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#FabULyssFallFun… October 19th ’14


Cannot believe we are already carving pumpkins! My #Olliepop has me baking pumpkin pie and roasting the seeds. I do hope everything comes out #DeLysscious. The DivaLysscious Annual Halloween #Spooktacular @Dylan’s Candy Bar is at capacity (sorry for those that wanted to come). Next year please make sure to sign up before we sell out. Cannot wait to see all the DeLysscious children in their costumes. I am going to have one candy baby, and Olaf and Ted for Halloween. I am going to be dressed up as well. Can you guess what I am going to be?

My babydoll is getting so big! She’s sitting up on her own, crawling and really moving and grooving!


FrenchToast bagels really do exist #DeLysscious


Most #FabULyssFind… Sunday morning with the awesome #FastFundamentals #Skills #Training #Speed #Accuracy

Moms and dads are always asking me about the best new programs for their children! I must introduce you to Fast Fundamentals.


Fast Fundamentals is truly incredible! They work with your children on:

Motor Skill Development

Hand-Eye Coordination • Balance • Reaction • Body & Object Control

Sport-Specific Movement

Speed • Agility • Coordination • Acceleration • Mobility

Performance Training

Conditioning • Strength • Core Stability • Power • Gameday Confidence

I promise you will not be disappointed! Your children are going to beg for two hours.. (not one). My younger son thought the session was the best game of “Wipe Out” his favorite TV show.

NYC – 212.879.4465
Long Island – 516.629.5878
Email – info@fastfundamentals.com


I spot the cutest muppet… #SesameStreet #NYPL 45 Years Of Sesame Street. Definitely a great exhibition to take your children to.


Did you catch me on #FoxNews

I was on this week discussing parents and how they need to be responsible with social media… A constant discussion with the boys #SnapChat



Blake could not have asked for a better big brother! #Olliepop loves playing with her and “swinging” her on beautiful fall days in the park.


The screening #92Y #ReelPieces  was just incredible! The film has a lot of Oscar Buzz and with great reason. As many of you know I LOVE going to the movies. It’s one of my favorite “MTO”s Mommy Time Out!





#FabULyss #ParentingPanel Saturday morning @foxandfriends @foxnews. Who knew we would tape from outside middle of October…#GlobalWarming xo


Last, my son has a terrible cough :( and he was refusing to take any cough medicine. Luckily I found Dr. Cocoa for children. It’s non drowsy cough medicine that has a real #DeLysscious chocolate taste. He loved the flavor and told me the next morning that his cough felt better and the cough medicine was very soothing.


With all the germs going around please make sure to talk to your children about the importance of washing their hands and staying away from friends with colds.

I recently had to stop watching the news because the Ebola coverage has me up all night. I have switched back to watching tv shows on demand. Speaking of TV shows, you must watch Transparent on Amazon Prime. I cannot wait for the second season!


Have a #FabULyss week ahead!




It’s official…summer is over, fall has begun. School is in session and it is time to get the kids organized for their classes, activities, homework, weekend plans, the babysitter…oh my! But wait…it is not just about them, it is time to get YOU organized too. After all, happy mom equals happy family, right? It’s time to pack away those summer clothes and reorganize the closets for the upcoming season….but who’s going to help you??  JODI STARR IS!


There is a solution to taking that all away and Clarity is the answer. We love finding the best peop;e who can make our busy lives easier, and know our Divamoms will love Jodi and what Clarity has to offer! As Jodi Starr celebrates being in business for 10 years, here are 10 reasons why you should hire her to help you free your mind and closet space.


  1. She’s a mom herself so organizing for families is a no brainer for her
  2. Her motto and method is “Declutter.Organize.Breathe.”
  3. Jodi will give you solutions to keep your home clutter free after she leaves
  4. Of course, she will provide you with support and follow ups-she is a mom after all!
  5. If you have a crazy schedule, do not worry; Jodi is flexible
  6. Jodi will travel far and wide to get the job done
  7. Treat yourself to her services. You work hard enough and deserve it!
  8. It is a known fact that decluttering is beneficial to your health. Who doesn’t want to get healthy?
  9. Your closets will sing “ahhhhhh!” every time you open them
  10. Jodi is the ‘declutter doctor’ and can ensure your future will be full of peace and Clarity


Check out these amazing before and after pictures….lets face it, you aren’t going to get your mess in order, so let Clarity do it for you!


Before photoDuring photo



After photo



Contact Jodi at  http://www.claritynyc.com/contact/





The New Fall #DivaMustRead You Were Meant for Me by Yona Zeldis McDonough
I know it’s Autumn which means back to school for the kids, which means back to the books. As a busy mom, I know how hard it is to read a new book. That’s why our DivaMoms Book club is #FabULyss. I always read the book first before I recommend to you. Nothing worse than spending valuable time reading a book you don’t like…that’s where we come in! My pick of the month is Yona Zeldis McDonough’s new novel You Were Meant for Me. Touching, funny, and heartbreaking all at once, this captivating story draws you in as it relates to our connection with our children and our never-ending quest for love.
Yona’s storytelling is beautiful and I look forward to reading her previous and future works.
About You Were Meant for Me: Thirty-five-year-old Miranda is not an impulsive person. She’s been at Domestic Goddess magazine for eight years, she has great friends, and she’s finally moving on after a breakup. Having a baby isn’t even on her radar—until the day she discovers an abandoned newborn in a Brooklyn subway station. Rushing the little girl to the closest police station, Miranda hopes and prays she’ll be all right and that a loving family will step forward to take her.


Yet Miranda can’t seem to get the baby off her mind and keeps coming up with excuses to go check on her, until finally a family court judge asks whether she’d like to be the baby’s foster parent—maybe even adopt her. To her own surprise, Miranda jumps at the chance. But nothing could have prepared her for the ecstasy of new-mother love—or the heartbreak she faces when the baby’s father surfaces….


A #FabULyss tidbit from the book…

Miranda Berenzweig, the protagonist of You Were Meant for Me, loves #DeLysscious cupcakes, and in her work as the food editor for Domestic Goddess magazine, she is thrilled when she scores an original recipe from real-life cupcake mavens, Alan Richardson and Karen Tack, co-authors of What’s New. Cupcake? etc.





I don’t want to give all the amazing details of the book away.. make sure to purchase your copy at amazon.com

Yona Zeldis McDonough was educated at Vassar College and Columbia University. She is the award-winning author of six novels and twenty-three books for children, and she is also the editor of two essay collections. She lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her husband, two children (18 and 23) and two small, yappy Pomeranians. Please visit her at www.yonazeldismcdonough.com; she loves to hear from and connect with her readers.
Yona is a DivaLysscious mom and her children are her world. How much do I love this photo of her beautiful family!
Whether you read the book on your way into work, during the kids soccer practice, or at night before bed, this book will keep you totally engaged and longing for more.
Please note Yona is kind enough to send DivaMom Book Club readers a #FabULyss book mark from the book (I love the illustrations of the book cover). Send Yona an email pmcdonough1@nyc.rr.com and she will send you the lil gift.
To learn more about the book please visit
Happy Fall reading! I can promise you that you will have all your friends reading the book after you finish yours!

4 Charities To Get Involved With This Fall… Sept 20th ’14


Everyone is always asking me what are my favorite charities to get involved in, and what are some great causes.  I decided to put a LYSST together of some of my favorites that you can get involved in. 
Every summer Divamoms host our Camp DivaLysscious at Super Saturday hosted by Donna Karan, Kelly Rippa and Ariel Foxman to support Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  This is a great cause for any woman to get involved.  Our ovaries are important Ladies. Think about it, take care of yourselves and learn more about this cause.  It’s Diva #DefiniteLyssly! http://www.ocrf.org/
Children’s Health Fund
A friend invited me to Children’s Health Fund Party for Potential at Catch Thursday night, and even though I couldn’t make it – I was very interested Children’s Health Fund and it’s mission.  Children’s Health Fund was founded by Paul Simon and Irwin Redlener to provide national health care to undeserved children.  They are finding that there is a correlation between kids who are sick and their attendance at school.  We take for granted great health care, and doctors for our children. Just this morning I was on the phone with my kids doctors. But it’s not something some families can afford, when they are trying to survive. Health care is NO joke…..A Diva Must.  childrenshealthfund.org
Baby Buggy
Founded by Jessica Seinfeld, this one is an obvious why this #loverecycled is on our DIVALYSST.  Baby buggy helps families in need by providing essentials like clothing.  They always have the most fabulyss events to help raise awareness. One of my favorite events that both my boys and I always look forward to is their pajama party in the central park it is always a great way to bring attention to a great charity. Can’t wait to see how they may get some Diva Dads involved in their new fatherhood initiative. www.babybuggy.org
I don’t know a single person who hasn’t really been touched by cancer in one way or another.  No matter what, It’s horrible when I hear about women with breast or ovarian cancer, but it’s worse when we hear about children with cancer.  Candelighter’s helps through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, treatment and remission -  it’s not something you wish for anyone to go through, but with their mission “Because Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone” this one makes our DivaLysst for sure!

Feels like we are swinging into #Autumn Sept 16th ’14


What a gorgeous Sunday we just had to swing #NYC #AncientPlayground

Blake had the best time “swinging” in the playground and meeting new friends.

Woke up

Don’t you just love this?! Read the fine print…

Sneak peek of the #DivaKids photo shoot with me and the family for New York Family © www.heidigreen.com

My one and only #OlliePop


How’s everyone doing with the kids officially being back in school? I feel like an Octopus every day after school trying to make sure the kids are at their after school activities on time. Anyone else feel stretched like moi? xo


If you are looking for something #FabULyss to do this Sunday?!

Cirkiz Launch Event This Sunday - A Fabulysscious Dance Party for kids & their diva dancer parent

The most awesomely cool kids and parents dance party to hit NYC. Cirkiz’s first event kicks off on September 21st at the ultra-chic modern VIP ROOM in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

Say goodbye to that same old weekend activity. Cirkiz is a dazzling kids dance party in super cool venues, that is also cocktail friendly for the adults!  Truly a divalysscious experience:) CirKiz is designed to provide kids– and their parents - with access to electronic and pop music, a place to dance and to experience a nightclub setting in a safe and accepting environment. 

discount code DIVA921 – for 50% off

#FabULyss way to end a long week.. I loved the film #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou as much as I loved the book


#‎ApplePicking‬ with my ‪#‎Scatman‬ Sunday morning ‪#‎Macintosh‬ season ‪#‎DeLyssciousApples‬


The apple of my eye ‪#‎ApplePicking‬




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