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#BlakeyBleu LOVED #SuperSaturday18/#CampDivaLysscious-July 27th, 2015



Super Saturday 18  has come and gone… The event, held in water mill, had a #FabULyss turnout. It was a beautiful day where the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and everyone was shopping till they dropped. I love my #HeidiKlein dress and hat that I purchased (and wore all day)… I bought lots of clothing for #BlakeyBleu.


My area, #CampDivaLysscious, was a hit! Plenty of Divamom’s and tot’s stopped by to have some #FabuLyssFamilyFun. We had face painting, dancing, arts and crafts, pictures, red carpet kids and much more! #BlakeyBleu had an amazing time! She made sure to get in on all the action. Everyone who came to the camp left with a big smile on their face and a memory to last a lifetime.









I am so happy to hold #CampDivaLysscious at #SuperSaturday every summer. It is an event that is held for such an amazing cause. I have parents asking me all the time if they can send their kids to my camp and I have to tell them its only once a year! I had a wonderful time and I hope that all my #divamoms that came to the event did too! Stay cool this week… weather forecast told me it’s going to be in the 90′s and humid! My hair will be up in a bun all week long.


#DeLysscious #SummerSmoothies- July 24th, 2015

With the summer time heat its hard to even think about eating a meal sometimes. It’s just too hot! Well that is where smoothies come in. Smoothies are great for those hot summer days where you need your nutrients but can’t think about eating a hot meal. Plus they cool you down and can be extremely healthy. I’ve got some places to get a #DeLysscious smoothie and some recipes to make yourself one at home.

Liquiteria, Juice Generation and Juice Press are great places to get a delicious smoothie. The juice stores offer a variety of smoothies, and cold pressed juices. Plus if you want to clean your body of toxins, Liquiteria has cold pressed cleanses. These are both guaranteed to leave with you a healthy smoothie that keeps you full for most of the day. You have to be careful with smoothies because they can often be extremely fattening. Stick with health stores when buying a juice or smoothie because there won’t be as much sugar in it. My favorite is the #FountainOfYouth


The possibilities are endless when your making a smoothie at home. So, as to not overwhelm you, I have 3 recipes that are absolutely Delish! Some of them are healthy and some of them are for a day where you just need to treat yourself. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

The first recipe is for a strawberry-banana smoothie; which is always a crowd favorite. Blend 1 banana, 1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup each vanilla yogurt and milk, 2 teaspoons honey, a pinch of cinnamon and 1 cup ice. It delicious, its nutritious, and its super easy to make.

If you’re looking to get your vegetable serving in for the day but actually hate vegetables than the carrot-apple smoothie is for you. Also insanely easy all you have to do is blend 1 cup each carrot juice and apple juice with 1 1/2 cups ice. Its quick, easy, and extremely healthy.

For when you need a sweet treat in the form of a drink then you should definitely try the strawberry shortcake smoothie. Yes even the name of it sounds delicious. This one requires more effort than the rest but its worth it. To make it, blend 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup crumbled pound cake, 1 1/2 cups each milk and ice, and sugar to taste. Top with whipped cream and more strawberries. Now doesn’t that sound good for when you need a pick me up?

Treat yourself with these frozen treats. Whether you’re on a diet, need a quick easy breakfast or lunch, or are just looking for something sweet, smoothies are perfect. I know when I’m walking through the hot, humid city the last thing I want is food. But, a delicious, sweet, icy drink is the perfect substitute.


This Just In… To give kids an allowance or not: That is the question that parents have struggled with forever. And if the answer is yes, then should it be tied to the completion of tasks? What amount is too much or too little? Should there be restrictions on how allowances are spent? With so many parents asking these tricky questions, we decided to find out what our #Divamoms community do, so we’ve put together 10 quick survey questions, and as incentive for taking part, we’re going to give one lucky participant drawn at random a $100 Visa Gift Card. So please click on this link and tell us how you handle issue of allowances in your house.


1: Complete survey here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/59LJMSM.

Have a #FabULyss weekend! 



#CampDivaLysscious #SuperSaturday18- July 22nd, 2015



It’s almost here #DivaMoms & tots! The event of the summer, aka Super Saturday! The event is this Saturday, July 25th, in Water Mill, New York. Hosted by Donna Karan and Kelly Ripa this whole day event is a fundraiser for ovarian cancer. Its fun for the whole family! With shopping, rides, and arts and crafts its going to be #FabuLyss.

With over 120 garage sale participants there will be something for every fashion lover.  There will also be a glam station by PRIV, a photo booth by Rolls Royce, chair massages by V ° 73, and psychic readings with Betsy Wahmann. There is so much to do you won’t know where to start.

My area  at this ahhhhmazing event is called #CampDivaLysscious. The whole family will have fun here. Arts and crafts will be done all day while there are special performance from Wendy Baner #The Pipe Cleaner and Matt Cooper #TheMentalist. Get all your dance moves ready because we will be having a dance party all day long!  Could there be more you ask? Yes, there is! We also have Bella face painting, Balloon Artistry, and more! Don’t miss out on stopping by the Red Carpet Kids to dress up and strut your stuff! And, make sure to get a portrait taken by Heidi Green so you can remember the #FabuLyss day! Don’t worry mom’s you won’t have to be keeping an eye on your kid every second; we have some great counselors to help out with your little ones while they are having a blast.

The sun is going to be shining, the sky is going to be clear and blue, and you and your family are going to have a great day while also helping an amazing cause. Super Saturday is going to be well, super! Don’t miss out on the event of the summer!


Fun #SummerRainy&HumidDays- July 21st, 2015


So you thought that summer meant a clear blue sky and bright golden sun? Wrong! Mother nature has had other plans for us this summer with continuous days of rain. Yuck! Rain is no fun for anyone, unless you’re in camp mudsliding on rainy days. I have some fun ideas to keep your kids and yourself entertained on a miserable  humid and rainy summer day.

Plan A is always the movies. Its two hours where you sit in a dark theatre with your kids mesmerized by a giant screen. Seriously, there has never been a greater invention than the movies. Go see the new Minions movie, you know your kids are dying to see it. Get some popcorn, candy and relax. You can even take a nap and no one would ever know. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? (put on those overshade sunglasses).


Plan B would be something a little more interactive. I know when it rains all you want to do is veg out in bed all day, but your kids can’t sit still for more then 10 minutes at a time. This leads you to bowling. Bowling is fun for everyone. The whole family will forget about how gross it is outside and just have a blast.


When it rains what better place is there to be than inside a museum! Museums are educational, interesting, and fun! There are so many museums that are kid friendly. I have no doubt that your child will be mesmerized by museums like The Museum of Natural History and The Children’s Museum of Manhattan. There is no day better spent than one that is filling your child’s mind with knowledge and culture.


If you don’t want to leave the house but still have to entertain the kids then make some arts and crafts. Have a drawing competition, make friendship bracelets, and color in coloring books. There is nothing wrong with having a lazy day in the house with a bunch of crayons and markers. Arts and crafts are good to entertain even your most hyper child. I love making duct tape flowers and designs with the kids.


Rainy days don’t have to be miserable. There are so many indoor options to keep both you and your kids sane. Mother nature might be a bitch but you don’t have to let her win. Have fun! A little water never hurt anybody. Remember that the next time your walking and it starts to downpour!


Most #FabULYss #Vistingday With My Boys- July 20th, 2015

Lyss and Olls VDAY

#BeautifulBerkshires #visitingday weekend#FabuLysslyfun



We had the most #FabULYSS weekend at camp visiting day! # Scatman and #Ollipop (he now calls himself #JustOliver) are soooo happy!  Yes, this weekend was visiting day and boy did we have fun! The weather was hot, humid and rainy… however it felt so good to be back in the camp atmosphere. I wished I could’ve stayed and been a camper again! The boys give #CampGreylock a 10 and Ollie loves #EVERYTHING about camp! What more can parents ask for?! #HAPPYCAMPERS


Jackson and Oliver have never looked happier! Seriously, both boys had the biggest smiles on their faces. As soon as we saw them at camp they told us how much they loved it there. Camp life is the good life. The boys showed me their bunks and I got to meet their wonderful counselors and lots of new friends.


Jackson and Oliver went swimming, did arts and crafts, played basketball and ate lots and lots of candy. They both had a serious sugar rush. We also got to meet all their new friends! Camp friends are friends for life. Counselors may be a big part of the summer fun but camp friends are the most important part of summer fun. It’s not about where you are it’s about who you’re with.  It made me reflect back to all those fun times with my camp friends. Some of my best friends today are still my camp friends.

It was hard to leave at the end of the day.  I know that they are having the best summer so that makes missing them bearable. Only a few more weeks until they are going to walk off that bus, and my wonderfully chaotic life will be back to normal.

#‎BeautifulBerkshires‬ evening ‪#‎DeLyssciousdinner‬ ‪#‎Alta‬‪#‎Barringtonstagecompany‬ ‪#‎ALittleMoreAlive‬ ‪#‎Ollipop‬ plays the ‪#‎YoungNate‬in the ‪#‎film‬ part of the show… Perfect timing… First show preview… the night before ‪#‎visitingday‬


‪#‎BloodyMarys‬ ‪#‎Berkshires‬ ‪#‎RedLionInn‬ ‪#‎Peaceful‬ ‪#‎SunCameOut‬‪#‎Happiness‬


Those that bowl together…roll together and YES… I let Bri win xoxo‪#‎FabuLyssFun‬ bowling Sunday afternoon.. really wanted to play miniature golf‪#‎nextime‬ ‪#‎Berkshires‬


Oliver plays OLIVER tonight in the camp play. I cannot wait to hear how it went! How perfect for him! I had the chance to hear him practice two of the songs with his drama teacher (I was in tears)… #HappyTears



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