that you would like to share with our #divamomblog readers about the new wonderful school?

A:  Just as much as we are rethinking the traditional approach to education, at WeGrow we are also rethinking the entire school experience and what that looks like in terms of our physical spaces. We’ve worked with Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) to create an inspiring and collective space where children can feel like they are part of a meaningful community.

Many parents are passionate about their kids being raised as free thinkers who are able to advocate for themselves. But in order to do that we need to change from the traditional classroom model of a teacher standing in the front of the room speaking at our children to an engaging environment that establishes self-confidence and mutual respect. For that reason we worked with BIG to create a school universe at the level of the child. The space will include modular classrooms for smaller group instruction as well as climbing walls and acoustic clouds where children can explore their curiosity and energy. Kids need to be able to move their bodies regularly throughout the day, so we are creating opportunities for this as well as moments to connect with nature even while indoors.

Q: What is the best way for #divamoms to get in touch with the school about setting up tours? Please include email and phone 

A:  We are accepting applications for 2018 on a rolling basis! You can learn more and apply on our website at www.wegrow.com or email admissions@wegrow.com to schedule an interview!
we grow

Rebecca Provder and Laura Levy, matrimonial and family law attorneys at Moses & Singer LLP- March 5th, 2018

We have a new #FabULyssfind for you: Rebecca Provder and Laura Levy, matrimonial and family law attorneys at Moses & Singer LLP. They are a dynamic duo here to help you, whether you are about to get married or going through a break up.

Read more in the Q & A below



Q: Please tell our #divamom blog readers what separates you from other matrimonial and family lawyers in NYC…

A: We are young, savvy, relatable, and straightforward. We are truly invested in each of our clients.  The prenuptial agreement process can be daunting.  The divorce process is overwhelming. We stand by you and help navigate through the numerous difficult issues that arise. We strive to achieve favorable results for our clients without unnecessary delays.  We realize that divorce is not a journey you want to be in forever. We try to settle cases where possible.  However, recognizing there is not a one size fits all approach to divorce, we are strong and effective advocates in the courtroom.

Q: What kind of law do you specialize in?

A: Our practice is 100% dedicated to matrimonial and family law.  We represent clients in a wide range of matters.  When tying the knot, we negotiate and draft prenuptial agreements. When untying the knot, we handle all aspects of divorce (negotiated and litigated), custody, parental access time, spousal support, child support, and property division.  Rebecca is also a certified mediator.  In addition, we represent clients in connection with separation agreements, postnuptial agreements, and post-judgment issues, such as enforcement/modification and relocation matters.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your practice area?

A: Divorce is hands down one of the most difficult life events a person can experience.  We often see clients who are shells of themselves when they walk in the door and come out changed for the better.  Even if a client has not initiated the divorce, we help provide perspective and remind them that a new chapter lies ahead.  We take pride in maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.  After our role is done, we keep in touch with many of our clients, which we feel is reflective of a job well done.

Q: Why did you get involved in this practice area?

Rebecca: I have always been a “people person.” I am empathetic and a good listener, which results in people feeling comfortable and easy to open up to me.  It was a natural progression for me to flip these traits into my professional life and become a family lawyer in order to help people through a tough time. On a personal level, my mother and aunt went through divorces after long term marriages.  From their divorces, I took away the importance of especially women and mothers being entitled to a strong attorney who is genuinely looking out for their best interests.

Laura: Luckily, I stumbled into this line of work early on in my career and have never looked back.  Adding to my depth as a matrimonial attorney is that I can also relate to what our clients are going through on a personal level.  I went through a divorce at a relatively young age, which provided me with an additional layer of understanding of the process from both a legal and emotional level.  Another take away from the experience was that separating does not necessarily need to be nasty, and I try to work out an amiable resolution where possible.

Q: Is there anything else about the firm that you want to share with our readers?

A: One of the many benefits of working with us is that, unlike most matrimonial practitioners in NYC, we are part of a full service law firm. The firm has specialists in a wide array of practice areas, many of which overlap with divorce matters, such as trusts and estates, corporate, and real estate.  All of your needs can be taken care of in one place.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the easily accessible NYC landmark, the Chrysler Building. Our address is 405 Lexington Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, New York.

Q: What’s the best way for a new potential client to get in touch with you? Please provide your email addresses and phone numbers….

A: Rebecca’s contact information is: 212-554-7628, rprovder@mosessinger.com.  Laura’s contact information is: 212-554-7848,  llevy@mosessinger.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Introducing The #FabULyss Noodle Pros- March 1st, 2018

The FabULyss Noodle Pros



Standardized Testing Is My Friend

Noodle Pros is a cohort of experienced, professional educators who specialize in one on one tutoring. With between 7 and 32 years in the business, these highly skilled tutors draw on their collective expertise to provide in-person and online test prep and academic help to students in fourteen states and three countries.

Once a week for the past several months, my son has been working with his tutor Loren Dunn — a Founding Tutor at Noodle Pros — in order to prepare him for the ISEE (also known as the Independent School Entrance Exam). Not only is Loren patient, kind, caring, and super smart, he gave my son the personalized support that he needed. I truly believe Loren is invested in the success of my son — that this is not just “a tutoring job” — and that he really cares about my son as a person in addition to his academic and testing abilities.

After seeing the good work that Loren was doing for my son, I knew that I wanted to interview him for my blog. I believe that Loren and his colleagues at Noodle Pros are true professionals who excel at what they do: working one on one with students to prepare them for all major standardized tests and subjects. I highly recommend Noodle Pros to anyone who is looking for a tutor!

Q: How do you choose your tutors? What makes your tutors stand out from other tutoring companies?

A: The first thing that sets us apart from other companies is that our tutors have been doing this a really, really long time. We don’t hire anyone who has been tutoring for fewer than 7 years, and most of our cohort have been teaching for 12 years or more. Because we’re all in it for the long haul, we have tons of resources to draw on and really enjoy collaborating with each other as colleagues. You should see some of our cohort’s email chains of tips and tricks — I’ll admit that 20+ emails discussing the new SAT places us on the nerdy side, but it works for us! A lot of our business comes from word-of-mouth, which is something we’re also really proud of as a company.

Q: What is the best way for a parent to know who is the best suited tutor for their child? I know that each child and their learning process is different. What do you recommend?

A: Because we’ve all been doing this a long time, we have pretty good intuition when it comes to fit. Our tutor match coordinator Molly is very, very good at suggesting ideal tutors for families; that being said, parents and students should always take advantage of the opportunity to consult with a prospective tutor prior to their first session, so they can suss out the relationship for themselves. I use that word relationship deliberately; tutoring is a relationship, and parents should feel comfortable and confident with anyone they’re inviting into their children’s academic lives.

Q: What is the best way to book a tutor? Email, Call? Please provide the best number and email.

A: The easiest way is to fill out the Request A Tutor form on our website; someone (usually Molly; sometimes our CEO Neill!) will then reach out via phone and/or email to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and recommend an ideal tutor and program.

If you prefer to cut out that step and go straight to the tutor, you can contact a tutor directly through the “Contact Now” button on his or her profile. Alternatively, parents can call us at 844-663-9484. Or send a Bat Signal from Union Square (just kidding).

Q: When do you think Parents should start looking at tutors for the ERB, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT tests? How far in advance? How many times a week do you recommend the child being tutored?

A: This is where tutor expertise really kicks in. Particularly when we’re talking about younger students, there is no one right way to do it. Since every child is different, parents really rely on their tutors to make these types of recommendations based on their particular students’ needs. Typically, it is best to start tutoring 3 to 4 months in advance, but a child who needs a lot of help with content (vs. simple test-taking tips) might benefit from more time. Over-prepping is a real thing, though, and we know how to read a kid’s stamina and attention span and communicate with parents accordingly.

Q: I know many of your Pros tutor academic subjects. Can you talk a little bit more about your non test-prep offerings?

A: Sure! While test prep is definitely our bread and butter as tutors, we’re all skilled educators with high-level degrees and decades of experience in various areas of academia. We’ve helped kids with Latin, Programming, Reading and Writing Skills, and Executive Functioning, among other subjects. If there’s a subject area your child is struggling with, chances are one of us has taught that subject and knows it backwards and forwards.

Q: I know that Noodle Pros has a beautiful location Downtown. Do you encourage students to be tutored there and or their own homes?

A: Again, it really depends on the kid; what I always say is: “let’s meet wherever works best for you.” For most students, that means meeting in their home where they are most comfortable and relaxed. But for others, it helps build a sense of excitement and urgency when we meet somewhere else. In those cases, our Union Square office — which, by the way, is verifiably awesome — can be really ideal.

Q: Is there a consultation fee to sit down and talk with someone at Noodle Pros? Sometimes this can become overwhelming to first time parents. What do you suggest?

A: As a parent myself, I completely understand the feeling. Look, we have spent our whole careers in the world of education and admissions, and we know firsthand how difficult and confusing that world can be. We have a lot of experience guiding parents and students through this process, we are happy to lend our expertise through pre-tutoring consultations. Oftentimes families who consulted with Noodle Pros will return to us multiple times to work with siblings or to prepare their child for other tests, and I think this speaks to the trust that our clients place in us.

I’ll also say that our whole team is also in constant conversation with college advisors, neuropsychologists, learning specialists, and other education experts, so if there’s a question we can’t answer, we can at least point parents in the right direction.

Q: Anything else you would like our readers to know about Noodle Pros?

A: As you mentioned, we offer a lot of services outside the bounds of general “test-prep” tutoring. We’re always excited to create bespoke programs for specific needs. Off the top of my head, I can think of recent programs like executive functioning coaching for a 5th-grader, summer reading help for a high-schooler, and targeted calculus instruction for a pre-med undergrad.

We’re also proud of the fact that, over the years, many parents have made special arrangements with our tutors to accompany their families on long vacations or to summer homes. For a lot of our clients, having a highly professional tutor who is available for flexible travel is a huge asset. Because we’re a small but very experienced company, there are really no limitations on what we can arrange for you and your child.

The last thing I’ll say is that, regardless of your tutoring needs, New York residents can always take advantage of professionally proctored practice tests administered out of our office every weekend. Even if you plan to self-study, a proctored test and score report can be really helpful.

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