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What a week… and it’s only Wednesday-May 24th, 2017

  In light of Monday’s events, I just want to take time to say how devastated I am by what happened in Manchester. It is horrible that we live in a world where innocent lives are so easily taken without remorse. My heart goes out to Ariana Grande and all the families and survivors, I can’t imagine the type of pain they’re going through.



My son, Ollie, was able to beat the heat though in Frost Valley for his fourth grade overnight trip! It was only for a night, but that was long enough for me to miss him, and a good enough reason to take 40 million pictures before he got on the bus! LOL! He was so unbelievably ready for me to put the camera away, but I needed enough pictures to make up for the time he was away haha! I’m glad he had a really great time though, it’s so great for kids to learn about science and nature, especially when growing up in the city.


#Blakey Bleu, also had a photo shoot! Scott Rosenthal www.scottrosenthalphoto.com was so great to work with and perfectly captured my daughter’s adorable personality in ballet!


She and I also had a great time strolling around the Met, it’s always a priority of mine to set aside some mother-daughter bonding time and this was just the thing. Plus it gave me an opportunity to show Blakey amazing art, as well as get a break from the heat. Equipped with my amazing City Select Lux stroller, which are to die for, it made for a fun and easy day out. Can I just rave about these strollers for a minute? It makes traveling with toddlers so convenient and if you need extra room, it converts from a single to a double stroller! You can also add an infant car seat or a pram to it, so it’s the perfect fit for a growing family. I don’t know what I’d do without it!


One of my new #fabULyssfinds for the lil ones is  kidsshoes.com! Everyone keeps asking me about the #fabULyss new Sydney Jordyn Tassel Sneakers that #blakeybleu is sporting in one of my #instagram photos.

KidsShoes.com  is #1 place to shop for Kids Shoes!  They are your destination for the best in children’s footwear offering a variety of designer brands you know and love such as

  • Michael Kors
  • Sam Edelman
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ash Sneakers
  • Stuart Weitzman
  • Badgley Mishka
  • Sydney Jordyn

They are the only retailer to get styles in these brands made exclusively for them, with new styles added monthly in the latest trends in footwear. I promise you will thank me.

blake orange

In wake of the tragic event this week…coming together with your family is the most important thing! #familytime most important did you tune into the @marieclairemag #thefix to find some of my #fabULyssfinds for a wonderful#memorialdayweekend picnic! @upicnicnyc @fujifilm_instax_northamerica @barefootdreams @redvelvetnyc @frutapop @newpop @kiehls with @brittneyhlevine #motherhoodisab#tch #holidayweekend #centralparknyc


Loved ❤️ planning a @marieclairemag#fabULyssfix picnic @brittneyhlevine yesterday in the beautiful #centralparknyc making lasting memories with your family this #memorialdayweekend — at Central Park.


I hope all is well in this crazy May weather. As you may know, NYC was hit by quite the heat wave last week, catching everyone off guard after a rainy spring. To celebrate this taste of summer, as well as my son’s baseball team making it to the playoffs, we decided to try this amazing new restaurant, Wahlburgers, on the Upper East Side! The menu features amazing burgers, sandwiches, and #fabulyss frappes! The frappes are truly delysscious, built high with goodies, as well as candy on the outside of the glass. My son loved his chocolate frappe that came piled with toasted marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and crushed oreos; a true sugar overload! It was an amazing after game treat to celebrate a win.


Also speaking of summer, can we please talk about the beautiful Jeff Koons sculpture at Rockefeller Center! The Seated Ballerina is absolutely beautiful and was the perfect addition to the magical, warm week we were having. There’s really nothing more beautiful than New York in the spring. Everything just seems to take on a life of its own.


Hoping everyone has a safe and #fabulyss #memorialdayweekend!


#FabULyssFamilyFind Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana- May 16th, 2017

#FabULyssFamilyFind Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana
Hi #divamoms! I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying this #Fabulyss spring weather! With summer approaching and vacation being just moments away, I want to help make choosing a summer getaway destination a little bit easier.
This past April, I had the pleasure of visiting the all inclusive #FabULyss Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana in the beautiful Dominican Republic. This resort had everything and more! Aside from the beautiful beachfront views, the resort amenities were a 10 plus. This resort spans over 121 acres and includes the beautiful Rock Spa, 13 different pools, an expansive casino, beautiful and spacious rooms, and nine different restaurants to please even the pickiest eater.
The restaurants were so yummy (#deLysscious); there were so many options to choose from and the service continued to be incredible throughout the entire vacation. A highlight was the steakhouse, Toro, which served the most amazing cuts of meat, and while the experience itself was five stars, there was still a fairly laid back vibe, keeping up with the theme of relaxation at the resort. It was perfect for both kids and adults! And the martinis, a specialty of Toro, were incredible. In all honesty, the resort’s list of drinks seemed to never disappoint, the Pina Colada being one of my personal faves. It really put me in a tropical mood and of course my three children loved the Virgin Pina Coladas.
This family vacation was the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation, offering something for everyone. Out of the 13 pools, four have a swim up bar, which is always a plus in my opinion! Despite it doubling as a casino, which might I add is a dream if you’re a risk taker, with hundreds of slot machines and roulette tables, the resort also heavily catered to kids. I know my kids enjoyed splashing around the Splash Pad and the kid-exclusive pool with an amazing water slide! My tween son loved playing volleyball in the tween pool. I especially loved doing the water aerobics in the morning!
And if you wanted some Mommy relaxation time, babysitting services are offered, as well as the Kids’ Club to keep them happy and preoccupied. My three year old daughter loved the Angelina Ballerina playtime and the kids entertainment show in the evening. My nine year old son had the best time singing Karaoke with my husband at night.
Speaking of relaxation time, let me tell you about the spa, which completely took my breath away! It was a huge facility, about 60,000 square feet, that houses an ice room, multiple indoor pools, steam rooms, private rooms, and saunas. The service was incredibly personal and catered solely to the guests; I never felt rushed or pressured, it really felt like “me time.” I also appreciated the finishing touches of including a beautiful gym and hair salon adjacent to the spa. It really gives you the opportunity to fully pamper yourself, as you should on vacation. The ultimate #MTO #Mommy Time Out! They also had some amazing shops and everyone wants my Beach Hair Don’t Care beach tote that I bought in one of the hotel stores.
This destination was truly #Fabulyss and truly exceeded all of my expectations. I thoroughly recommend giving this resort a visit if you’re in need of some great food, fun, and Vitamin D! Can someone say “return trip?” Lol! Plus, I forgot to mention, you never need to leave the property! Everything is there for you and your family! I look forward to hearing about your amazing family trip to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.
You will thank me for the suggestion, I promise!

#fabULyssfashionfind CLUB PRIVE-By Appointment Only-April 25th, 2017

The most #fabULyssfashionfind for all #divamoms and #glamas

CLUB PRIVE- By Appointment Only


Kat 7


Q: Please tell the #divamoms and #glamas all about your beautiful by appointment only showroom..

A: Hating the crazy and difficult process of shopping I created a cozy, private way to shop w the well curated mix of fabulous brands where a client can calmly try on a variety of clothing ranging from gowns and furs to tshirts, sweats, cashmere sweaters, cocktail dresses, ton of beach coverups, etc and various accessories.

Q: How long have you had your passion for fashion? Who inspired you and who inspires you each and every day?

A: I started in fashion 25 years ago when I worked for Chanel and Dior in my early 20’s and then started my own business 18 years ago.

Q: What brands do you carry? Which are some of your favorites?

A: I carry Alexis, Zimmerman, Sundry, Plein Sud, Blumarine, Maria Lucia Hohan, Fabiana Filippi, Max and Moi, Nicholas, Sunday st Tropez, pop St Bart’s, 360 cashmere, Rizal, Bailey 44 and many more! 

Q: How long do you like to spend with each client? What’s a typical appointment look like?

A: I would say on average 1.5 hours but could be less or more depending on how fast one makes decisions.

Q: How far in advance would you like the #divamoms and #glamas to book their appointments to see you?

A: Appts are booked anywhere from 1-2-3 weeks ahead to a day in advance with some luck!

Q: Now that we are headed into Summer… please tell our #divamom and #glama readers what are some of your favorite #fabuLyssfinds for the beach?

A: I love Sunday St Tropez and Pop St Barths for the beach and some fabulous beach bags and sandals I carry!! 

Q: What’s the best way for the #divamoms and #glamas to make their appointments with you? Cell, Email, Text?

A: Text or email, katerina@clubprivenyc.com Kat 1

Q: You are a busy mom mogul, what do you like to wear during the day and night? 

A: I am always casual and comfy but trendy and fashionable during the day in jeans and cute tops or sweaters and then glam up at night w heels, sexy dresses or tops and leather pants.

Kat 3

Q: We have a lot of Bar and Bat Mitzvah moms… please tell us about your dresses and gowns.. what are some of your favorite looks for the mitzvahmoms?

A: I love the well price and beautiful dresses from some of my European brands as well as Alexis and Nicholas.

Q: If you could wear three designers all the time, who would they be?

A: It changes every year for me , but I always love Fabiana Filippi, Rizal furs, 360 cashmere and Alexis! Sunday St Tropez for the beach.

Q: What do you do for your #MTO #MommyTimeOut each and every day?

A: I have been so busy but always try to steal some time and squeeze some exercise, massage or just having a nice cappuccino w the friend and catching up! 

kat 5
Kat 4
Kat 3


Have a #FabULyssfun time shopping at CLUB PRIVE!


#FabULyssFind Just In Time For Mother’sDay ellebelle-April 17th, 2017


Beyond excited to share my new #FabULyssfind ellebelle with #divamoms and glamas. They will also be showcasing their #FabULyss scarves and bags at the #divamomsbookclub party for Motherhood Is A Beach/B#tch. The foundation of beauty is realized in ellebelle. Vibrant colors, intricate artistry, fluid patterns and luxurious textiles with a common thread: granting the power to look and feel exquisite, both inside and out.

Q:  I love that you are sisters, my sister is my best friend! What inspired you to start this amazing company?

A: We love the idea that beautiful scarves are conversation pieces and have the ability to take an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. 

Q: I know that you have a give back component, can you tell us more about that…

A: The designer of the scarves named Ebru Uygun was born in Istanbul and was deeply moved from a young age to improve the quality of life for young people in her country. In 1994 she founded TOCEV to guarantee material and moral support to children who wish to be educated in Turkey but face socio-economic challenges. Uygun and TOCEV are responsible for raising the mandatory years of schooling from five to twelve years for Turkish students across the country. She was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship in 2010. In addition to her work in advocacy, Uygun is well known for her inspiring art and has been featured in exhibits around the world. The artist’s work is built on the traditional Turkish art of Ebru, the art of creating striking, colorful patterns by brushing colored pigment onto water and then transposing the pattern onto paper and textiles. Uygun is credited with modernizing traditional ebru designs and bringing this classic art form into today’s world. 

Q: What are your most popular products? What are the best gift items?

A: Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we think everyone needs our new silk satin scarves with unique designs made in Italy!

Q: How long does it take to receive the item once processed? What’s the best way to order.. email or phone and or both?

A: The best way to order is online at ellebellenyc.com. Orders are processed right away and you should receive your scarf within 3-5 days.

Q: I want to buy a tote bag for myself for the beach. Which is your favorite design? Tell us about the beautiful Cashmere Scarves… what inspires your collection?

A: The tote bags are all fun and perfect for the beach! We have limited quantities and selling out of them quickly so if you want one you should order them today! Also our cashmere scarves help you stay warm while being on trend.

Q: Anything else you want our #divamom and #divaglamma readers to know about your #FabULyss company… 

A: We can’t wait to adorn all of you beautiful #divaglam women with our gorgeous collection of scarves!

Why Preschool in Suburbia Gets an A+ April 14th, 2017

Why Preschool in Suburbia Gets an A+

We get the question all the time—what’s the “right” time to move from the city to the suburbs? The answer? There really isn’t one. Every family is different—different needs, wants, goals and interests. Some are always heading for suburbia, while some think they’re going to settle down in the city forever—but then something changes. When it’s the right time for your family, you’ll know—you’ll feel ready to make the transition, you’ll crave more space, you’ll be tired of the city school system or you’ll just want to start living life in the ‘burbs. It’s that simple, sometimes.

But, that said, there are some times that naturally lend themselves to making a move. One of those times? The preschool years. By heading to the ‘burbs in or right ahead of the preschool years, you’ll ease the transition from urban to suburban for your kids and your entire family. Why?

Because they won’t miss a beat in kindergarten

Some public, private and charter schools have preK in the elementary programs. By getting your child enrolled in preK, they’ll be able to easily adjust to kindergarten and beyond. And even if your future school doesn’t have preK, chances are at least a few of your child’s preschool friends will head to kindergarten with them. Just seeing a few familiar faces on the school bus, the playground and the cafeteria can make everyone feel more confident and, even, excited for “big kid” school.

Because school days are shorter

Preschool and preK tend to have shorter school days, which means more involvement from mom and dad. Chances are, you’ll have tons of opportunities to mix and mingle with other preschool parents at pick up and drop off, class parties, special events and other school activities. Even if you have a nanny or au pair for your preschooler, you’ll still reap the benefits of these connections via weekend and after school playdates, plus plenty of reasons to text or email fellow parents just to check in and make the intro.

Because birthday parties are drop off

Around kindergarten or first grade, many birthday parties shift to drop off. But in preschool? You’re going to bring your kid, hunker down and have some cake! These parties are great ways to meet other parents—by preschool, kids are old enough to enjoy the festivities without too much involvement from mom and dad, giving you ample time to make introductions and, even, make plans with your new neighbors.

Because you’ll get the know the personality of a town

Preschools are great ways to suss out a suburb’s personality. Not only will you have all this exposure to your fellow preK moms and dads, but you’ll also be able to observe key traits and behaviors in the town. Is it a SAHM town, or do the parents head into the city for work every day? Are families into active hobbies—hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, biking? How do they spend weekends and summers? Is it all about organic and local eats? Sports? Dance? Sleepaway camp?

Because even the preK process is tough in the city…

While, yes, some of the more selective private schools in suburbia will have rigorous application processes, it’s nothing like city schools. In the city, there’s often competition for private and public preK spots, from lotteries to zoning shifts to endless waitlists. For many families, that’s what ultimately drives the decision to head to suburbia—wanting to avoid the preK or kindergarten application process.

There’s no one “right” time to move to the suburbs. But, as many city have discovered, the preschool years are an A+ time to make a move and integrate the entire family into suburban life. Whether your kids are already in preschool or the 3s and 4s are fast-approaching, it’s a great time to consider making the move, and taking advantage of all of these preK perks.

Suburban Jungle is an award-winning firm that specializes in moving families from urban to suburban. The company’s innovative “town first” approach helps buyers find the right suburb for their family based on personality and lifestyle, not just the house. Services are FREE and fully customized to each family and their unique journey. To learn more and to connect with a Suburbs Strategist, and find the place your family truly fits in visit www.suburbanjunglerealty.com and click GET STARTED.

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