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#GrandparentsDay/#CampDivaLyssious- August 2nd, 2016



Can you believe it is already August?! I can’t! This summer is flying by. This weekend was the #fabULyss Super Saturday event in the Hamptons. Super Saturday the most amazing event supporting Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. Every year I set up a Camp DivaLysscious tent for all the little ones attending the event. This year was just as #fabULyss as always! Under the tent we had all sorts of fun for kids and their diva parents! From Camp DivaLysscious games, the Izzy and Ooli Puppet Show, Wendy the PipeCleaner Lady and story time! The kids had a blast enjoying all of these activities and getting their faces panted, designing their own Camp DivaLysscious tank tops, and so much more! It was such a success and so much fun. It is also so nice that this whole event is for charity and one close to my heart. The shopping at the event was great! From Calypso to Ramy Brook, to home décor there was everything! Kelly Ripa, Molly Sims, and Donna Karen are just a few celebs that made an appearance and supported OCRA. Molly Sims adorable daughter, Scarlett, was spotted having a #fabULyss time under our Camp DivaLysccious tent. As well as Rachel Zoe’s delightful children, Skyler and Kaius!



Thank you to all who supported and check out my Instagram, @diva_moms, to see photos from the event!


I drove my mom and mother in law up to the Berkshires yesterday for #grandparents day! They had the very best time! Cannot believe the boys will be back in less than two weeks.

The #divamomsbookclub has the most #fabULyss event coming up with Jill Kargman “OddMomOut” make sure to RSVP@divamoms.com before we are at complete capacity.


Enjoy the beautiful summer week ahead!


Super Saturday 19/#Camp DivaLysscious -July 26th, 2016

Hello #fabULyss divas! I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool during this heatwave!

I started out the weekend by watching #Olliepop star as Peter Pan for the camp play. I wish I could have seen him in person but the video will do for now! He was amazing! Everyone go check out the #fabULyss video on @CampGreylock Instagram page.

The new issue of Social Life Magazine came out with my new summer HotLysst. You will read all about the #fabULyss finds in NYC and the Hamptons. Be sure to pick up the latest issue!

Then, I was at the beach for the weekend! I bet you didn’t guess that…  I have to share with you a #fabULyss read, The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. A MUST read I love it! I lounged all day with my book and iced coffee.


One night over the weekend we took #Blakeybleu miniature golfing! Never early enough to start! Look on my Instagram, @diva_moms, for an adorable picture of her playing with her #fabULyss hat on!

I also got to enjoy my most favorite drink at the Brooklyn Crab…their bloody marry! Its #deLYsscious.

Sunday, we took #Blakeybleu for an fun breakfast at Kellogg’s NYC. Go check it out in Times Square. I will definitely take the boys there for a sundae when back from camp.  Then, Blake scooted off to our cabana! It was another #fabULyss day at the beach and we couldn’t have ended it better than with Marvel ice cream on the way home!




Hope you have a #FabULyss week and keep staying out of the heat!

Looking forward to Super Saturday 19 this Saturday/ #Camp Divalysscious!

Click here for a article on Divamoms and our upcoming Camp Divalysscious


Camp Visiting Day Success- July 19th, 2016

Hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool in the heat! This weekend was visiting day for my boys at Camp Greylock. We started the weekend early and headed to the Berkshires for a couple of days. I love it up there, so relaxing and beautiful. We took long walks in the woods and enjoyed the nature. It was nice to turn off the news for a minute… We did things that we never do in the city like bowling! Up in the Berkshires there’s a #fabULyss market that I ALWAYS have to go to. It is called Guido’s Marketplace and we NEED one in the city. It is truly my favorite. It is all fresh and #deLysscious! Yum


We also checked out the Berkshire Theatre Festival and saw Fiorello. It was very interesting and now I understand why the LaGuardia airport has its name! The next day was all about the boys! I could not wait to see the boys in action! It was a long three weeks without seeing them. Of course I gathered up on food and snacks for them. I got them gift baskets from Jodis Gifts full of all the candy they love… and little #blakeybleu tried to steal it from them! It was so much fun to see Olliepop play basketball and Jax play tennis! It was a #fabULyss day with the boys and now I will not see them for another 4 weeks!





On the way home from the Berkshires we stopped in Astoria, Queens for an amazing meal. We had #deLysscious Greek food at Telly’s Taverna. It might be one of the best and if you haven’t been I would definitely go.


Sunday it was back to hanging out with just Blake! We went to the beach and we stayed cool with watermelon and ice pops! It was a great way to end the weekend.



Hope you guys find some AC this week during the heatwave yet again! I will be busy working on my next book and Super Saturday16/Camp DivaLysscious!



Getting Ready #VisitingDay- July 11th, 2016


Happy Monday #fabULyss readers! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and hopefully it was as relaxing as mine. I headed out east to spend the weekend. I got to start reading, “Lilac Girls,” by Martha Hall Kelly. It was great to shut off the TV and get lost in a summer read. If you need a new book check this one out. I have a #fabULyss sweet find for you guys… Sugarfina came out with a new candy you need to try. Yes Way Rosé Roses are infused with Whispering Angel Rosé and are rosette-shaped. They are perfect for the summer but the downside? They are flying off the shelves. So, head over to sugarfina.com to be added to the waitlist.


On a healthier note, I attended and spoke at the Healthy Guru event in Southampton. Throughout the day there was a series of workout classes being taught, speakers, and then later on in the day there was a cocktail party and fashion show hosted by friend and supermodel, Veronica Webb. It was a #fabULyss filled day. Thank you to all that came out to support! Even though the weather was not great in the Hamptons, we all had a great time exercising, talking healthy and more. I loved my pilates class with the one and only #ErikaBloom!


You know what I love to find? The perfect cards to send to the boys away at camp. My husband thinks I am crazy but I love finding a great card even though the boys probably don’t care what is on it!


Can’t believe Camp Visiting day is this weekend! The summer is flying! #slowdown!

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Shvitzing In NYC/HeatWave-July 7th, 2016



#divamoms… besides this awful heatwave I hope you’re having a #fabULyss summer day! I have a few tips for you to stay cool and beat the heat! You must wear cotton clothing and in light colors if you can. It won’t attract the sun like dark clothing will and the cotton material will make you feel airy and light! Another tip that you should be doing every day… Drinking lots of water! Do not just wait until you’re thirsty to take a sip, you should be drinking all day. Keep hydrated by putting a water bottle in the freezer and take it out when you go to an activity. This way its super cold and will melt by the time you get there! If you have a pool, relax on a float or just jump right in. If you do not have a pool, play with your kids in the sprinkler or with the hose! You both will cool off and have a lot of fun and it will do the same trick as a pool.  Stay in the AC when you can!  Keep cool!

‪#‎tbt‬ never wanted to get out of the pool… would ❤️ to be in a pool all day today xo



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