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#FabULyssFinds #MothersDay #DivaMoms- May 2nd, 2016

Did you catch me on #LongIslandNews 12 this morning with the beautiful and #FabuLyss Elisa DiStefano?! Information below for all the the #FabULyssFinds for #DivaMoms Mother’s Day showcased on the show this morning!













Have a #FabULyss #Mother’sDay!


‘Brooklyn, A Global Brand’ The Harkov Lewis Team- May 1st, 2016

Brooklyn, a Global Brand

 The Harkov Lewis Team: https://www.halstead.com/real-estate-agent/harkov-lewis-team


“Brooklyn was easy, because we think Brooklyn is the brand. Brooklyn is iconic. It transcends the marketplace. In many respects, it’s a global name and reference.”  Brett Yormark, the Nets’ chief executive, on why they chose the Brooklyn Nets name.

Brooklyn has become a brand of global prominence.  Until quite recently, a second class borough to Manhattan and/or a stepping stone from which one would upgrade to the suburbs, Brooklyn is now a destination in its own right and internationally known. Oakland is the Brooklyn of the Bay Area.  Parisians come to NYC on vacation and head straight to Williamsburg.

The desirability of the borough combined with the power of its image and brand have had a huge impact on the real estate landscape.  Sales prices of homes in the borough have steadily risen over the past few years, both in price per square foot and absolute terms.  Townhouses in northwest Brooklyn regularly fetch prices north of $3M and $4-$5M is quickly becoming almost common for luxurious homes.  Demand has stretched far beyond the most “prime” neighborhoods as buyers have quickly discovered Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Ditmas Park, and more.  On the new housing front, Curbed.com reported that 22,000 new apartments are on track to be introduced to the Brooklyn market by the end of 2019.

“Brooklyn was a nice way to retain that appreciation of New York without being associated with the evils of Wall Street. In some ways, Brooklyn is the anti-Wall Street. It’s local; it’s dirty; it’s do-it-yourself.” Ben Hudson, Brooklyn Brewery’s director of marketing

On the retail front, according to Brownstoner.com, Bedford Avenue is now the 5th priciest retail strip in the whole country.  Current and upcoming retail tenants include Apple, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Adidas, Amazon, New York Sports Club, Century 21, Urban Outfitters, Madewell, American Apparel, and Target. Companies that have started in Brooklyn such as Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Industries, Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Brewery, have now become known across New York City and beyond.  Many from Manhattan now flock across the river to shop in Brooklyn stores, all searching for that new kind of luxury—Brooklyn luxury.

Williamsburg alone represents clearly the surge of Brooklyn growth. Over the past five years, the average price per square foot has appreciated by almost 50%. In the retail world, in the past two years alone, average price per square foot has increased by 30%. New development is bringing to the area a collection of new luxury waterfront properties overlooking the unmistakable New York skyline.

So what is it that makes Brooklyn so desirable?  As brokers who sell a lot of real estate in the borough, these are some of the trends we’ve witnessed that are driving the market.

  1. City / suburb balance. Many of our clients are delaying the move to the suburbs or avoiding it altogether.  They don’t want a yard to mow, two cars to maintain, and a long and exhausting commute.  However, they do want a bit more space and a bit more calm and quiet than Manhattan can offer and Brooklyn represents a perfect compromise.
  2. Community. Manhattan is one of the most exciting islands in the world with incredible real estate but so much of it has been purchased in recent years by those who do not live here full time and prices in many areas have become out of reach.  Brooklyn neighborhoods offer a distinct sense of community and character that many seek.
  3. Aesthetic. Tree lined streets, brownstones, waterfront parks, Prospect Park, pre-war buildings, industrial lofts, new glass and steel towers.  Brooklyn offers a wide array of unique aesthetic options that appeal to many buyers and renters.
  4. Millennials. Millennials across the US are looking to live in walkable, dense environments.  Manhattan is out of reach for many due to housing costs and for others it is a bit too urban.  Brooklyn represents a perfect alternative just over the water.
  5. Locavore / hipster / artsy = cool. When all other explanations fail, Brooklyn is simply “cool.”

#SpringBreak #FabULyssVermont-April 30th, 2016


Boys had a ‪#‎fabULyssfun‬ time this morning on @foxandfriends‪#‎freddythefrogcaster‬ ‪#‎janicedean‬ ‪#‎theweathermachine‬ ‪#‎fox‬&friends


#‎blakeybleu‬🎀 ‪#‎happypassover2016‬


Just a few of my #fabULyssfinds #mothersday#divamoms #fashion #fun gift ideas @elisadistefanotv #news12 @misssassafrassj @lordandtaylor @byterryofficial @glammomnewyorkinc @skinnydiplondon @hauteshore @draperjames @onehope make sure to tune in Monday Morning, May 2nd.


Most ‪#‎DeLysscious‬ ‪#‎sweettreats‬ ‪#‎mothersday‬ ‪#‎fabULysscandles‬‪#‎divamustread‬ @sugarfinacandybar @sugarfina @maggielouiseconfections @carma.co @elisadistefanotv ‪#‎news12‬ 🍭📚💞👠💄💋😘gifts1

For those that missed our advance screening of #mothersdaymovie make sure to see the #fabULyssfilm opening this weekend! You will laugh, cry and walk out with a big smile on your face. #JuliaRoberts still has the most beautiful #fabULyss legs in #Hollywood….

Looking forward to our #FabULyss #Networking #MomMogulsBreakfast next week! Cannot wait to hear all of the amazing, inspiring, empowering stories from our panelists.


Taking in the beautiful nature ‪#‎Vermont‬ ‪#‎WiburtonInn‬ beyond peaceful


When in ‪#‎Vermont‬ ‪#‎Olliepop‬ learns ‪#‎glassblowing‬ ‪#‎fabulyssfamilyfun‬

Glass blowing

Enjoying a quiet moment in ‪#‎vermont‬ ‪#‎jax‬ beautiful morning ‪#‎fabULyss‬‪#‎wilburtoninn‬ I could really get used to this 💋mont

My ❤️ boys loved #Vermont#fabULysslybeautifulday 😎 #nature #freshair#happyboys #happymama



#FabULyss #WilburtonInn Q & A- April 20th, 2016

Take a moment to read all about the amazing Wilburton Inn. I promise that not only will you want to move in… you will want to book your next family trip here….Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!



Q: Please tell our #DivaMom readers the history of the Wilburton Inn….

A: My parents bought the inn 29 years ago when I was a freshman at Brown University. I never imagined I would grow up to become the new Maria Von Trapp and singing Vermont family Innkeeper!

Q: How many rooms does the Inn have?

A: The Wilburton Inn has 21 bed & breakfast guest rooms, 5 vacation homes and 2 historic mansions on our 30-acre estate. Our guests are mostly NYC families and couples looking for romantic getaways that are close to NYC. Because we are a loving, creative family, we specialize in family reunions, retreats, and destination weddings. Altogether the inn accommodates 150 lodging guests and catering events for 200.

Q: Which is best for families?

A: Our Battenkill Valley Mansion has 15 bedrooms / 14 bathrooms and sleeps up to 34 guests, so that is definitely a favorite for big family reunions. We also have suites and cottages that are great for smaller families. High end families enjoy renting the Wilburton as their private mansion because our staff will do all the cooking and cleaning!

Q: How far are you from NYC?

A: 4 hours. I drive up each week from NYC and love the drive up the Taconic Parkway.
Q: What are you doing for Mother’s Day?
A: Mother’s Day is a very special celebration for us. We’re pampering moms with a free spa bathrobe, box of chocolates, musical Mother’s Day brunch catered by my brother’s organic farm and an outdoor family yoga class to work it all off! The 2 night packages starts at only $375/family.
We are also famous for our girls weekend getaways package — with free champagne, tiaras, and Manchester Designer Outlet coupons – and our Murder Mystery Weekend November 4 – 6, 2016.

Q: What’s the best season to visit? Is there a best season in Vermont? Please give us a glimpse into what each season looks like for the families…
A: summer is glorious because there’s so much to do: tennis and pool on site, nearby golf, fly fishing at Orvis, amazing hikes on the Long Trail, tubing down the Battenkill River and so much more. Families often rent one of our homes and come for a week because there is so much to do. Plus Manchester is a great base for exploring other charming towns like Lake George NY, Woodstock VT, and Williamstown MA.
In the Winter, there’s skiing and snow boarding at Stratton Mountain and Bromley Mountain. In Fall guests come from all over the world to see the spectacular foliage. In the spring, there’s maple sugar adventures and wonderful hikes on the Long Trail, so really it is a 4 season resort town.

Q: Tell us about the best attractions for the families near the Inn….

A: Bromley Mountain turns their ski Mounting into a great adventure park for kids. There’s an alpine slide and zip line for older kids and water boats and bunji swings for little kids. One of our family’s favorite things is picking blueberries in summer and apples in fall. Adventurous families can go falconing or to Land Rover Off-Road Driving School! We also live on a wonderful, safe road for biking.

Q: Do you recommend the inn for a #MTO- Mommy Time Out/Moms weekend away and or couples that want a weekend away from the kids? If so.. what would they like best?

A: Our bridal suite is as big as my apartment in Soho! The Wilburton is an amazing destination for a romantic getaway because you’re staying in a 1902 mansion with glorious architecture and the most stunning views of the mountains. It is so inspiring here. You are transported back in time and far away. It is wonderful for couples and for families. Families like that the estate is so welcoming to dogs and children. We are a big family and we love other big families to come and make this your “mansion away from home.”
Q: Tell us about the food at the Inn? #DeLysscious must go to restaurants nearby?

A: My brother Oliver & his wife Bonnie created Earth Sky Time Farm and Bakery and the Wilburton Inn is famous for their hearth baked breads at breakfast. On Wednesday Nights in summer, they cater organic Farm Night dinner parties. I play the guitar and all the guests sing and it is really a magical country experience for our lodging guests and community diners. One of my favorite restaurants is The Perfect Wife – for the name alone – you got to go there. The Silver Fork is an amazing culinary gem. And believe it or not, our Thai Basil restaurant is superb!

Q: What will the kids and parents love most about the Inn?

A: Our king charles cavalier, Jetson! I bought Jetson for my 10 year old son, but he has become the heart of our castle – and there is not a child I’ve met that hasn’t tried to smuggle him home in their mini-van! They also love our pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast — and just feeling so welcome.
Q: What’s the best way for #DivaMoms and #DivaDads to book hotel accommodations? Email, Phone, etc…

A: The inn’s number is 802-362-2500. www.Wilburton.com info@wilburtoninn.com. Groups are welcome to reach me directly at 917-680-6730 or melissa@wilburtoninn.com
Q: Anything else you want to tell our readers about why this Inn is truly so magical?

A: When I was Moey, I would give out magic wands at our Princess concerts – now I give out wands to our guests. The Wilburton truly is magical. It’s the alchemy of a family run business, a gorgeous setting, a wonderful town with fabulous indoor and outdoor activities year round, and a rich Vermont history. As we sing in our theme song, We didn’t buy it, to run it like a Hyatt. The Wilburton is magical – and once you visit, you know you’ll be back again!




yoga views dina best

Get Out & Vote- April 19th, 2016


#FabULyss #SpringDay #GetOutAndVote

#‎dontthinktwice‬ is one of the true gems at ‪#‎tribecafilmfestival‬ this year. And bravo to ‪#‎chrisgethard‬ ‪#‎fabULysslyfunny‬ ‪#‎comedy‬


Did you hear me ‪#‎roar‬ about ‪#‎commoncore‬ @newsmaxmedia‪#‎newsmaxmedia‬ ‪#‎unfiltered‬


Most ‪#‎fabUlyss‬ ‪#‎springday‬ for a ‪#‎baseball‬ game #5 #6 officially‪#‎swinging‬ into ‪#‎spring‬ 😎 ‪#‎centralpark‬


Celebrating making the ‪#‎Wagner‬ ‪#‎baseballteam‬ from ‪#‎Applause‬(6months old) ‪#‎Greylock‬ ‪#‎Sluggers‬ toasting the ‪#‎unstoppableduo‬ tonight @blacktapnyc ‪#‎blacktap‬ keep up the ‪#‎fabULyss‬ work and continue to dream big boys! Don’t forget your ‪#‎baseballmamas‬ 😘 We U


The boys shared 💙 @thewoodsmanplay this past weekend #‎TheWoodsman‬…… Now playing at New World Stages (340 W. 50th st, NYC),  this beautifully told story is a must for anyone who loves the story of Oz. The Woodsman tells the tale of how the Tin Man became the Tin Man, all told through amazing puppetry, talented cast (although very few words are spoken) and solo violinist..James Ortiz (the creator, director and puppet designer) should be applauded for creating such a visually stunning and captivating piece of theatre…. dark and scary at times , but appropriate for kids 8 and up  …recommended for sure! for tickets go to Thewoodsmanplay.com


The next generation of tiny dancers 💞 @balletandbody 💋


Are you looking for a new K-12 independent school option in Manhattan? I have #FabULyss news to share with you…
Portfolio School is now accepting applications for children ages 5-8 for the 2016-2017 school year.
With an emphasis on developing 21st Century skills, Portfolio School nurtures students to become creative problem solvers, innovators and lifelong learners. Their approach is centered around individualized and immersive project based learning, enabled by technology when appropriate.
Portfolio teachers tailor rigorous learning experiences for each student, allowing every child to learn and develop skills at their own pace. On a daily basis students are immersed in hands-on projects that are thoughtfully structured to be fun, build valuable skills and help ensure the retention of knowledge over time.
They have a number of upcoming events including:
4/19 Open House Tonight!
4/26 Open House
Learn more at:



Getting ready for a #FabULyssPassover with #FabULyssFamily&Friends


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