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A new #FabULyssFlashFind for #divamoms-February 6th, 2017

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A new #fabulyssfind for #divamoms and #glammas.  Just in time for #valentine’sday #spring & #summer!


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glammas all about the beautiful new #FabULyss Flash Lab..


A: Hey #divamoms and #glammas!! Flash Lab Laser is a relatively new, boutique style med-spa run by NYS licensed estheticians Jennifer Nemeth and Kelly Rheel. We offer a private and personalized experience which focuses on one client at a time to provide maximum results and comfort. Our extensive menu of services includes Laser Hair Removal, Sculpsure, Tattoo Removal, Laser Vein Removal, Pigmentation Correction and Chemical Peels. At Flash Lab you can always look forward to a friendly and informative consultation complete with complimentary champagne!


Q: What made you decide on the Upper East Side location? It’s the perfect location for busy #divamoms and #glammas…


A: The Upper East Side seemed like a no-brainer to us. This is quintessential New York. Being surrounded by places like Central Park, Barney’s, and Bloomingdales, we knew we’d be in good company and develop a great clientele. So far it’s worked out great! You can find Flash Lab Laser Suite at 635 Madison Avenue on the 4th floor.


Q: How long have you been working with lasers? What are some of your favorite lasers? I know a lot has changed over the years…


A: We’ve got close to twenty years of combined experience so we’ve come across just about every laser system there is. Our personal favorite by far for hair removal is the Candela Gentlemax. It’s safe and effective for all skin types, fast pulsing for quicker sessions and it’s the only laser that has a built in Cryogen cooling system, so you’ll get the most comfortable treatment. Cynosure also makes two fantastic lasers; the SculpSure for fat reduction and the Picosure for tattoo removal which has cut the amount of treatments you need to remove ink by more than half!


Q: Who are the best candidates for lasers? How many sessions do you suggest a person does? How long before they usually see results?


A: The best candidate for laser hair removal is anyone with dark, coarse hair but the Candela works on a variety of types. Since we all have a number of cycles of hair growth, six sessions are always recommended. The best part however, is you’ll see results right away! Hair usually falls out within two days of your treatment and can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to grow back.


Q: What are the costs of the packages on average? Which do you suggest?


A: People typically start with the Brazilian and underarms. A single Brazilian treatment is $425 and a single underarm treatment is $215. However, if you purchase a package of 6 with us, we’ll not only comp your touch ups in between sessions but include up to six complimentary touch ups after you’re finished! It’s a fantastic value given that at most places you end up paying for touch up packages or “minutes” in order to get to your best possible result. Flash Lab wants to make sure you’re 100 percent taken care of, so we just give them to you.


Q: I know you have lots of other goodies at the office besides laser hair removal.. what are some of your other favorites? Zapping veins, brown spots? Please elaborate…


A: One of our favorite treatments is pigmentation correction. If you’re someone who loves the sun but hates what it does to your skin, book this service immediately. You’ll get dramatic results in just one session. Freckles and dark spots will disappear in a week. Of everything we offer, pigmentation correction makes the biggest difference in the shortest period of time.


Q: Is it best to come in the morning or afternoon? What do you suggest? Should a mom work out before coming in for a treatment?


A: Anytime that is convenient for you is a good time to come! There is no downtime with most of our treatments so if you visit us in the morning, you’re free to go to work afterwards. As far as the gym, we recommend working out either beforehand or 24 hours following your treatment.


Q: The center is beautiful and clean… please tell our readers why this is so important to you and your business….


A: We want our clients to know they’re getting the best experience possible and having a clean, warm and welcoming environment is essential to that. Providing quality treatments includes so much more than what happens in the actual session. We want everyone who visits us to feel cared for from the second they walk in to the minute they leave and a big way to communicate that is the effort you put into your studio space.


Q: What’s the best way to book an appointment? Phone, Email, and what’s the best number and email?


A: you can book directly through our website at www.flashlablaser.com, email us at info@flashlablaser.com or call us at 646-998-5277. Whatever is easiest for you.


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glammas about the special #divadiscount and #divadeal just for them….


A: #Divamoms and #glammas can look forward to a 20%#divadiscount on all of our services including a free treatment on any small area to test us out! These small areas include underarms, bikini line, stomach line, sideburns, upper lip, and chin! We look forward to our #divamoms and #glammas making us part of their beauty regime!



Chess At 3- A New #FabULyssfind- February 2nd, 2017

We love Chess At Three, a new #FabULyssfind! Below you will find many answers to questions that you might have about young children and chess.

Q: What is the best age to start playing chess and why? What have your discoveries been?



A: While people of all ages (3-93+) benefit from playing chess in a variety of ways, starting at a very young age can jump start early childhood development. We discovered that teaching chess at the surprising age of 3 is both possible and beneficial.


Stories are our powerful tool that we use to engage students and capture their imaginations, while teaching them the rules and strategies of chess. Our stories not only teach chess, but also have our students falling in love with the game. Only by knowing how to play (rules) and having a desire to play (love) can you truly capture the benefits of chess. Benefits like:


  • Increased IQ and creativity
  • Enhanced memory, arithmetic, verbal skills
  • Sharpened critical thinking
  • Boosted socialization, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and confidence

Q: Do you recommend starting with a one on one session and/or enrolling the child into a class?
A: There are benefits to both one-on-one and group class formats. With the sole focus on one child in a one-on-one session, that child will benefit most in terms of critical thinking. Each question, puzzle, or mini game will be theirs alone to figure out with the guidance of our instructor. A group session spreads the focus across the entire classroom, but it encourages much more socialization and teamwork. Everyone learns from each others mistakes and their love for chess grows that much more when they can re-share the stories with friends.



Q: How long are your one on one sessions? How long are your classes and how many classes are in a semester?



A: One-on-one sessions and group classes are typically 1 hour long. Our core curriculum is a 10 week course that introduces all of the pieces on the chess board. We also have multiple additional 10 weeks courses that teach concepts like beginner strategy, castling, sportsmanship, and more!



Q: Tell our #Divamom blog readers about one of your favorite experiences with one of your younger clients and older clients…

One great story is about little Victoria.  She was so nice and sweet and loved to hear stories about all of our fun chess pieces.  But before any lesson could start, she had a story of her own to share.  She would always tell stories about her kitty cats but it was immediately clear that she was repeating our stories but using her own characters.  She nailed the details, using words she did not know before our lessons, and would even add on to the story.  It became her obsession. It was amazing hearing her stories.  She was very proud of how she crafted them and when it came time to play chess on the board, she knew exactly what to do.  She made the connections herself.  And the world she created with games and stories became huge. She was one of the fastest learning students we’ve had.


Q: Do you teach at different schools? How can a parent or parent coordinator get in touch with you about bringing the program to their school?



A: We teach in multiple school locations. In fact, many of our school programs have started with parents from our one-on-one lessons introducing us to their school. If a parent is looking to bring a new program to their school, please contact us at info@chessat3.com.



Q: When a child enrolls in your program.. what do you suggest the parents do with them at home to encourage them to keep learning and playing when they are not with you?



A: We love to hear stories that our children played games against their friends, brothers, sisters, parents, or grandparents. Our goal is to we inspire your children to play beyond our lessons and apply new skills outside of our classroom. To help facilitate this goal, we send home parent engagement emails that offer highlights of the story that we told in class that day and include the game play that can be practiced at home.



Q: Do you sell Chess games? What are your favorites?



A: We have chess sets that are for sale. They are tournament size full chess sets (32 pieces) with chess mats (boards). Mini games to play at home are also included for free in our parent engagement emails.



Q: Can a child have a Chess At 3 Birthday Party? If so.. what does that party look like and include?



A: Yes. We love birthday parties! We have wonderful stories for all of the children to hear and lots of boards to play chess on. There are many types of fun and silly chess games to be played at a birthday party. We even get the kids up for ‘Chessercises’, where they move around the room like certain pieces on the chess board, and do Chess Charades. Having all of the kids team up against the big teacher is a special treat for everyone.


Q: Anything else you want our #divamoms and #divadads to know about your wonderful program?



A: Help your child get ahead by teaching them chess at a record young age! Data study proven to increase children’s assessment scores by over 18% in just one school year of study!  We guarantee you will love Chess At Three and what it brings for your child.



Q: Please tell our #divamoms the best way to get in touch with you to book a class and or private one on one session… Email, Phone Number and Contact Name…



A: For direct inquiries please reach out to Andrew at Chess At Three: andrew.kashian@chessat3.com or call us at 1-844-NYC-Chess (1-844-692-2438). Or find out more about us at www.chessat3.com


    #dedicated q & A

IGS – A New #FabULyssFind Unlock Your Body Chemistry- January 23rd, 2017

Excited to introduce you to IGS… A new #FabULyssfind
Get Ready To Unlock Your Body Chemistry!
Integrated Genetic Solutions gives doctors the power to measure individual’s unique body chemistry using DNA. Offering personalized treatments based on genetics.
Q: They say.. New Year.. New You! We are so excited to introduce the #divamoms to IGS, Integrated Genetic Solution. Lets start with.. What is IGS?
A:. The IGS/ Integrated Genetics Solution software is a revolutionary program.  It is the first of its kind in the world where clinicians have the ability to optimize their patient’s body chemistry by analyzing quantifiable biometrics and actionable DNA markers to deliver optimal health.  We test a combination of vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and the genetics that together impact how one feels.  We all carry mutations that would otherwise not be discovered without this kind of testing.  IGS allows for the ease of the Clinician to mathematically calculate 30 hours of work in the click of a button.

Q: The tag line is unlock your body chemistry.. What exactly does that mean?

A: By using your DNA which is a roadmap, and the code to what road blocks or mutations you were born with, we are able to solve the puzzle.   This allows us to have insight as to how you metabolize vitamins, hormones and pharmaceuticals. When we are able to analyze your DNA, coupled with your blood chemistry, we then can make an exact plan on how to get the body back in balance. Our bodies are very complex and each and every individual is different, the sum of all our parts are interconnected and they need to work in harmony with one another. IGS is able to unlock and decode the problems and restore balance through a precise personalized medicine program.

Q: Where and when can you begin the program? Is it for both #divamoms #divadads and #glamparents?

A: The program is for any adult over 21 years of age. Singles , Moms, Dads, the Elderly, Athletes and anyone in between.

Q: How long will it take for you to start feeling good once you are on the program?

A: Typically within the first three months a person really sees and feels a shift.  However, everyone is different, this depends on how out of balance the individual is and how long it would take to get them optimal. What we to tend to see, is the more unbalanced the individual is, the quicker they notice the change.

Q: How many Dr.s in NYC can you see? That are working with this program?

Because this event is around one doctor we are not going to talk about other doctors …. this is the link to the doctor we are promoting at the event.

Tomorrow Medicine, Dr Timothy Morley


Q: How much does the program cost and is any of it covered by insurance?

A: For purposes of this event we will defer this question to the staff of Dr. Morley. You will direct the audience to seek out a staff member to inquire about pricing. (since each individual case is different, there are different plans for what the patient is trying to achieve.)  For this event Tomorrow Medicine will be offering a 10% #divamom discount for anyone who signs up the evening of the event on February 1st.   However blood work is not covered by insurance. 

Q: Does this program help with sleep? Many moms always talk about being tired and not getting enough sleep…

A: YES, we have an entire part of the program dedicated to natural sleep remedy, allowing for a patient to have deep and restful night sleep.

Q: How soon after you start the program will you see and feel the results? 

A: Again as in above question, we feel if a patient is dedicated and commits to themselves, healthy lifestyle and taking personalized supplements program,within the first 3 months or sooner.  It truly depends on the individual and their deficiencies and imbalances.

Q: Who are the best customers for this program? 

A: ANYONE wanting to feel their BEST.

Q: What’s the best contact number to set up first appointment and ask any additional questions? Email, Phone Number and name.

A: Dawn Anatra

917 601 3924


Eric Carter 

415 722-8974


Francesca Caputo

917 270 7933


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VIΛ 57 WEST (625 West 57th Street) #FabULyssfind-January 18th, 2017

Introducing a new #FabULyssfind for #divamoms #divadads and #glamparents
VIΛ 57 WEST (625 West 57th Street)
Q: Please tell the #divamoms, #divadads and #glamparents about the new beautiful VIA West 57th Street building… What will families love most about this new family friendly property?
A: VIA 57 WEST  provides a home in which you can live, work and thrive. With inspiring views of the Hudson River, premium smoke-free rental residences balance the excitement of the city and the tranquility of nature. A visual gateway to Manhattan, VIA
57 WEST  is part of the 57 WEST  residential superblock, an oasis in one of New York’s most dynamic neighborhoods.
Q: What will families fall in love with when they visit the building? What do you think the families will be most attracted to?
A: At VIA 57 West, families can enjoy the grand lobby with a 24-hour concierge. The resident-exclusive dynamic amenities package offers VIA Social, VIA Garden and VIA Fit, encompassing East and West Resident Lounges, Library, Party Room, Chef’s Kitchen, Screening Room, Tot Spot Playroom, Ping Pong, Billiards, and Shuffle Board Game Room, Poker Room and Golf Simulator and Putting Green, as well as Outdoor Seating and Activity Areas, a Sunlit Swimming Pool and Indoor Half-Court Basketball. Additionally, curated amenities including neighborhood outings, arts and crafts classes, children’s programs, lectures, and culinary adventures are available through the 57 WEST Insider Program.
Q: I know the readers would love to learn more about the dynamic architecture. Please expand….
A: World-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels’ breakthrough design puts an unconventional twist on the classic Manhattan residential building. With high performance floor-to-ceiling window with solar Eco-Veil roller shadesglass, residences open to natural light, soaring sky, and spectacular river and garden views. Almost
50% of the homes enjoy a private balcony or terrace.
Q: Is there anything that each residence in the building has the same? What makes them different?
A:  VIA 57 WEST offers a variety of studio, one, two, three, and four bedroom residences, many with expansive terraces overlooking the Hudson River. The building’s dynamic architecture is reflected throughout the interiors that organically flow from indoor to outdoor living. Materials and construction have been carefully considered and selected for their resilience and environmental impact. Each aspect of the design has been thoughtfully planned to conserve water, reduce energy needs, and promote the wellness of residents while minimizing the impact on the environment.
Living spaces make the most of natural light and dramatic views. Spacious kitchens with GE and Blomberg Energy-Star appliances, FSC-certified wood Italian cabinetry and pure white Caesar stone countertops and backsplashes combine everyday simplicity with refined design. Bathrooms are crafted with warm, natural finishes and clean, modern lines.  Each home contains a Bosch washer and dryer.
Q: Tell us about the neighborhood.. what are the best parks for families and some family friendly restaurants. What bus stops, subway stops are nearby?
A: Explore iconic New York from an exciting new perspective. Step out for one-of-a-kind shops, top restaurants, and healthful markets. Take in the world’s finest art, theater and music. When it’s time to relax, take a picnic to the park or bike along the river. Get to know the neighborhood as a 57 West Insider, an exclusive program of in-building and area activities for residents to enjoy. Some neighborhood highlights include:
–    Lincoln Center
–    Hudson River Park
–    Ethical Culture Center replace with Animal Kennel Center (AKC)
–    Pier 84
–    The Intrepid
–    Dewitt Clinton Park
–    Landmark movie theatre coming in Fall 2017
–    Whole Foods at Columbus Circle
–    57 West Resident Shuttle
–    59th St – Columbus Circle Station (A,B,C,D Trains)
–    57th Street Crosstown Bus
–    63rd Street Crosstown Bus
Q: How much are the two bedrooms starting at? What’s the biggest size apartment that the building has. How much is that apartment going for?
A: Available two bedroom residences begin at $5,820/month. The largest apartment available is 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, priced at $12,800/month.
Q: What are the best amenities that the building has for families? Please tell our readers in detail…
A: Enjoy curated amenities provided exclusively for VIA 57 WEST residents through the 57 West Insider Program, featuring neighborhood outings, arts and crafts classes, children’s programs, lectures, and culinary adventures, all perfectly suited for families. Adults and children alike have access to the East and West Resident Lounges, Library, Party Room, Chef’s Kitchen, Screening Room, Tot Spot Playroom, Ping Pong, Billiards, and Shuffle Board Game Room, Poker Room and Golf Simulator and Putting Green, as well as Outdoor Seating and Activity Areas, a Sunlit Swimming Pool and Indoor Half-Court Basketball.
Q: Tell us more about the neighborhood where the building is… What are the schools that the building is zoned for? What private and public schools are nearby and what about early childhood schools and centers?
A: VIA57 WEST’s school zone is District 2 which has some of the highest- performing and popular schools in the city.   Public pre-school, middle and high schools include P.S. 051 Elias Howe (M051), P.S. 212 Midtown West (M212), Success Academy Hell’s Kitchen (Manhattan 2) (M170) – Charter, Professional Performing Arts High School (M408), Beacon High School (M479), Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology (M507), High School for Environmental Studies (M400).   Private schools include Sacred Heart Parochial (MBAU), Fieldston School, De La Salle Academy, York Prep, and Abraham Joshua Herschel High School
Q: Please give our readers the best way to get in touch with the building for tours and with questions? Email, Phone number and names please.
A: Phone: 212 789 5757; VIA57WestLeasing@durst.org
Q: Tell us about the spectacular views of the Hudson River…
A: The Hudson River has inspired artists and writers for centuries. Watch the light on the river change throughout the day. In the morning, the city rises with you. In the evening, the sun sets in thousands of colors.
Q: Many moms and dads work from home…please tell us about the wonderful amenities for working parents…
A: VIA 57 WEST  offers residents exclusive amenities designed to enhance an urban lifestyle and nourish your mind, body and soul. Through VIA Garden, experience the
22,0000 SF exclusive courtyard oasis with 80 new planted trees and lawns, 47 species of
native plant material, outdoor seating and four barbecue grills, all within a design that shares the exact proportions as Olmsted’s Central Park. VIA Social features 2 Resident Lounges, a Library with work stations and printer/copier/scanner, a Reading Room, outdoor lounges with river views, a Movie Screening Room, a Game Room with Ping Pong, Billiards and Shuffle Board, a Poker Room and a Golf  Simulator and Putting Green. Enjoy the Gym, Fitness Lounge, Swimming Pool, Sun Decks, Exercise Studios and Indoor Half-Basketball Court through VIA FIT.
Q: Please add any additional information that you would like our readers to know about…
A: VIA 57 WEST redefines green living with a vision of sustainability that both respects nature and promotes well-being. VIA 57 WEST sets a new paradigm for environmental responsibility. Centered around the four core elements––Water, Energy, Air, and Earth –– VIA 57 WEST gives back to the environment and provides a home where people can live
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The 5 Moms You’ll Meet In Suburbia-January 11th, 2017

The 5 Moms You’ll Meet in Suburbia

The fact is, when you live in the city different neighborhoods have different personalities. And you get used to it—you probably picked your neighborhood because you identified with the vibe, the moms and dads you met and the farmers markets/Soul Cycles/playgroups/A+ preschools in the immediate vicinity.

But then you start scoping suburbia and things change. Everything feels a little bigger, a little more spread out and a lot more unknown. But here’s the thing—just like there’s a “type” in every single city neighborhood, every suburb has a personality that, no doubt, will become very apparent once you start to dig in. And, in our experience, that often boils down to a few different “mom types” that seem to pop up no matter the ‘burb. Spot them on your next search—it’s like a living, breathing game of suburban bingo!


She might never sleep—really, there’s no other explanation for why or how her house is always perfect, her kids are always meticulously groomed and dressed, and she always has the most enviable treats for the bake sale. And the craziest part? She does it all with a smile. If you could only bottle her energy, her enthusiasm and skills that would make Martha Stewart jealous you’d be all set. But you can’t—all you can do is watch and wonder. How does she do it all?



“Rush” would be an understatement—this mom is always screeching in at the very last second, practically tossing her kids into the morning line, onto the baseball field and through the door of gymnastics/piano/ballet and this afternoon’s birthday party. And the second she does, there’s zero chance she can take a breath and sit for a minute because, without a doubt, she’s got somewhere else to be, someone else to pick up and drop off and a laundry list of to-dos that’s exhausting just to read. She’ll chat with you when she picks up her kid—10 minutes late, of course.


This mom tends to fall into one of two buckets—the Gossip and the Mom-Who-Knows-Everything. The net net? She’s in the know about everyone and everything in town, in school and, often, on your block. Learn how to leverage her know-how and you’ll always have the scoop on the best soccer coaches, the A+ after school activities and what day camps are worth the money.


You know she exists—maybe you’ve even seen her once or twice. But this mom is decidedly MIA most of the time, marching out a team of nannies, sitters, tutors, drivers, housekeepers and assistants every single day to tackle every single thing on their list. From dropping the kids at school to sending treats for the holiday party to filling the bleachers at this weekend’s game, this mom can outsource anything and everything, and credits that with her ability to “do it all.”



Does she go to the gym or the local barre studio? Who knows—but is she does, she’s always dressed for the occasion. This mom has made wearing yoga pants an art and, somehow, seems to be able to pair them with everything from a tank or tee to a dressy top and strappy sandals. How does she do it? You’ll never know. But she never veers away from her trusted yoga pants, whether she actually works out or not.
The Suburban Jungle is an award-winning firm that specializes in moving families from urban to suburban. The company’s innovative “town first” approach helps buyers find the right suburb for their family based on personality and lifestyle, not just the house. Services are FREE and fully customized to each family and their unique journey. To learn more and to connect with a Suburbs Strategist, and find the place your family truly fits in visit www.suburbanjunglerealty.com and click GET STARTED.

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