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Introducing The #FabULyss Noodle Pros- March 1st, 2018

The FabULyss Noodle Pros



Standardized Testing Is My Friend

Noodle Pros is a cohort of experienced, professional educators who specialize in one on one tutoring. With between 7 and 32 years in the business, these highly skilled tutors draw on their collective expertise to provide in-person and online test prep and academic help to students in fourteen states and three countries.

Once a week for the past several months, my son has been working with his tutor Loren Dunn — a Founding Tutor at Noodle Pros — in order to prepare him for the ISEE (also known as the Independent School Entrance Exam). Not only is Loren patient, kind, caring, and super smart, he gave my son the personalized support that he needed. I truly believe Loren is invested in the success of my son — that this is not just “a tutoring job” — and that he really cares about my son as a person in addition to his academic and testing abilities.

After seeing the good work that Loren was doing for my son, I knew that I wanted to interview him for my blog. I believe that Loren and his colleagues at Noodle Pros are true professionals who excel at what they do: working one on one with students to prepare them for all major standardized tests and subjects. I highly recommend Noodle Pros to anyone who is looking for a tutor!

Q: How do you choose your tutors? What makes your tutors stand out from other tutoring companies?

A: The first thing that sets us apart from other companies is that our tutors have been doing this a really, really long time. We don’t hire anyone who has been tutoring for fewer than 7 years, and most of our cohort have been teaching for 12 years or more. Because we’re all in it for the long haul, we have tons of resources to draw on and really enjoy collaborating with each other as colleagues. You should see some of our cohort’s email chains of tips and tricks — I’ll admit that 20+ emails discussing the new SAT places us on the nerdy side, but it works for us! A lot of our business comes from word-of-mouth, which is something we’re also really proud of as a company.

Q: What is the best way for a parent to know who is the best suited tutor for their child? I know that each child and their learning process is different. What do you recommend?

A: Because we’ve all been doing this a long time, we have pretty good intuition when it comes to fit. Our tutor match coordinator Molly is very, very good at suggesting ideal tutors for families; that being said, parents and students should always take advantage of the opportunity to consult with a prospective tutor prior to their first session, so they can suss out the relationship for themselves. I use that word relationship deliberately; tutoring is a relationship, and parents should feel comfortable and confident with anyone they’re inviting into their children’s academic lives.

Q: What is the best way to book a tutor? Email, Call? Please provide the best number and email.

A: The easiest way is to fill out the Request A Tutor form on our website; someone (usually Molly; sometimes our CEO Neill!) will then reach out via phone and/or email to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and recommend an ideal tutor and program.

If you prefer to cut out that step and go straight to the tutor, you can contact a tutor directly through the “Contact Now” button on his or her profile. Alternatively, parents can call us at 844-663-9484. Or send a Bat Signal from Union Square (just kidding).

Q: When do you think Parents should start looking at tutors for the ERB, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT tests? How far in advance? How many times a week do you recommend the child being tutored?

A: This is where tutor expertise really kicks in. Particularly when we’re talking about younger students, there is no one right way to do it. Since every child is different, parents really rely on their tutors to make these types of recommendations based on their particular students’ needs. Typically, it is best to start tutoring 3 to 4 months in advance, but a child who needs a lot of help with content (vs. simple test-taking tips) might benefit from more time. Over-prepping is a real thing, though, and we know how to read a kid’s stamina and attention span and communicate with parents accordingly.

Q: I know many of your Pros tutor academic subjects. Can you talk a little bit more about your non test-prep offerings?

A: Sure! While test prep is definitely our bread and butter as tutors, we’re all skilled educators with high-level degrees and decades of experience in various areas of academia. We’ve helped kids with Latin, Programming, Reading and Writing Skills, and Executive Functioning, among other subjects. If there’s a subject area your child is struggling with, chances are one of us has taught that subject and knows it backwards and forwards.

Q: I know that Noodle Pros has a beautiful location Downtown. Do you encourage students to be tutored there and or their own homes?

A: Again, it really depends on the kid; what I always say is: “let’s meet wherever works best for you.” For most students, that means meeting in their home where they are most comfortable and relaxed. But for others, it helps build a sense of excitement and urgency when we meet somewhere else. In those cases, our Union Square office — which, by the way, is verifiably awesome — can be really ideal.

Q: Is there a consultation fee to sit down and talk with someone at Noodle Pros? Sometimes this can become overwhelming to first time parents. What do you suggest?

A: As a parent myself, I completely understand the feeling. Look, we have spent our whole careers in the world of education and admissions, and we know firsthand how difficult and confusing that world can be. We have a lot of experience guiding parents and students through this process, we are happy to lend our expertise through pre-tutoring consultations. Oftentimes families who consulted with Noodle Pros will return to us multiple times to work with siblings or to prepare their child for other tests, and I think this speaks to the trust that our clients place in us.

I’ll also say that our whole team is also in constant conversation with college advisors, neuropsychologists, learning specialists, and other education experts, so if there’s a question we can’t answer, we can at least point parents in the right direction.

Q: Anything else you would like our readers to know about Noodle Pros?

A: As you mentioned, we offer a lot of services outside the bounds of general “test-prep” tutoring. We’re always excited to create bespoke programs for specific needs. Off the top of my head, I can think of recent programs like executive functioning coaching for a 5th-grader, summer reading help for a high-schooler, and targeted calculus instruction for a pre-med undergrad.

We’re also proud of the fact that, over the years, many parents have made special arrangements with our tutors to accompany their families on long vacations or to summer homes. For a lot of our clients, having a highly professional tutor who is available for flexible travel is a huge asset. Because we’re a small but very experienced company, there are really no limitations on what we can arrange for you and your child.

The last thing I’ll say is that, regardless of your tutoring needs, New York residents can always take advantage of professionally proctored practice tests administered out of our office every weekend. Even if you plan to self-study, a proctored test and score report can be really helpful.

We have a new #FabULyssfind for Divamoms/Dads BASIS Independent Manhattan School-February 20th, 2018

MNH - 2016BPcentral144_1027371

We have a new #FabULyssfind for Divamoms/Dads and Students

We are thrilled to introduce you to BASIS Independent Manhattan (PreK–8), the newest of 5 BASIS Independent Schools campuses across the U.S., and the second campus in New York City, following BASIS Independent Brooklyn (PreK–12), which made quite a splash in 2014. BASIS Independent Schools is redefining education, and have certainly garnered the attention of families across the city. With a mission to raise the standards of student learning to the highest international levels while simultaneously fostering a love of learning in every classroom, it’s easy to see why. Keep reading to find out more about how these schools are making such an impact:



Q: Please tell our readers about your Liberal Arts, STEM-focused program? What makes it so unique?

A: Our program prepares students to tackle whatever challenges come their way through our well-rounded, globally-inspired curriculum that prioritizes foundational knowledge, encourages independent learning, and grows critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our teachers are literal subject experts—they hold advanced degrees in their chosen field and use their expertise to craft engaging, thought-provoking lessons that allow students to take risks while remaining supported every step of the way. Our teachers are proactive in helping students learn to advocate for themselves and work to foster a culture of social-emotional wellness in addition to academic support. With an abundance of electives that allow students to explore a wide variety of interests and topics and an array of extracurricular offerings to help them discover their passions, students get the complete learning experience as they learn at the highest international levels, build confidence, and celebrate learning day after day.

Q: Is it true that children as early as Kindergarten are taught Mandarin? I think personally think this is amazing!

A: Yes, starting in PreK, students will begin taking Mandarin. Learning Mandarin gives students the opportunity to engage both sides of their brains. Taking on a second language aids in the development of creativity, mental flexibility, and free-thinking skills. In grade 5 students can continue taking Mandarin or switch to Latin, and their options expand to French and Spanish in grade 7.

Q: There are two different campuses: the one in Brooklyn and the one in Manhattan. What are the differences? Which families should apply to which campus?

A: BASIS Independent Schools has two campuses in New York City—their flagship in Red Hook, Brooklyn (PreK–12) and their newest location on the Upper West Side in Manhattan (PreK–8). They both utilize the same curriculum and high caliber of teacher quality. BASIS Independent Brooklyn offers high school grades. Families should apply to whichever campus affords them better convenience. If they enroll in the Manhattan campus, families can rest assured that their child will have a guaranteed spot in the BASIS Independent Brooklyn High School Program when the time comes. 

Q: Please tell our readers about your hands-on, project based curriculum and classes… 

A: We implement project-based, hands-on learning to build a student’s inquisitiveness, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Rather than solely focus on memorization-based learning within our curriculum, our teachers focus on knowledge application and critical thinking to encourage students to question, analyze, and then seek their own answers in a variety of different settings. For example, a teacher will present a scenario and then ask the following: “What do you know? What do you not know? What do you want to know? How can you find out?”

Q: Do you focus on math, reading and science? Which subjects are your most focused on for the children and why?


A: BASIS Curriculum schools are known internationally for our rigorous and spiraling Math and Science programs. However, our Humanities and Arts programs are just as robust of an offering as we are focused on readying students to succeed in any discipline they decide to focus on. All our teachers are subject experts in their fields and hold degrees in the subject they teach; giving our students a well-rounded liberal arts education in every discipline. A little known fact is that our high school graduates end up with more humanities hours than math or science!

Q: I know you are PreK-8, do you think you will have a High School eventually? Do you help the parents prepare and place out for High School to other schools? Which are most popular for the students to go to? 

A: We fully intend to offer a high school option to our students at BASIS Independent Manhattan and are actively looking for real estate opportunities. We started with K-6 just this year, so we do not yet have grade 8 students.

Q: Do you have a dress code? Is this a uniform school?

A: We do not require uniforms. 

Q: How many kids are in a class room?

A: Our PreK classrooms are capped at 14 with two teachers, K is capped at 16 with two teachers, grades 1-4 20 with two teachers, and grades 5+ is 25 with one teacher (for each subject)

Q: The school has many awards, which are you most proud of and why?

A: BASIS Curriculum schools are lauded for top academic performance in multiple ranking bodies which is always a source of pride for us. On the OECD Test for Schools based on PISA, a test that measures and compares critical thinking abilities in math, reading, and science in schools and countries around the world, BASIS Curriculum students not only performed at the very top in an academic capacity, but students also were among the top in the world for satisfaction with their teachers and the level of support they received at school. It is not an “official” award but we know we are doing something right when our kids are learning at the highest international levels and feel good about school.

Q: Tell our readers about the facilities at the school…

A: BASIS Independent Manhattan is conveniently located on the Upper West Side. Our state-of-the-art facilities are newly renovated; every corner was carefully considered in the pursuit of creating a space ideal for student learning and growth. The building is 43,441 square feet and includes a 7,700 square foot play deck with a combination of green space to run around on as well as an athletic surface for extracurricular activities. We have a gymnasium, theatre, a library, and more.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with the school about tour dates? Phone? Email? Please provide the information.

A: You can contact our Admissions team at manhattan-admissions@basisindependent.com or call them at 347-305-4960.

We recommend joining our interest list to hear about upcoming events, and you can also check out any upcoming events here.

Q: Is there any additional information that you want our readers to know about BASIS Independent Manhattan?

A: We offer multiple events for prospective families to come walk our halls and get a taste of our nationally-ranked curriculum, as well as get a chance to meet our visionary teachers and other school leadership.

Join us for a PreK-K Information Session on March 1 or a General PreK-Grade 8 Information Session on March 15, to learn what exactly sets us apart from other private schools in NYC


A new #FabULyssfind East Woods School- February 13th, 2018

A new #FabULyssfind East Woods School

Below you will find the Q & A www.eastwoods.org

main building

East Woods School is a friendly community of students, faculty, and parents that feels more like one big family rather than just a school. Founded in 1946 by a small group of parents, East Woods remains a community of families seeking a school that is small by design, and one that promotes excellence in a nurturing environment. At East Woods School, located in Oyster Bay, Long Island, we develop confident, motivated, and kind leaders. Graduates will emerge from East Woods prepared to be contributing citizens and compassionate leaders in a complex and changing world.  East Woods provides the perfect balance between traditional academics and inquiry-based learning and creative expression. We believe that your child’s potential is only the beginning.

Q: Please tell our Divamoms and dads about the East Woods Schools Mission….

 East Woods’ mission is to foster strength of character and academic excellence while developing and encouraging creativity, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for learning.  We are a nurturing community that celebrates the differences among us, and leads by example through citizenship and service to others

Q: What are the entry grades for admission?

East Woods is a Pre-Nursery (age 2) through 8th Grade School.

Q: How many children are in a grade?

This varies, but the average is 16.  Our student-to-teacher ratio is quite impressive.  It is 4:1 in Pre-Nursery, 7:1 in Nursery, 8:1 in Pre-Kindergarten, and 12:1 for all grades from Kindergarten through 8th.

Q: What makes the school so unique?

East Woods School truly stands out from other schools in many ways.

  1. We are a friendly and welcoming community of students, faculty, and parents that feels more like a big family rather than just a school.
  2. As a Pre-Nursery – 8th Grade school, our students and faculty grow together. Everyone knows – and looks out for – each other.  We provide age-appropriate learning without the different pressures and influences of high school students. Our Eighth Graders are the leaders of the school and are looked to for leadership and guidance.
  3. We are a small school — by design.  Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for individualized attention and differentiated instruction.  Our size allows each student to have the opportunity to lead, to contribute, and to “stand out” in one way or another.
  4. Rooted in a tradition of academic excellence, East Woods promotes and supports a well-rounded education in a warm and nurturing environment.
  5. Through strong academics, and a rigorous course of study, children are taught how to think, not simply what to think.
  6. We support students who may require additional academic guidance, and we also challenge students who are academically advanced.
  7. Our students are immersed in science, technology, math, foreign languages, history, literature, athletics and the arts.
  8. We also place a strong emphasis on character education, and the importance of community service and giving back. We develop kind, thoughtful, and innovative leaders.

Q: Please tell our readers about the diversity of your school… and do you take students from all over?

We draw students from across Long Island, as well as some sections of Queens.  Busing is available for families who reside within a 15 mile radius of the school.  As promised in our mission statement, we are a nurturing community that celebrates the differences among us, and we seek to enroll and maintain as diverse a student body as possible.  We also offer a generous tuition assistance program, which we see as integral to the life of our school.

Q: Tell us about your faculty, what makes them stand out?

A:  Our faculty teaches at East Woods because they believe in our mission, and because they absolutely love what they do.  They are talented, dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring.  As a private school, they have flexibility with their curriculum and teaching style, and that is a dream for most teachers.  It is not unusual for our teachers to arrive early and stay late, and they are in constant contact with the parents of their students.  Raising and educating children is very much a team effort, and nobody understands this better than our teachers.  They love to partner with parents to ensure the success and happiness of each and every student.

Q: Which classes do the students love most? Is there anything in particular that most student love?

A:  What we love about or students is how different they each are, and what they love about East Woods is that they can always find something that resonates with them.  For the budding scientists, we have our impressive Advanced Learning Program; for the musicians, we have a few different band options, as well as a chorus; for our athletes, we have after-school sports; for our performers, we have a wonderful performing arts program.  There truly is something for everyone, and we provide our students the opportunity to explore and discover their passions.

Q: Please tell our readers about your sports programs? Which extra curricular activities are most popular?

A:  Our students are required to participate in after-school sports beginning in 5th grade, although it is open as an option to our 4th graders as well.  We offer soccer and cross country in the fall; basketball, ice hockey, and dance in the winter; and softball, baseball, and lacrosse in the spring.  We compete against other local private and parochial schools, but our focus is on teaching skills and good sportsmanship.  While we are quite happy to have our students win their games, we are proudest when we are told how gracious and kind they are on the fields and courts – and we are told this very often.

We also offer a variety of other after-school activities.  These range from dance, acting, and Glee club, to chess, Lego Robotics, our Advanced Learning Science and Technology program, and our Theater Club where students travel into NYC to see both on and off-Broadway plays.


Community 2

Q: What kind of lunch do you serve? Kids are picky eaters these days….

A:  We serve a family-style lunch of organic and natural food every day, where the students sit together at tables that rotate each month.  The students love to be able to sit with friends in different grades, which further bonds our students together.  (Kindergarten and 1st grade together, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade together, and 5th – 8th grade together.)

There is always a hot meal on the table, and the students are also able to visit the salad bar where they will find options such as cold cuts, cheese, breads, salads, fruit, and yogurt.  As one of our Kindergarten students recently said, “I love lunch because that lunch has so many things to eat.”   What is unique about our lunches is that a faculty member sits at the head of each table.  This serves the dual purpose of ensuring that each student is making healthy choices, as well as providing an opportunity to teach appropriate table manners and how to make conversation.  We also offer frequent opportunities for our parents to sit at the head of the table with their child!  This is just one of the many special ways we encourage parental involvement in the life of the school.

Q: When are the next open tours and what’s the best way to set them up? Via phone, email, website? Please provide that information.

A:  We are hosting our next Open Houses on Tuesday, March 6th from 9am – 11am, and on Sunday, April 15th from 11am – 1pm.  We are also available to give tours from Monday – Friday, anytime between 8am and 3pm.  We encourage you to join us so you can see our wonderful school in action.  Melissa Cedrone is our Director of Admissions, and she can be reached at admissions@eastwoods.org, or by calling 516.922.4400.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about your wonderful school out on Long Island?

A:  We are proud of our school.  While we have many wonderful traditions, we are also constantly evolving to ensure that we are providing the best possible education to prepare our students for high school, college, and beyond.  We encourage our parents to be as involved in the school as possible, and we have many volunteer opportunities for them to do so.

We are also incredibly proud of our alums.  They transition with ease to their secondary schools of choice, and go on to top tier colleges and universities around the globe.  What’s even more special is that our alums have a special bond, not only with each other, but with their teachers as well.



East Woods, a Pre-Nursery – 8th Grade school in Oyster Bay, invites you to their Admissions Open House!  We encourage you to see for yourself how this school has been inspiring excellence, confidence, and kindness for over 70 years.  During your visit, you will:

  • Meet our caring and engaging faculty.
  • Learn about our accelerated and interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Explore our beautiful 46-acre campus.
  • And so much more!

Healthy #FabULyssfind For All Busy Parents Q & A With M.M. Meals- January 8th, 2017

M.M. Meals LogoHealth


A new #DeLysscious personal chef advice I want to introduce you to in the new year is M.M. Meals. A personal chef service based in NYC. The company aims to be a weekly solution for families who are looking for healthy meals while highlighting the local flavors that New York state has to offer. As a personal chef service, they believe in the importance of connecting their clients to the direct source of their food and teaching children about healthy eating.  Recently launched personal chef service, M.M. Meals, stands apart from its competitors on the Upper East Side through itsCSA coordination package, by supplying clients with local produce that is harvested merely hours prior. Community-supported agriculture has become an increasingly popular way to have direct access to local, organic produce in exchange for being a shareholder of a farm. M.M. Meals streamlines this process by arranging and picking up their clients shares on a weekly basis. Menu selections are tailored to your family’s food preferences and dietary restrictions while highlighting the produce from the weeks share. Having a chef then come to cook these selections in your own home allows for further learning about the farm itself, different vegetable varieties, and an opportunity for their children to learn along the way.

M.M. Meals is accepting new clients for the 2018 season. To learn more, please visit their website at www.mmealsnyc.com and read the Q& A Below….



Q: Please tell our #divamom and #glama readers what inspired you to start M. M. Meals…


A:Growing up as the oldest of five children in a very family-oriented household, I watched my mom have to juggle the responsibilities of motherhood and work. I vividly remember the struggle to make new dishes each week that were healthy and also appealed to every one of us. It was a challenge and added a lot of unnecessary stress to her already crazy life. Later on, I went to school for hospitality management where I took a lot of cooking classes and realized that cooking was a healthy outlet for me. After becoming a household manager and meeting a lot of people through my job, I again saw the reoccurring theme of mothers wanting to have healthy dishes stocked in the fridge for their family but no time to do the shopping and prep that comes with it. I took the demand for family-friendly cooking a step further by connecting it with my love for the Hudson Valley through our CSA coordination. We coordinate your share with the farm, pickup your produce each week and use it in your dishes.


Q: Is there a monthly membership fee? How does it work? Can you pay weekly, monthly or yearly? What do you suggest?


A: There is no membership fee! We try to make sure that as a service we are a good match for our clients and vice versa. We often have several conversations prior to meeting to get a feel for your family, the dynamics of the household, and what you hope to get out of hiring us. Our goal is to simplify every aspect of the process whether it’s selecting your menu for the week or paying your invoice. I recommend filling out our credit card authorization form and then allowing us to charge your card on a monthly basis.


Q: How many family members does the service cook and shop for? If it’s over a certainly number, how do you make it work? Is there a capacity per family?

A: Our service is customized to each client so it depends on what your family needs! We have cooked for smaller families as well as families with four + children. We make generous portions and are flexible with suggestions or if you need extra food for the upcoming week.

Q: Is there a weekly, monthly plan? Do parents get to pick the food plan with you? Please elaborate…


A: As a personal chef service, we love working with clients on a weekly basis because it allows us to build a relationship with their family and we get acquainted with their food preferences and tastes much faster. Some clients have us cook two times week. We want to be a realistic, everyday solution for your family as opposed to a special occasion, personal chef service so your input is crucial. Menu options are sent via email a week prior to your scheduled service that you can pick and choose from. Once they are submitted back we will order groceries to your door before our visit.


Q: Do you cook Kosher and Non Kosher depending on the family?

A: Of course! We have a whole variety of clients including those who keep Kosher in addition to specific lifestyle diets such as gluten-free, paleo and vegan. We also work with clients and their nutritionists who have very specific goals and help them to execute the food portion of that.

Q: Is there anything else you want our #divamams and #glamas to know about M. M. Meals?


A: We  love teaching children about healthy eating and where their food comes from! We encourage them to ask questions and want you to feel comfortable and at ease while we are in your home.


Q: What is the best way for them to get in touch with you? Via email, cell? Please provide.


A: We would love to hear from you and can be reached by email or phone!

Email: m.m.mealsnyc@gmail.com

Website: www.mmealsnyc.com

Phone: 845-649-7385


PS Please note… all #divamamas #glamas will receive a 10% #divadiscount off of your customized weekly meal package for the first three months. Start date, January 8th!



This vegetable dish is below is warm and comforting during the cold months of winter. Use this opportunity to break out your mandolin and find this dish assembled in thirty minutes or less. Feel free to replace the veggies with turnips, parsnips, carrots or whatever winter vegetables that you have in the house. The key is to cut the root vegetables into a uniform size to ensure even cooking. Make this dish year-round with seasonal veggies and experiment with different herbs and toppings. Enjoy!

brussel sproutsTomatoes




Layered Winter Veggies

Diva Moms, we have a great vegetarian recipe from our friends at M.M. Meals that tastes as beautiful as it looks! Omit the cheese to make this dish vegan and let your guests be wowed with the presentation. Better yet, contact M.M. Meals to cook a bunch of healthy dishes like this for you! Please view the full recipe below….


1 medium yam, peeled and cut into ½-inch pieces

1 medium potato, peeled and cut into ½-inch pieces

1 red bell pepper, cored and cut into thin rings

1 small red onion, cut into thin rings

1 ½ cups Brussels sprouts, halved

Fresh thyme, 2 teaspoons chopped

6 tablespoons olive oil

½ cup grated Manchego cheese

Salt & Pepper


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Toss the yam and potato with salt, pepper, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil until coated evenly. Spread the veggies evenly along the bottom of a 13×9 baking pan.


Arrange the pepper rings over the veggie mixture followed by the red onion. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and 1 teaspoon of thyme. Drizzle the layer with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

For the final layer, add the halved Brussels sprouts with the remaining teaspoon of thyme. Drizzle with the last 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes uncovered. Add the Manchego cheese and continue to bake for an additional 15 minutes or until the top is golden brown.


Holiday Bling- Last minute #FabULyssfind #PURELUXEOFNY- December 21st, 2017


Introducing a new #FabULyssFind just in time for the holiday! Holiday bling that #divamamas and #glamas will love!


You will love the Q & A with #divamama #tracymoss #pureluxeofny


Q: Tell the #divamoms and #glamas how you got started making these beautiful one of a kind jewel creations?

A: I worked in the high end jewelry industry for many years.  I’ve learned a lot over the years and found that what I was drawn to was the vast array of gorgeous colors you could find in precious stones.  The unique colors created by Mother Nature are like nothing else!  A force to be reckoned with.

Q: Who is your inspiration? What inspires you to make each piece?

A: My inspiration comes more from a what than a who.  I’m inspired by color as well as by the jewelry of the the Byzantine/Etruscan Era.  The talent the goldsmiths had then is simply BEYOND!  When I studied jewelry making at The Jewelry Arts Institute, I learned the ancient art of granulation.  This process involves melting tiny spheres of gold into granules, placing them in formation onto another piece of gold and then fusing them together.  The process is quite challenging as there’s a very fine line between the amount of heat needed to fuse 22k gold and completely melting your work! Even with modern technology this process can be perilous.  They didn’t have any of the tools we use today and their work was just AMAZING! The jewelry in Metropolitan Museum of Art is definitely a source of inspiration for me.

Q: What is your background in jewelry design?

A: Truthfully, I don’t have a formal background in design.  I see everything in my mind’s eye and then put pen to paper.  When it comes to choosing stones for my pieces, I use what I fall in love with.  Sometimes that means tweaking my design to accommodate a stone.

Q: What is the best way for #divamoms and #glamas to get in contact with you? Please include your email, phone number? When they contact you, should they say they are a #divamom #glama to get their 20% #divadiscount? 

A: I can be reached by email: tracy.moss2@aol.com or by phone/text: 917-284-4835.  Absolutely say that your’re a #divamom #glama to get a 20% #divadiscount.

Q: When you meet with a client, what is the first thing you ask them?

A: The first thing I want to know is do they have a vision of what they’d like?  Is there a color that they’re drawn to?  A piece of fine jewelry should be personal.  It should contain elements of what you love so that you always want to wear it.  I want to make a client a piece that will be timeless not trendy.

Q: How long does it take to make a piece?

A: The short and the long answer to that question is it depends.  Are we creating a brand new piece from scratch or are we modifying an existing style.  All in all it takes between one and three weeks depending on the answer to the first question.

Q: What if a husband wats to surprise his wife? What do you suggest he should do?

A: Talk to me!  Let’s figure out what he wants to surprise her with first.  After that, the sky’s the limit!  If he wants to surprise her with a ring the challenge will be getting her proper ring size without giving away the surprise.  If there’s a ring that his wife wears all the time, try to sneak it away from her for a day or two.  I can get a measurement that way.  If there’s simply no way of getting this information without spoiling the adventure then we have other remedies.

Q: Which is your most popular stone and design? Can someone design their own piece with you? 

A: Everybody’s taste is different.  But overall I would have to say that the FabulyssFioreRing with Tanzanite, Diamonds and Sapphires is a definite favorite!  That ring looks equally #fabulyss using a fancy sapphire in the center.  You simply cannot go wrong with that ring! However, if you’d like to design a custom piece together it will be a pleasure!

Q: Anything else you want to share with our readers? 

A: Yes!  Working with people and creating fabulous jewelry is my passion.  I look forward to working with you!


PS I just got the #fabULyssfioriring for the holidays 

Tracy @917-284-4835 and you will get this ring originally priced at $8,500 for $6,500
7.45ct Tanzanite Center Stone with .90ct diamonds 


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