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#FallFashions & More October 3rd, 201


#‎FabULyssFlyFall‬ collection celebration @flywheelsports ‪#‎East60th‬ location all the goodies are ‪#‎Flying‬ off the shelves




J. Jill’s Upper West Side and Upper East Side stores are a cosmopolitan reflection of the brand’s timeless, yet modern aesthetic, offering easy, relaxed and inspired style that reflects the confidence and comfort of women with rich full lives. I had the most #FabULyss time shopping for some much needed #FabULyssFallFinds this week at the new @JJillStyle #JJillTakesNYC  store. Make sure to check out the #DeLysscious chunky sweaters and much more!


Can you believe it’s already #October?! Which means…


Divamoms, dads, babes, tots & toddlers,

We have the most ‪#‎FabULyss‬ Halloween Spooktacular that will be GOBLINS of FUN
*for kids in costumes 4 month-4 years*
Friday, October 30th
Dylan’s Candy Bar
Third Avenue @60th Street
*upstairs in the private party room*
*DeLysscious Breakfast
*Magic Show
*Costume Parade
*Monster Mash Dancing
*Costume Portraits by Heidi Green
*Cupcake Decorating with Cakes Jagla
*Raffles & Gift Bags
*SpookyLysscious games for the little ones!
The SWEETEST day of Halloween fun!
$50.00 per adult with child
*Each additional child $25

#‎FabULyss‬ @foxandfriends morning this week discussing sexy girls ‪#‎Halloween‬ costumes… Make your own costume… you as the parent dress buy the costumes ‪#‎nofishnet‬ stockings for a 3 year old

fox weekend

A much overdue #FREDS lunch with an old friend #qualityconversation #laughter



The Chord Club powered by Billboard Debuts in NYC – a state of the art music studio for future rock stars!


 REGISTER FOR THE FALL SEMESTER by October 12th and receive 10% off your first semester with the code: DIVAMOM10

The Chord Club Powered by Billboard is a 5,700 sq ft state of the art recording studio and event space located at 207 East 94th Street. The Chord Club offers a wide variety of modern, edgy, and high-energy music classes for children age 5 months – 17 years old as well as private lessons, professional recording services and unique event planning from the leaders in the music industry.


Billboard Babies “Unplugged” (ages 5-12mo)

Shake, Rattle, & Roll: I, II, & III (12 mo. – 5 years)

Little Rockers Jam Session: I, II, III & Little Rockers Family Jam (ages 12 mo. -5 years)

Budding Pop Stars: (ages 3-5yrs.)

DJ Classes: Be The DJ! Ages 7-10, 11-13, 14-17

Singer/Songwriter Club: Ages 8-10, 11-14, 15-17

Pop Star Studio 101: Ages 5-7, 8-10

Music Production: Ages 10-14, 15-17

Foundations in Music Business: Ages 13-17

Guitar Jam: Ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-14

*Private Lessons available for voice, keyboard and drums. Call to inquire about our leading instructors and book a private recording studio session.

For More Information and to register for a class, please visit the website at www.thechordclub.com or call (212) 246-7369

#blakeybleu  cannot believe you are 19 months … Seems like just yesterday you would let me read to you every night… Now you are “babbling” to me u sweet baby girl


#Olliepop and I had the most #FabULyss time at the opening of #FashionAcademy The Musical. All Diva Fashionistas should see the show!


#‎olliepop‬ was excited to be my date for opening night ‪#‎VitalTheatreCompany‬‪#‎TheFashionAcademy‬ surrounded by all these beautiful young fashionistas! Congrats to our ‪#‎FabULyssFriends‬ ‪#‎SherylBerk‬ ‪#‎CarrieBerk‬ 

Q &A With Elysha Huntington Your Food Story- September 29th, 2015

Q &A With Elysha Huntington Your Food Story


Your Food Story helps your child learn the ABC’s of fruits and veggies. Their first product collection, vibrantly printed beautiful wooden food magnet sets, help connect young eaters to whole foods, builds their visual vocabularies of the foods we eat, and inspires conversation within families about what nourishes us. My 19 month old daughter #BlakeyBleu loves playing with her#FabULyss  first fruits and veggies magnet sets. 


Q: Tell the #DivaMom readers what inspired you to start Your Food Story?

A: The brand actually began quite organically (pardon the pun!). Starting solids was such a huge milestone for both my daughter and myself. I thought a lot about how I wanted to introduce the world of foods to her. During my pregnancy I had watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on television and was aghast at scenes of elementary students who couldn’t identify an actual potato when they saw one. I wanted my daughter to be a conscientious eater- both appreciative of wholesome food as well as curious and knowledgeable about it. I began by visually charting her first foods as she tried them, posting up images of each new food on the wall near the table where she ate. Gradually as she tried more and more foods, the wall got bigger and it became a beautiful visual diary of her first food experiences and a simple way for her to begin to recognize different fruits and vegetables. My background is in product design so it didn’t take long for me to see a product idea there that could benefit other parents interested in starting the conversation about food with their child early.

Q: How old was your daughter when you started the company? Is she your spokes child for the #FabULyss company?

A: My daughter is absolutely the inspiration for the brand. She was just getting started with solids when the idea to create Your Food Story was born. While I haven’t called upon her to do too many spokes child duties she has dabbled a bit with some product modeling and she is chief product tester, of course! :)

Q: What are the most popular products to purchase and why?

A: We currently have three collectible wooden magnet sets in the collection: First Fruits, First Vegetables, and First Grains & Legumes as well as a custom magnetic chalkboard companion easel. I originally thought that the Fruits and Veggies would be the most popular but I have to say the Grains and Legumes are holding their own! The easel, which was developed more as an in store display, is selling well as an accompaniment to showcase the magnets and further encourage interactivity which is a nice surprise.

Q: Do you recommend the products for a certain age range?

A: The magnet sets are safety rated for children 6 months and above which is about the time many children first start experimenting with solids. I would say our sweet spot is children 6 months – 5 years old, or children who are in their first years and having their initial experiences with food. They are designed to grow with the child and can easily be adapted to different developmental levels.

Q: What’s the best way for the moms to purchase the products? What’s the turnaround time once purchased to receiving?

A: Our products can be purchased online at http://www.yourfoodstory.com/ , on Amazon, and at select children’s boutiques and bookstores. Purchasing them directly online you can get them as quick as overnight if needed. We love selling through local businesses too so if you have a favorite local store that you would love to see our product at you can ask them to carry it or send us an email at hi@yourfoodstory.com.

Q: I love that these magnets will teach and empower young children to make the right food choices on their own. Is there a specific way that you would tell parents to work with the magnets?

A: The magnets are really designed for open ended play and the beauty of them is that they can be used in different ways depending on the age of your child.  For very young eaters who aren’t talking much yet it’s a great way for them to build their visual vocabulary of whole foods – just making the visual association is so powerful.  As they get older it’s fun to start associating the foods with their names (our packaging and literature even has the names of each of the foods in English, French and Spanish!). Parents can use them to chart new foods as they are experienced, display the menu of the day, group foods by color (think eat the rainbow!) or seasonality, create a visual recipe, or really wherever your imagination takes you. We always love hearing about the different ways people are using them!

Q: I think these food magnets should be in all early child curriculum across the country. Do you agree?

A: YesssssSSS! There is definitely greater awareness of the importance of real, wholesome food both for our individual well being as well as how our food choices affect our larger community. There are some amazing early childhood curriculum programs already in place as well as emerging now and I like to think of Your Food Story in that space. From seed to plate and beyond, the more involved children are, the more empowered they are. We are starting some conversations with some food growing and cooking programs for children and absolutely look forward to expanding our partnerships there.

Q: What’s the best feedback that you have received thus far about the amazing products? Will you continue to grow the line of products and tools?

A: Some of my favorite moments have been at various food and community events where we have exhibited our collection. Honestly, the look on a child’s face as they point to an image of a beautiful green flowery stem and shout triumphantly “BROCCOLI!” can’t be beat. Or the proud look on a parent’s face when they ask their child to find the tomato and the child easily identifies it. We definitely have more product ideas in the pipeline and are working on those – stay tuned! :)



#OctoberFest- September 28th, 2015

flywheel 2015Are you ready for Fall’s most #FabULyss #Flyest event?

Join us for the ultimate VIP Experience hosted by moi

Thursday, October 1st 6:00-7:30

FlyClass starts 7:30pm

Flywheel, East 60th Street 203 East 60th Street


*Complimentary Flywheel or Flybarre Class*

Come shop the new fall retail collection with an exclusive #DivaDiscount, enjoy skincare products and express facials from Simple Skincare

For my friends outside #NYC the #SternBrotherswalked to school this last week… Nothing.. Not even the#PopeFrancis visiting was keeping them home#NYCKids #Pope #Gridlock #Traffic What a #FabULyss and historical week in #NYC


‪#‎BlakelyBleu‬ had the most ‪#‎FabULyss‬ time rocking out at the amazing ‪#‎ChordClub‬ Saturday morning with all the ‪#‎DeLysscious‬ lil rockers


Happy lil rockers Saturday morning ‪#‎ChordClub‬ most ‪#‎FabULyss‬ grand opening ‪#‎UES‬ cannot wait for the ‪#‎SternBrothers‬ to start rapping lessons



Did you purchase the new #FabuLyss #DivaMustRead #CookBook #TheNewKosher written by #KimKushner?! The recipes are truly #DeLysscious! My husband wants me to start cooking more thanks to this new amazing, beautiful recipe book.

Kosher cooking has been redefined for the modern family. The New Kosher is filled with healthy recipes, exquisite flavors, and a fresh sensibility for the modern lifestyle. Emphasizing fast, easy, and delicious dishes for everyday as well as special occasions, this is your comprehensive guide to kosher cooking. Kim Kushner comes from a diverse foodie background and her easygoing, mix and match style redefines kosher cooking. With over 100 recipes from all over the world, there’s something for everyone in this unique cookbook.


Looking for a sweet movie see ‪#‎TheIntern‬ and men bring a pocket square if you want to score brownie points


#NationalDaughtersDay last week #BlakeyBleu we love U!



#BaseballMama- September 24th, 2015

#‎Scatman‬ and his ‪#‎FabULyss‬ coach ‪#‎Rafael‬ ‪#‎NYSluggers‬ ‪#‎TravelBaseball‬‪#‎BaseballMama‬ we were playing in ‪#‎MerrickLI‬ … Glad Bri knows where to find the best bagels ;)


‪#‎doubleheader‬ victory Happy ‪#‎Scatman‬ ‪#‎NYSluggers‬ ‪#‎CottonCandy‬


‪#‎FabULyssfriday‬ afternoons… ‪#‎CentralPark‬ our ‪#‎Backyard‬ ‪#‎IndianSummer‬‪#‎Olliepop‬ ‪#‎Baseball‬ ‪#‎NYSluggers‬ this ‪#‎SternBrother‬ is going make his older brother proud ‪#‎Scatman‬ ‪#‎BaseballBrothers‬ 


The apple of my eye… We “picked” the most beautiful day to go apple picking ‪#‎harvestmoon‬ with ‪#‎Scatman‬ ‪#‎SternBoys‬ ‪#‎applepie‬


2 #NYCBrothers that need to spend more time on a farm

apple 2

Saturday, September 26th 10am-12pm

Who’s ready to ‪#‎ROCKOUT‬?!  ‪#‎DivaMoms‬ are hosting the exclusive ‪#‎FabULyss‬ grand opening party ‪#‎ChordClub‬! Make sure to RSVP@divamoms.com space is extremely limited… ‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎Games‬‪#‎FacePainting‬ ‪#‎Food‬ ‪#‎Photos‬ and more! Event is perfect for “lil” rockers ages 6 months – 5 years xoxo



Take it or “leaf” it ‪#‎fall‬ has arrived… Love this ‪#‎fabulyssfall‬ season in ‪#‎nyc‬


Just being brutally honest ‪#‎yomkippur‬ 


#BlakelyBleu was ready for mommy and daddy to break the fast #fewmorehours #YomKippur



Back In Full Swing- September 19th, 2015

#happynewyear #lshanahtovah #sweetnewyear

stern kids

#lshanahtovah #BlakelyBleu #happyhappynewyear


Celebrating my ‪#‎NizzyBirthday‬  ‪#‎CATA‬ … according to my baby ‪#‎sista‬she’s 7 1/2 years, 9 days, 7 hours & 22 minutes younger – and makes sure I know it! ‪#‎wrinkles‬


#‎FabULyss‬ @foxandfriends ‪#‎foxnews‬ ‪#‎ffweekend‬ talking ‪#‎mollysimms‬ telling mamas to get out of ‪#‎yogapants‬… Buy some ‪#‎sexylingerie‬


#FabULyss catching up with my beautiful #CUSE friend this afternoon visiting #NYC


#NBC #americasgottalent #radiocitymusichall with the#SternBoys they are taking #CandyBets who will win?!


On my way to ‪#‎hamilton‬ with my hubby….anyone know if it’s good? ‪#‎lol‬‪#‎LinManuelMiranda‬ ‪#‎hamiltonbroadway‬ can’t remember the last time I was so excited to see a ‪#‎Bway‬ show! We were truly blown away by the show! Cannot wait to buy the soundtrack next week for the boys.


Cute story… The boys had a new babysitter last night. Came home from #hamilton and was chatting with her.#Olliepop came out of his room with his wallet. He explained that he was giving her a tip from his tooth fairy money. A tip?! Yes! She was so good that I want to tip her…. You know the way you always tip the taxi driver #NYCKid



Have a #FabULyssweekend! I will be #Baseball mom this weekend and can’t wait to take the kids apple picking.


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