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7Weeks- Summer Of #BlakeyBleu Has Begun-June 27th, 2016

To all my #fabULyss readers, I hope you had a great weekend!



I started last Monday by spending time with #Olliepop before he left! Of course, I got guiled into taking him to Nintendo store to test out a new game. It was one of his last few days with technology for seven weeks! Since I brought Oliver to Ninetndo I had to do something for #Jax… only way to be fair! So, I took him and his camp friend over to Flight Club to get new sneakers just in time for camp. Then we headed over to Max Brenner for some treats to end the day… #deLYsscious!  If I have to do all of this with boys I’m scared for when #BlakeyBleu goes to camp!


Olliepop finished 3rd grade… and I cannot believe he is going to be in 4th grade! CRAZY… that evening we had another #campcountdown with one of the most #deLysccious meals! Farinella Pizzaria is always amazing… never disappoints!

Another pre camp acitivity? Movies! Oliver and his buddy went to go see BFG… we loved this book and were so excited for the movie adaption.


Then the final meal was here Thursday evening! We all headed over to Peter Lugers so the boys can indulge in a #fabULyss meal before having to live off camp food! We definitely all ate enough it was so yummy! Always a tradition with us!


Friday morning and the #SternBrothers are gone for the summer! I am going to miss them but… I cannot wait to play all summer!!! After dropping the boys at the bus stop and waving goodbye we traveled to my #happy place… the beach (as you probably already knew that one)




I have #fabULyssfeeling that little Blakeybleu is going to become a swimmer this summer! Of course with the help of her daddy! Check out my Instagram @diva_moms for the cutest pictures of Blake in the pool and enjoying the beach!


Hope all my #DivaMoms are enjoying the summer so far! Have a wonderful, fabULyss and safe 4th of July weekend!


#FabULyssFather’sDayWeekend- June 20th, 2016


Hope you all had a #fabULyss Father’s Day weekend! I want to share with you a recap of my week and weekend with all of you!

I started off the week by having a #deLysscious lunch at Candle Café… very good salad you should check it out. Then, I took #Olliepop to Mimo Blend Benefits to make a #momaaproved AND #kidapproved smoothie. After filling up on that #deLysscious treat, #Olliepop and I had a #divadatenight and headed over to see Finding Dory. It was amazing and is a must see for kids and their parents (you will laugh and cry)!

Tuesday, the boys were out of the house with Uncle Louis so I could pack the camp trunks! They spent the day at Coney Island while I stayed in the apartment and packed all day… but finally they are done and out the door! I also tried the new famous pink drink from Starbucks. It really was #deLysscious but also very refreshing.

Last week I checked out the Lisa Perry pop up at Barneys… very colorful and cool for the summer! That night we took the kids to Carnival Night for Kids benefiting The Coalition for the Homeless in Central Park. The kids had a blast seeing the clowns and going on rides with their friends!

Finally, Thursday came around and we had a #fabULyss Diva Moms Book Club event! This was hosted at Alice and Olivia with the most amazing Dr. Robi Ludwig. She was sharing her new book, Your Best Age is Now, with the Diva Moms while they shopped, snacked on sweets, and drank champagne! Check out my Instagram, @Diva_Moms to see the photos from the event! Thank you to everyone for coming!




Friday, we did errands for the #campcountdown that is quickly approaching. #Jax got a buzzcut with his NAME shaved into his hair! I promised him… and I had to keep that promise!


Saturday was a wonderful beach day. I relaxed on the sand with my favorite summer drink, Summer in a Bottle. We celebrated #Olliepop’s 9th birthday! I can’t believe how old he is. Where did time go?!



We also celebrated Fathers day at the beach. It was so nice being all together celebrating and having a #fabulyssfun time! My husband had a great time playing with the kids on his special day. Wishing a ‪#‎fabULyssfather‬ the happiest of ‪#‎fathersday‬! You make our‪#‎crazychaos‬ look easy… Thank you for being such a ‪#‎amazing‬ father and wonderful “coach”…


Hope your week and weekend were as #fabULyss as mine!


#CampTrunks #EndOfSchoolYearMadness- June 13th, 2016

Hope you all enjoyed a #fabULyss week and weekend. I was jammed packed all week before heading out east to get away and spend some much needed time with the family! I started the week off with the most #fabULyss post baby workout. You guys need to try out @mommy_tummy on your own. You wont be disappointed. I cannot wait to have my summer body ready in no time (a gal can always dream)….

A day or two later history was made when Hillary Clinton was announced to be the first female presidential nominee! Whatever your political views are you cannot disagree what a big deal is this! I am so happy I am able to share this moment with my daughter, #Blakeybleu. This truly shows that we should never give up, dream big and reach for the stars.


I started my day on Wednesday at the #deLysscious Juice Press and saw a quote I found very funny and true! It read, “Assertive women who drink juice are fucking sexy.” Check out my Instagram to see @diva_moms.


Listen up parents! I have a #fabULyss find for you! I know it is hard to do date night with your loved one when you got little kids but not anymore with my UrbanSitter Divamoms Sitter List! Here you will fund proven, trustworthy caregivers recommended and reviewed by fellow Divamoms like you! With this list you can find a summer sitter, a full-time nanny, or just a last minute babysitter for a night. Also, enjoy a free $50 new customer credit through July 31st when you sign up with the code FREESUMMER50. Now you will never have an excuse to miss your special date night.

After a crazy work week, it was time to head out to Sag Harbor! I began the weekend with #Nanadoll at the #deLysscious American Hotel. We ate a ton and it feels as if I did Mommy Tummy for nothing! Kidding but I really did enjoy all the food we had! We even splurged on dessert!  While I was with #Nanadoll my boys had a nice boys night out with their dad!


Another #fabULyss find? Provisions Natural Foods in Sag Harbor! You guys have to try it… I loved my watermelon juice!

By the pool, I relaxed and enjoyed my new summer read, Modern Lovers, by Emma Straub then I took #Blakeybleu to the Round Swamp Farm. She had the most #fabULyssFun and so did I!


Saturday morning #Olliepop was monkeying around at Fox and Friends… pictures are up on Instagram! Saturday night we took the kids to Pancho’s in Island Park and it was #deLysscious. It was great food and even better company!


Sunday morning, we woke up to very upsetting news about the shooting in Orlando. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.


On a lighter note, we had a bar mitzvah on Sunday for a very close friend. Jax’s friend for over 12 years, Nick, was celebrating his big day this weekend and we were so happy to share this with him and his family!

It was all about #Olliepop later on when his baseball team, NY Sluggers, made it to championships! I’m so happy and proud!


Looking forward to the #fabULyssfashion event this Thursday evening with Dr. Robi Ludwig at the Alice & Olivia store on Madison Avenue.

Alice and Olivia

Camp  trunks leave on Sunday (Father’s Day) I have a lot of work ahead of me this week!

Enjoy this #fabULyss week!


Q & A #You’reAGooodManCharlieBrown #FabULyssFamilyFun June10th, 2016

Q &A You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


All Divamoms need to take their little divadahlings to the new off Broadway show. A classic, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, opened on May 31st and is a #divamust see. The Peanuts gang is back together and you can’t miss out on a timeless show that your kids will love and so will you!



Q: First off, tell all of the Divamoms reading why they need to take their little ones to see this.

A: Because it’s a great show filled with wonderful show tunes, fun dances and lots and lots of comedy – AND it’s performed by Broadway kids between the ages of 9 and 14.  Amazing talent all in one intimate venue.

Q: What ages is the show most appropriate for?

A: 4-100!  Truly – every generation will fall in love with this show – either because they grew up with the Peanuts Gang or they will become introduced to them through this show. 

Q:  Will the kids be familiar with any of the musical numbers?

A: The kids will definitely know many of the musical numbers: “Happiness Is”, “Suppertime”, “My New Philosophy,” “You’re A good Man, Charlie Brown” and many, many more.

Q: How long is the duration of the show?

A: Two hours including intermission

Q: Is any part of the show interactive?

A: The cast runs up and down the aisles quite frequently so, yes, there’s definitely an immersive feeling.

Q: How many tickets are available for each showing?

A: Our theatre seats 172 – but tickets are going fast.

Q: What is the price range around for tickets?

A: We have a family discount now where you can buy four or more tickets for $25 (https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/957052/prm/FAMILY).  Otherwise tickets are $67.50.

Q: How long will the show be running until?

A: The show closes Sunday June 26th

Q: Who will be playing the characters?

A: The cast consists of young performers with very impressive credits on Broadway and around the country.  Josh Colley (who was in Elf, Newsies, Les Mis as Charlie Brown), Milly Shapiro (one of the original Matildas as Sally),  Mavis Simpson-Ernst (Evita on Broadway as Lucy), Aiden Gemme (who was in Finding Neverland as Snoopy), Jeremy T Villas (who was in Kinky Boots as Linus) and Gregory Dias (who was seen in School of Rock at the White House as Schroeder).

Q: Will the kids be able to meet the cast and take pictures with them?

A: We have talk-backs after the matinees on Saturdays and Sundays and the cast usually participates in those.  Otherwise, hang out in the hallway and the cast will be sure to stop to meet everybody.

#Week/#WeekendRoundup- June 5th, 2016

After a #fabULyss memorial day weekend, I started the week off on a lucky note by making a wish in the Bryant Park fountain on a beautiful sunny day. The weather has been nearly perfect the past week! Hope I didn’t just jinx it! I then headed to NewsMax TV to discuss the top trending current events so be sure to check that video out! After filming, I picked up Jax from school and brought him to baseball… Need to spend as much time with him as possible since he is leaving in 18 days!!! Where did this school year go? The camp trunks are out and are ready to be packed!

It was a girls’ night out Wednesday evening! A few friends and I hit Phillipe for a #deLysscious meal full of laugher and fun. I continued the girl dates on Thursday with lunch with a #fabULyssfriend at Freds at Barneys #DeLyssciouslunch!

To kick off the weekend, Thursday night I took the boys to see the #fabULyss show, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Everyone must go see it with your little ones. My eight year old son #Olliepop told his entire class to run to see the show #suppertime…


With the end of school right around the corner, Olliepop had a school dance to celebrate the end of 3rd grade. While Oliver was there, my husband and I went on a movie date to see the #fabULyss movie, Me Before You. It was amazing but I suggest definitely bringing the tissue box and even Brian might have even shed a few tears.

Saturday was a perfect 10 beach day! It was a wonderful day playing in the sand, catching up on magazines, and just relaxing.





With all the sun Saturday, rain was going to come eventually and it sure did on Sunday. While it poured, I started my day at my favorite coffee shop, Little Collins and then headed to a birthday party with #Blakeybleu. After all the activities with the kids I got to spend time with #Nanadoll. We saw the interesting documentary Weiner. (I have NO comment about Weiner) It was nice to end the weekend with my mom.


Hope you all had a #fabULyss week and weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather! If you need to find me over the next few weeks… I will be in and out of stores running around getting these last days of camp shopping done with.

Looking forward to the #FabULyss #DivaMomsBookClub event next Thursday evening with Dr. Robi Ludwig

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