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#fabULyssfashionfind CLUB PRIVE-By Appointment Only-April 25th, 2017

The most #fabULyssfashionfind for all #divamoms and #glamas

CLUB PRIVE- By Appointment Only


Kat 7


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glamas all about your beautiful by appointment only showroom..

A: Hating the crazy and difficult process of shopping I created a cozy, private way to shop w the well curated mix of fabulous brands where a client can calmly try on a variety of clothing ranging from gowns and furs to tshirts, sweats, cashmere sweaters, cocktail dresses, ton of beach coverups, etc and various accessories.

Q: How long have you had your passion for fashion? Who inspired you and who inspires you each and every day?

A: I started in fashion 25 years ago when I worked for Chanel and Dior in my early 20’s and then started my own business 18 years ago.

Q: What brands do you carry? Which are some of your favorites?

A: I carry Alexis, Zimmerman, Sundry, Plein Sud, Blumarine, Maria Lucia Hohan, Fabiana Filippi, Max and Moi, Nicholas, Sunday st Tropez, pop St Bart’s, 360 cashmere, Rizal, Bailey 44 and many more! 

Q: How long do you like to spend with each client? What’s a typical appointment look like?

A: I would say on average 1.5 hours but could be less or more depending on how fast one makes decisions.

Q: How far in advance would you like the #divamoms and #glamas to book their appointments to see you?

A: Appts are booked anywhere from 1-2-3 weeks ahead to a day in advance with some luck!

Q: Now that we are headed into Summer… please tell our #divamom and #glama readers what are some of your favorite #fabuLyssfinds for the beach?

A: I love Sunday St Tropez and Pop St Barths for the beach and some fabulous beach bags and sandals I carry!! 

Q: What’s the best way for the #divamoms and #glamas to make their appointments with you? Cell, Email, Text?

A: Text or email, katerina@clubprivenyc.com Kat 1

Q: You are a busy mom mogul, what do you like to wear during the day and night? 

A: I am always casual and comfy but trendy and fashionable during the day in jeans and cute tops or sweaters and then glam up at night w heels, sexy dresses or tops and leather pants.

Kat 3

Q: We have a lot of Bar and Bat Mitzvah moms… please tell us about your dresses and gowns.. what are some of your favorite looks for the mitzvahmoms?

A: I love the well price and beautiful dresses from some of my European brands as well as Alexis and Nicholas.

Q: If you could wear three designers all the time, who would they be?

A: It changes every year for me , but I always love Fabiana Filippi, Rizal furs, 360 cashmere and Alexis! Sunday St Tropez for the beach.

Q: What do you do for your #MTO #MommyTimeOut each and every day?

A: I have been so busy but always try to steal some time and squeeze some exercise, massage or just having a nice cappuccino w the friend and catching up! 

kat 5
Kat 4
Kat 3


Have a #FabULyssfun time shopping at CLUB PRIVE!


#FabULyssFind Just In Time For Mother’sDay ellebelle-April 17th, 2017


Beyond excited to share my new #FabULyssfind ellebelle with #divamoms and glamas. They will also be showcasing their #FabULyss scarves and bags at the #divamomsbookclub party for Motherhood Is A Beach/B#tch. The foundation of beauty is realized in ellebelle. Vibrant colors, intricate artistry, fluid patterns and luxurious textiles with a common thread: granting the power to look and feel exquisite, both inside and out.

Q:  I love that you are sisters, my sister is my best friend! What inspired you to start this amazing company?

A: We love the idea that beautiful scarves are conversation pieces and have the ability to take an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. 

Q: I know that you have a give back component, can you tell us more about that…

A: The designer of the scarves named Ebru Uygun was born in Istanbul and was deeply moved from a young age to improve the quality of life for young people in her country. In 1994 she founded TOCEV to guarantee material and moral support to children who wish to be educated in Turkey but face socio-economic challenges. Uygun and TOCEV are responsible for raising the mandatory years of schooling from five to twelve years for Turkish students across the country. She was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship in 2010. In addition to her work in advocacy, Uygun is well known for her inspiring art and has been featured in exhibits around the world. The artist’s work is built on the traditional Turkish art of Ebru, the art of creating striking, colorful patterns by brushing colored pigment onto water and then transposing the pattern onto paper and textiles. Uygun is credited with modernizing traditional ebru designs and bringing this classic art form into today’s world. 

Q: What are your most popular products? What are the best gift items?

A: Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we think everyone needs our new silk satin scarves with unique designs made in Italy!

Q: How long does it take to receive the item once processed? What’s the best way to order.. email or phone and or both?

A: The best way to order is online at ellebellenyc.com. Orders are processed right away and you should receive your scarf within 3-5 days.

Q: I want to buy a tote bag for myself for the beach. Which is your favorite design? Tell us about the beautiful Cashmere Scarves… what inspires your collection?

A: The tote bags are all fun and perfect for the beach! We have limited quantities and selling out of them quickly so if you want one you should order them today! Also our cashmere scarves help you stay warm while being on trend.

Q: Anything else you want our #divamom and #divaglamma readers to know about your #FabULyss company… 

A: We can’t wait to adorn all of you beautiful #divaglam women with our gorgeous collection of scarves!

Q & A With Dr. William Kestin #FabULyssFind-March 6th, 2017

Q & A With Dr. William Kestin

#fabULyssfountain of youth… A new #fabuLyssfind



Q: Please tell our #divamom and #glamma readers all about your beautiful Madison Avenue Medical Spa/office? 

A: I believe that a calm, Zen environment is a wonderful way to start our experience together. Our waiting room is warm and inviting, and my treatment room is private,  with plenty of natural light from three picture windows that overlook Madison Avenue

Q: How long have you been practicing for? What have you seen evolve over the years in the industry?

A: I performed my first aesthetic procedure over 25 years ago, when the only filler available was collagen, and the specialty was in its infancy. We now have an array of fillers and neuromodulators to exceed patients expectations. I was a very early adapter of Ultherapy, which, among other things, can provide the only FDA-Approved non-surgical face lift.

Q: I love your approach to making your patients feel confident, fresh and radiant! Can you please expand on your philosophy? 

A: I  have always believed in an understated result. My mantra , to paraphrase Mae West, is , “If someone looks like they have been done, someone has done them wrong.”

I try to achieve a result that restores each individual to their own face, only fresher. I want your best friend to ask you if you just changed your hair or makeup, or just had a good vacation

Q: How long do you spend on a consultation? Procedures (typically) how long?

A: My  philosophy is to spend a minimum of an hour with my patients, in order to  hear their goals, observe their face in all stages of expression, and explain the options that I feel are most appropriate for them. Treatments are custom tailored to fit each patients needs. Most patients receive an hour , but Ultherapy can take up to 2 hours. Obviously, I try to spend as much time as my patients need.

Q: What’s the secret to making your patients look like they just stepped away from a vacation? 

A: Too many of my colleagues don’t devote the time they should, and don’t know that the idea should be to restore your face, not change your features. Where volume loss is the problem, well-placed fillers can be the answer. BOTOX and similar products can ease a furrowed brow and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while Ultherapy
harnesses the power of sound to ease under eye circles and lift the skin of the face and chest. Carefully combining these techniques, I can achieve that fresh, confident look .

Q: When a patient tells you what they think they need, how to do talk to the patient? What are the goals?

A: Often, a patient will come in thinking they know what they really want. During the consultation, I like to spend time explaining why or why not what they are suggesting will give them what they are looking for. My goal is to protect people from overzealous predatory practitioners, and not have their lips walk into a room well before the rest of them.

Q: Everyone talks about your magic chair.. can you elaborate? What makes your chair so special?

A: I perform my procedures in an Italian Medical massage chair. There are few things as relaxing after a rough day as a zero-gravity full body massage

Q: I know you try and make all of your patients feel at ease, relaxed and you happen to have a funny personality. How do you think this separates you from other Dr.s? 

A: I am fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy every day. I feel humor is so important in life, and a little bit of fun in a normally stodgy procedure can go a long way to set both patient and doctor at ease.

Q: Tell the #divamom and #divaglammas what they can expect after a visit or two from you…

A: After a visit or two, you might expect your friends to tell you how rested you look without having a clue as to why. Patients tell me they have renewed confidence and feel better about the way they look.

Q: What’s the best way for a #divamom #divaglamma to make an appointment? Phone..Email.. text?

A: One of the things that makes the practice unique is my amazing wife, Stacy, who handles scheduling and general hand-holding. We are available by text or email at any time including nights and weekends to schedule a consultation.  Concierge service is also available. Contact number is 212-858-9005 for text or phone. Feel free to email at Kestinmd@gmail.com

Q: What is your favorite advancement in the industry to date? 

A: I have watched this specialty evolve over the past 25 years. It’s hard to pick one innovation in an industry that prides itself as innovative, but I would have to say the biggest advance in the last 5 years has to be Ulthera. It allows me to lift and tighten skin as well as minimize fine lines and wrinkles and effectively treat dark circles under the eyes.

CYCFitness-New #fabULyssfind- March 1st, 2017

Q & A 

New #FabULyssfind @CYCFITNESS



Q: Please tell our #Divamoms about your Cyc Method… What sets this method apart from others?

A: Cyc is a high-energy, beat-based indoor cycling experience!  Our incredible instructors, or Cycologists as we call them, play new and exciting music that keep our riders energized throughout the entire 45-minute class.  Our studios also have state of the art lights, which are designed to create a specific mood during each sector of the ride.  Plus, we incorporate a longer and more intense weights sector with 1-5lb sandbags.  You will feel like you had a more complete workout!

Q: How long is each class? How many times a week would you suggest taking a class to see a difference in your body?

A: Our classes are 45-minutes long (with the occasional 60-minute class for an additional challenge). The more Cyc classes you take, the more of a difference you will see in your body! It is a full body workout, and no two classes are ever the same, so you might notice that one class works your abs more, while another focuses more on arms.

Q: How is this indoor cycling studio more than just a bike? 

A: Cyc draws in a community of riders who come together to do more than just ride on a stationary bike. Cyc is a welcoming and encouraging environment for riders of all levels, ages and backgrounds.  Our Cycologists provide inspiration to help you get better every day.

Q: Please tell our readers about the brand new state of the art Upper East Side location… What’s the address and exact location? What’s the best way to sign up for classes? Do you sell packages?

A: Our brand new UES studio is located at 1231 Third Ave (at 71st street), right off the new 2nd ave subway!  Our studio is one of the featured boutiques inside the newly developed and branded New York Sports Club – Studios. There you will also find classes from our neighbors BFX and Tone House!  You can check out our website cycfitness.com to buy and book classes, and see all of our packages (including our new studio opening promotions)!

Q: What time of day do you suggest is the best for busy moms? Will you have classes scheduled for after school drop off? 

A: We have morning and evening classes as well as a mid-day class. On weekdays classes are scheduled at 7AM, 9:30AM, 12:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM and 7:30PM. On weekends, the schedule is 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 12:30PM.

Q: Anything else you would like to share with our readers about your #fabULyssfit studio?

A:  Celebrity trainer and instructor Holly Rilinger is joining Cyc as Creative Director and Head Cycologist! Holly comes to Cyc as a coach, trainer and veteran of the fitness world and has a tremendously strong following that extends from New York City to the Hamptons and across the country.  She is the creator of LIFTED, a Nike Master Trainer and a former Flywheel Master instructor with numerous certifications.  We couldn’t be more excited to have her as part of our team!

Come catch the beat and #getcycd with us, and you’ll see what we’re all about!

You’re Invited To An Exclusive, Free Ride AT THE BRAND NEW CYC FITNESS 
We will celebrate by Birthday!
9:30AM Tuesday, March 7th
CYC Upper East Side
1231 Third Avenue and 71st Street (Inside NYSC LAB)
Class To Be Taught By Celebrity Trainer, Holly Ringler
Please arrive 15 minutes early
*Juice Press- Post Ride Refreshments*
Be one of the first 50 to RSVP and you will automatically be entered to win a free 10 pack

CYC Divamoms

A new #FabULyssFlashFind for #divamoms-February 6th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 11.53.24 AM

A new #fabulyssfind for #divamoms and #glammas.  Just in time for #valentine’sday #spring & #summer!


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glammas all about the beautiful new #FabULyss Flash Lab..


A: Hey #divamoms and #glammas!! Flash Lab Laser is a relatively new, boutique style med-spa run by NYS licensed estheticians Jennifer Nemeth and Kelly Rheel. We offer a private and personalized experience which focuses on one client at a time to provide maximum results and comfort. Our extensive menu of services includes Laser Hair Removal, Sculpsure, Tattoo Removal, Laser Vein Removal, Pigmentation Correction and Chemical Peels. At Flash Lab you can always look forward to a friendly and informative consultation complete with complimentary champagne!


Q: What made you decide on the Upper East Side location? It’s the perfect location for busy #divamoms and #glammas…


A: The Upper East Side seemed like a no-brainer to us. This is quintessential New York. Being surrounded by places like Central Park, Barney’s, and Bloomingdales, we knew we’d be in good company and develop a great clientele. So far it’s worked out great! You can find Flash Lab Laser Suite at 635 Madison Avenue on the 4th floor.


Q: How long have you been working with lasers? What are some of your favorite lasers? I know a lot has changed over the years…


A: We’ve got close to twenty years of combined experience so we’ve come across just about every laser system there is. Our personal favorite by far for hair removal is the Candela Gentlemax. It’s safe and effective for all skin types, fast pulsing for quicker sessions and it’s the only laser that has a built in Cryogen cooling system, so you’ll get the most comfortable treatment. Cynosure also makes two fantastic lasers; the SculpSure for fat reduction and the Picosure for tattoo removal which has cut the amount of treatments you need to remove ink by more than half!


Q: Who are the best candidates for lasers? How many sessions do you suggest a person does? How long before they usually see results?


A: The best candidate for laser hair removal is anyone with dark, coarse hair but the Candela works on a variety of types. Since we all have a number of cycles of hair growth, six sessions are always recommended. The best part however, is you’ll see results right away! Hair usually falls out within two days of your treatment and can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to grow back.


Q: What are the costs of the packages on average? Which do you suggest?


A: People typically start with the Brazilian and underarms. A single Brazilian treatment is $425 and a single underarm treatment is $215. However, if you purchase a package of 6 with us, we’ll not only comp your touch ups in between sessions but include up to six complimentary touch ups after you’re finished! It’s a fantastic value given that at most places you end up paying for touch up packages or “minutes” in order to get to your best possible result. Flash Lab wants to make sure you’re 100 percent taken care of, so we just give them to you.


Q: I know you have lots of other goodies at the office besides laser hair removal.. what are some of your other favorites? Zapping veins, brown spots? Please elaborate…


A: One of our favorite treatments is pigmentation correction. If you’re someone who loves the sun but hates what it does to your skin, book this service immediately. You’ll get dramatic results in just one session. Freckles and dark spots will disappear in a week. Of everything we offer, pigmentation correction makes the biggest difference in the shortest period of time.


Q: Is it best to come in the morning or afternoon? What do you suggest? Should a mom work out before coming in for a treatment?


A: Anytime that is convenient for you is a good time to come! There is no downtime with most of our treatments so if you visit us in the morning, you’re free to go to work afterwards. As far as the gym, we recommend working out either beforehand or 24 hours following your treatment.


Q: The center is beautiful and clean… please tell our readers why this is so important to you and your business….


A: We want our clients to know they’re getting the best experience possible and having a clean, warm and welcoming environment is essential to that. Providing quality treatments includes so much more than what happens in the actual session. We want everyone who visits us to feel cared for from the second they walk in to the minute they leave and a big way to communicate that is the effort you put into your studio space.


Q: What’s the best way to book an appointment? Phone, Email, and what’s the best number and email?


A: you can book directly through our website at www.flashlablaser.com, email us at info@flashlablaser.com or call us at 646-998-5277. Whatever is easiest for you.


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glammas about the special #divadiscount and #divadeal just for them….


A: #Divamoms and #glammas can look forward to a 20%#divadiscount on all of our services including a free treatment on any small area to test us out! These small areas include underarms, bikini line, stomach line, sideburns, upper lip, and chin! We look forward to our #divamoms and #glammas making us part of their beauty regime!



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