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#FabULyss4thOfJuly- July 2nd, 2015


So excited for my #FabULyss mini vacation#TheAmericanHotel #SagHarbor  this charming hotel… One of my favorites out #East


My current mood #Peaceful #SagHarbor#FabULyssSummerDay  It has taken me a few days to adjust to the boys being gone for #7Weeks… I am no longer hearing #MOM #MA #MOMMYYYY #LYSS#MAMA in my ears (ringing)… Thank you everyone for checking in on me… I will admit the beginning was surreal


Preview show at ‪#‎BayStreetTheater‬ of Colin Quinn’s The New York Story directed by Jerry Seinfeld. Coming to NYC’s ‪#‎cherrylanetheatre‬ later this month and produced by my hubby. Don’t miss it…hysterical!‪#‎FabULysslyFunny‬




 July 4th is fast approaching and you know that that means, fireworks and hotdogs! Independence day can be fun for the whole family. A BBQ is the classic way to spend the day but if your grilling skills aren’t so #Fabulyss, then I have some activities that will be fun for everyone in your family.


 Now we all know that fireworks are the greatest part of the fourth of July. No matter how old you get they still leave you in awe. One of the best places to get a good view is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park has one of the best views of the fireworks, not to mention a restored 1920’s merry-go-round and riverside esplanades. Bring a picnic and enjoy everything this urban playground has to offer.

Another great spot to view the fireworks and have a day full of family fun is South Street Seaport. This harbor is home to the seaport museum, which contains a fleet of privately owned historic ships. It also has a shopping mall with retail shops and restaurants. Spend the day eating, shopping, learning, and then viewing those fireworks at one of the best spots in NYC.

One of my favorite things to do on July 4th is go to the beach! Who doesn’t love to bake in the sun with a good book while your kids build sand castles? Atlantic beach, long beach, The Hamptons, the Rockaways: there are so many beaches that are just waiting for you to pop a squat and soak in the sun. Spend July 4th relaxing with your family with sea salt in your hair and the sand in between your toes.



            Coney Island: the old school amusement park that never seems to get old. Coney island is basically your child’s dream come true. With bumper cars, rides, a hotdog eating contest, games, and the aquarium nearby, there’s nothing not to like. Fill your day with fried dough and lots of hot-dog’s, did you know they originated in Coney Island? Relive you’re childhood memories while helping your kids make some of their own.


            Now of course we have to talk about the classic BBQ where you invite all your friends and family. Bring out the hamburgers and hot dogs. If you’re leaving the grilling to your husband then I have the perfect coleslaw recipe for you. This super easy and #DeLysscious recipe will leave you with the perfect side. Can’t have a BBQ without coleslaw now can you? You can view the recipe in the link below. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/trisha-yearwood/fourth-of-july-coleslaw-recipe.html

Celebrate America’s independence day with the people you love most. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be the most FabuLyss day of the year! With all the available options there’s something fun for every family out there. So go out, eat a hotdog (or 2), and spend some quality time with your family!



#KeepingKOOL-Boys Are #OFF-June 29th, 2015

Nothing like Friday night summer ‪#‎DeLysscious‬ ice~cream‪#‎biggayicecreamshop‬ line was around the corner tonight ‪#‎LoveWins‬ ‪#‎MarriageForAll‬


‪#‎SternBrothers‬ are off! ‪#‎Greylock‬ ‪#‎Summer2015‬! I honestly wanted to sneak on the bus and go with them! I can only wish for them that they love sleep away as much as I did! My best memories are from ‪#‎THC‬ and some of my closest friends still to this day Boys are off  ‪#‎Sports‬‪#‎Smores‬ ‪#‎NoAnnoyingParents‬ ‪#‎NoIPhones‬ ‪#‎FabULyssFun‬ for seven weeks


#‎BlakeyBleu‬ was calling all throughout dinner into her “phone”‪#‎Ollieeewwwooooo‬ ‪#‎Jakxasooon‬ she misses her big brothers already


#‎LoveWins‬ ‪#‎ItsAboutTime‬


If the weather this week was any indication; it’s gonna be one hot summer. Since us working mamas can’t go to the beach everyday we need something a little more practical to keep the sweat away.  90 degrees in the city with 100% humidity is no ones idea of fun, so I’ve got a few ways you can stay cool in the heat. In fact.. my younger son told me I looked like a #HOTMESS with my hair all frizzed out from the humidity. I need #DivaDeFrizz


Drink drink drink. If you want to walk the streets without fainting every 5 minutes than you have to stay hydrated. Always make sure to have a water bottle in your purse. And when water gets boring, buy yourself passion tea lemonade from Starbucks or make your own fruit infused water at home. Not only will this fruit infused water keep you hydrated but it also speeds up your metabolism. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Another great way to cool yourself off while on the go is ice cream or ices. Quite possibly the best food group, ice cream is bound to keep you cool while you walk the muggy streets of NYC. I suggest Big Gay Ice cream if you really want a frozen treat. If ice cream seems to heavy then go for a lighter approach with ices. Shaved ice, sorbet, Italian ice, they even have cream ices if you want the best of both worlds between ice cream and ices. Treat yourself mama’s, you’re going to be sweating it off anyway.


If you aren’t on the go and you get the luxury of staying home then you can make yourself something a little more #DeLysscious (and alcoholic). The most refreshing is a watermelon cocktail. Juicy watermelon with a splash, (or 7), of alcohol? Sign me up! I’ve got 3 recipes that will have you sipping and relaxing all day. One is called sparkling watermelon cocktail, another is a watermelon mojito and the last is called the sandia smash. You can view these super easy recipes in the link below: http://www.foodandwine.com/blogs/2014/07/03/3-super-easy-watermelon-cocktails


A great way to cool down with the kids at home is to make homemade ices. This is so easy and you will all have a blast doing it. It can be easy as putting orange juice in an ice cube tray and freezing it for a while. If you do want to get fancy with it (and a little less healthy) I’ve got delicious banana Nutella fudgsicles that your whole family will be raving about. Best part about these fudgsicles is that it only requires 2 ingredients! You can view the link for the recipe down  below: http://thevietvegan.com/banana-nutella-fudgesicles/

There ya go my wonderful mama’s. Its not too hard to stay cool in this humidity filled city. I may have recipes to keep you cool but to keep your hair tame? Well make sure to have a pony tail holder with you at all times. And remember STAY HYDRATED. It is so important for your health, skin, hair, everything. I hope you all have a slightly less sweaty and absolutely #FabULYSS summer!


#FabULyss #SummerPicnics- June 25th, 2015

picnic (1)


I’m here to tell you the secret to having the perfect day with your family. The main ingredient to this perfect day is…food. Yes food, both our best friend and mortal enemy. But brining your family to the park to have a picnic will be #FabULyss and #DeLysscious. Don’t worry mommies who are trying to fit into your skinny jeans, I’ve got some healthy recipes that the whole family will love. First lets start off with the best places to have a picnic.

Of course the first place I’m going to suggest is Central Cark. Central Park is the Queen of all parks. It’s chock full of family fun activities, not to mention a huge field where you can lay a blanket, bring a Frisbee, some music, and of course the picnic basket filled with delicious goodies. Sit by one of those big trees, nothing better than basking in the shade on a hot and humid day in the city.


Another great spot is Governors Island. There are 30 new acres of park so you’ll have no problem finding a spot for you and your family to enjoy the day. It’s only a free seven-minute ferry ride to get to this beautiful location, not to mention Governors Island is actually a national landmark. There’s so much to explore here, and if you don’t want to explore than just soak up the sun with some sandwiches and fruit!


There are plenty of yummy and nutritious foods to pack on a picnic. I’m here as your personal guide for a perfect picnic meal. First lets start with the salad. We all know a picnic isn’t complete with a nice pasta salad so I’ve got the most delicious recipe for you. It is a pasta salad with peas and pesto. Mmmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. The recipe is super easy, whether you want to make your own pesto or buy some, the recipe should take you no longer than 20 minutes to prepare. The recipe is in the link here: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/04/spring-pasta-salad-with-peas-and-pesto-recipe.html

A picnic would be incomplete without is a good sandwich. You can make any type of sandwich, peanut butter, turkey, ham, cheese, etc. But, make sure to use whole wheat bread and go light on the mayo or use mustard as a healthier substitute. Often we make our healthy sandwiches into calorie filled monsters! Keep it light you won’t regret it!

Of course you need something to wash that sandwich down with. I’ve got a fresh take on lemonade. It’s Rhubarb Lemonade and it’s absolutely delish!!!! Again, something that is super easy but looks incredibly complicated!  The recipe for this is posted right down below: http://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/recipes/a3377/rhubarb-lemonade-recipe-clv0510/?click=recipe_sr

Lastly we have dessert, which is actually the most important meal of the day. I know we are all trying to be a healthy but something sweet never killed anyone. This is why I suggest making chocolate chunk and cherry cookies. Yes, they are as good as they sound. A little bit more work than the other recipes but well worth it. These ooey gooey treats will have your kids, and your husband, begging for more. Here’s the recipe for these #DeLYSSCIOUS treats: http://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/recipes/a2688/chocolate-chunk-cherry-cookies/

Family picnics are a great way to spend time with each other. Often our lives are so busy we aren’t able to spend time with the people who are most important to us. Make sure to carve out some time to eat, laugh, and stay informed about everything that is going on in your family’s life. There’s nothing better than eating a chocolate chunk cherry cookie while simultaneously grilling your son about the girl he has a crush on. Am I right mamas? And don’t forget your cameras and a bottle of vino.



#BusRide Up To Camp- June 24th, 2015

So you thought you were done packing for camp… The trunks left and now all there is to do is put your child on the bus. Well my friend, a mothers work is never done. There is one more bag left for you to pack and that is the one that your child is going to bring on the bus! It’s a long bus ride so here are a few things to make sure your camper is full, entertained, and ready for whatever the bus ride might bring.


The first thing I suggest packing is food. It’s a long bus ride and your child is going to get hungry so, pack their favorite sandwich and a bag of chips. Both are easy to eat on a moving vehicle and it will keep them full until dinner that night. Make sure its their FAVORITE sandwich, they’re in for a rude awakening when they taste that camp food!


Another great thing to pack is gum and sucking candies. It’s easy to get nauseous on a bus with a bunch of other screaming children. Gum and sucking candies in addition to giving them Dramamine will keep their tummy at bay so you won’t be getting a call from the infirmary the minute they leave. But if your little one is prone to motion sickness, pack a paper bag just to be safe! It will be much worse if they throw up on the kid next to them then if they do it in a barf bag.


Don’t forget to visit www.socozy.com for your #DivaDiscount 25% OFF all products for the kids hair.. Use Code DIVA2015 at checkout now through July 31st, 2015


The bus ride to camp is bound to be at least 2 hours which means 2 hours that your kid will be inactive with no where to run and play. That’s basically a kids worst fear so make sure you pack something to keep their mind off the fact that they are sitting for so long. Mad libs were always my favorite thing when I was younger. It’s funny, its interactive and it’s a quick fire way for your child to make friends on the bus. Another great social game is bringing a little checkers or connect 4 board. Everyone will want to get a chance to play a game! If your child is a little more reserved then pack a book or a magazine, and keep the electronics at home! Camp is about making friends and playing outdoors not being glued to the the IPAD!


I know that we are all excited for our children to go to camp but also a little nervous. It’s totally normal to be anxious, but you should know that they are about to make best friends for life. Sending them on the bus is the hardest part for everyone, so make sure they have some stuff to distract them from all the nervous energy. As for you, distract yourself with the thought that they are getting a summer full of fun and freedom. I will be wearing a big pair of sunglasses (as I wave bye, bye).



#SummerSand- June, 23rd 2015

The beach is a magical place where we can sit down, relax, and pretend we are actually in the Bahamas. Our children on the other hand…they don’t even know what the word relax means. For all of the mommy’s whose kids are as busy as mine I’ve got two words for you: Beach toys. I’ve got a few suggestions that should keep your kids busy for a few minutes (perhaps an hour if your lucky).

First up is the classic pail and shovel. Now lets not pretend that we didn’t all try to dig to china once in our lives. It’s basically a right of passage. I guarantee that your children will try to do this as well, and being the caring parent that you are you will of course provide them with the tools to do this. All day they’ll be digging until they tire out and give up, but at the same time they’ll be having a blast. For some reason kids just love to dig holes, try not to question it. Also great about a pail and shovel is sand castles! I love sand castles; they promote creativity even in the youngest ones. Even I like to make a sand castle with them once in a while!  A pail and shovel is a cheap toy with endless possibilities. Quite possibly the best investment you will make all summer.


Another great toy for the beach is a kite. Kites can be challenging for kids but they are so much fun! I guarantee your kids (and husband) will be playing with it all day. And when the wind finally picks up and the kite actually starts flying you’ll be wowed also. If it’s a flying object then you know your kids are going to want to play with it!


Another great toy is a beach ball! Whether your kids play volleyball, nukem, or just plain’ ole keep it up, they will be determined to win all day. A little competition never hurt any body! The ball is inflatable which means that you won’t have a crying kid coming to your chair saying they got hit in the face. Just make sure that they don’t play close to the ocean, the ball will go into the ocean and you don’t want your little ones venturing in to go get it.


Summer is a time to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Forget the cell phones, the Ipads, and the Gameboys. Show your kids that they don’t need a touch screen to have a blast! Make it a #FabULYSS summer by keeping them active! I love my phone as much as the next person (or more) but its important to just enjoy your surroundings and the people you are with! Lets all take a vow to put down the technology and enjoy the fresh air this summer.



Looking forward to spending lots of time at the beach this summer!


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