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The 5 Things Every Suburban Mom NEEDS- December 5, 2016


The 5 Things Every Suburban Mom NEEDS

If you’re moving from the city to the suburbs, there’s no doubt you’ve made your list and checked it way more than twice. Because when you’re making such a monumental leap, there are endless to-dos topping your list, from registering the kids for school to signing up for activities to getting your family in the mix ASAP in your new community—and then there’s the HOUSE…

It’s enough to make even the most Type-A parent’s head spin. And that’s why, in the midst of all the excitement and, yes, chaos surrounding a move to suburbia, it’s easy to forget a few other must-haves—must-haves every mama needs when she makes the leap from the hustle and bustle of the big city to life in the ‘burbs.

#1. A CAR (and a LICENSE)

Sure, the suburbs is all about Uber, but that can’t be your only wheels. While you have endless transportation options in the city, even the best-connected ‘burb can’t compete. So do yourself a favor and get a car. Ideally, get two—if you’ve got kids you’ll inevitably have a ton of double-booked days, and being able to deploy two parents to get the job done will help big time. Make that one of your first—if not the first—major acquisition in suburbia. You’ll be glad you did.

And, side note, if you don’t have a license, take care of that NOW. If you or your spouse grew up in the city, there’s a chance you never had that adolescent rite of passage. Sign up for driving lessons and get to it. Navigating life in the suburbs means tons of driving—trust us.

#2. Your Very Own TOOLKIT

Guess what? In the suburbs there’s no super to call for the leaky faucet/burned out bulb/clicking in the AC. That’s not to say you’re flying solo—you’ll have a great plumber, roofer, contractor, landscaper and a bevy of other experts at the ready. But they won’t be 24/7 and they won’t be a floor away. And that means you and your spouse need to know your way around a basic toolbox. You don’t have to be Chip and Jo Gaines, but you should aim to master the basics—tightening the screws, changing the lightbulbs, unclogging the toilet…you get the idea. So get that toolbox stocked and make sure you know what’s what. When a problem arises, you’ll be glad you do.

#3. Some Outdoor Basics

Same goes for the great outdoors. Even if you’re going to hire landscapers or gardeners, you’ll probably need and want to tackle a few basics on your own—think watering the garden, salting the walkway and cleaning up after bad weather. A few staples—a rake, heavy duty garbage bags, a hose and other climate-specific must-haves should be enough.

#4. Bikes!

Bikes are a hassle to store in the city but, in suburbia, you’ve got nothing but SPACE. Get your entire family in on the action by getting bikes—or skis or rollerblades or something—early on. This will help you make a habit of getting the whole gang up and out. Which, by the way, is much easier in suburbia…


Yes, your apartment feels packed in the city and that can make it feel like you have plenty of furniture and accessories to go around. But guess what? You don’t. Even if your new home isn’t a massive upgrade square footage-wise, there’s something about a house and it’s general configuration and flow—you just need (and want) MORE.

Start shopping before you move in to ensure your new home feels as homey as possible from day one. And don’t be afraid to go big. Lots of apartment-dwellers are so conditioned to save space and opt for the smaller, more compact options out there. Take measurements and focus on what fits in your new space, not just what you’re used to. Then be prepared, because furnishing a house is nothing like furnishing an apartment.

The Suburban Jungle is an award-winning firm that specializes in moving families from urban to suburban. The company’s innovative “town first” approach helps buyers find the right suburb for their family based on personality and lifestyle, not just the house. Services are FREE and fully customized to each family and their unique journey. To learn more and to connect with a Suburbs Strategist, and find the place your family truly fits in visit www.suburbanjunglerealty.com and click GET STARTED.


Have a #GobbleLysscious Thanksgiving- November 22, 2016


Hello  #divamoms… Sorry it has been a while since my last blog… I have been extra busy to say the very least! My older son will become a Bar Mitzvah boy in less than three weeks. It’s been a very emotional few weeks for me. Looking forward to sharing beautiful #fabULyssphotos with you. I have had fun shopping for Jax’s Bar Mitzvah which I cannot believe is right around the corner. Where did the time go? I went to the store, MonnaLisa for #BlakeyBleu and found a perfect outfit for her to wear on her big brother’s day! Suits, ties, shoes for the boys.. Now I just need to complete my outfit… Cannot wait to share with you.


Last week I had another Diva Date Night with #Olliepop! We saw the new Disney movie, Moana. Definitely bring your kids they will love it the #fabULyssfilm. It’s a #divamust for both boys and girls. The soundtrack is already playing in my apartment around the clock.


I found a new #FabULyssFamilyFriendly restaurant that is absloultey #deLysscious. Ribalta Pizza downtown is an amazing place for family night. The food was INCREDIBLE … def a place to put on your restaurant LYSST! The pizza, meatballs and even the tiramisu was to die for… check out my Instagram, @diva_moms to see mouthwatering pictures of the #deLysscious food! Plus they play great music and everyone that works in the restaurant has a big smile on their face and knows how to make the kids happy!

rib  tir

Saturday night, I spent my night seeing the new movie, The Fantastic Beasts with some refreshing fruit punch! So unlike me, but much needed! #Olliepop LOVED the #harrypotter spinoff… definitely bring your little ones if they are #harrypotterfans!


Sunday, it was Daddys Day out, #Jaxman and my husband, Brian, went to the Knicks game! They love going and they even won which topped off the day!


Sunday night one of my favorite shows came back, The Affair! I don’t want to spoil if you haven’t watched yet… but do it now on Showtime!


#rulesdontapply #warrenbeatty😍💚💙 was #fabULyss #1950s old school#hollywoodglamour rules

#curleegirlee #book📚 #fabULyssfun #dylanscandybar #curlyhair #curlykids#blakeybleu🎀 #curleecurls my girl


We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest most fabULyss New York Kids Club
Opening January 23rd, 2017
401 East 55th Street (btwn 1st & Sutton)
Please use the 
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 Off the first class purchase and unlimited open play for the Winter/Spring semester(valid all locations)
You just simply need to use the code: NYKCDIVA by December 15th when purchasing the Winter/Spring class.
The opening date is set for January 23, 2017 and the semester will end on June 4th.
Call 646-357-2531
We are thrilled about this new Midtown East location!

Also… with Thanksgiving just a couple days away I realized I want to take baking lessons.

#deLysscious #thanksgivingpie #applecrumble @epicerieboulud I 😘 #pieshopping for the #feast


Happy almost Thanksgiving #DivaMoms!  I am most thankful for my family on Thanskgiving and each and every day!


Enjoy xoxo

My beautiful baby niece #NattyD- November 7th, 2016

Happy Monday #FabULyss readers! Hope you have had a great week like me and ill love to fill you in on what I did. Last week started with Halloween and our Faboolyss Halloween Spooktacular event at Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was such a hit with kids and adults! With musical performances with Jam with Jamie, mini makeovers with Laura Mercier, howling balloon fun and even a costume contest with the winner receiving a surprise from Lester’s. It was such a fun time The winner of the costume contest? Adorable #River who is 10 months and was the #FabULyss Ariel The Little Mermaid.

Besides having a #FabULyss time at the Halloween event I had an even sweeter afternoon. My beautiful baby niece was born, Natalie D (#nattyd) She is the most precious little girl and I am so happy for my sister and her husband.


It was even more precious to have my kids meet their new beautiful cousin! Jax, Olliepop, and BlakeyBleu all got to meet her and they couldn’t be more in love! We all welcomed her to our #fabULyssly fun family with open arms!


Also, don’t forget to check out my new issue in Manhattan Family with my November #fabULyss finds. Pick up the issue for the best flowers and a new Broadway show to see!

I also had another amazing event with Ariana Rabbani Jewelry. The new collection is absolutely #fabULyss and perfect for holiday gifts! If you missed the event be sure to check it out.

I had a #DivaDate with OlliePop at the movies. We saw the new Trolls Movie… Definitely go take your kids to see this and the soundtrack was amazing!!!!


A few days ago, Ollie had a #fabULyss time filming with Bon Appetit Magazine and Condé Nast for some holiday foods!

While OlliePop was taping, BlakeyBleu had a dance at the Dance Work Shop Studio… check out my Instagram, @Diva_Moms to see how cute she looked in her tutu paired with her mini bomber jacket!


Now I have a new restaurant for you Diva’s to check out. SugarFish by Sushi Nozawa from LA is finally open in NYC! Def put this on the top of your LYSSTt for your next night out… the BEST blue crab hand roll I have ever had!! So yummy, #DeLysscious!


Sunday, while the NYC Marathon was going on, (Congrats to all who ran!), we spent the day with my new adorable niece. The whole family came together to visit this beautiful child who I am madly in love with. Pictures on my Instagram will make you fall in love just like me!

I have been involved with the RBaby Foundation charity since they began 10 years ago. They’ve turned their tragedy into helping all our children. Please join me for a fun night that improves children’s healthcare… It will be a FabuLYSS evening! xoxo
R Baby Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala
November 30th, 2016
6:00-10:00 PM
The Plaza, New York
Dinner, Drinks, Stand-Up Comedy,
Live Auction & More!
Cocktail Attire


Hope you all have a #fabULyss week ahead… and get ready for the election tomorrow night…. Going to be quite interesting!!!




#Why City Girls LOVE Surburbia #SuburbanJungle – November 1st, 2016


Why City Girls Love Suburbia

You’re a city girl—we get it. We love the city, too. What could be better, right? The energy, the culture, the dynamic people and personalities, the food—why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of the hustle and bustle of it all?

But now you’re on the fence. Maybe you’ve been having the “should we stay or should we go” convo or, maybe, you’re on your way to suburbia already. And it’s getting real—you won’t be a “city girl” anymore. You’re heading to the ‘burbs. Cue the dramatic exit music!

Our advice? Don’t fight it. If it’s your family’s time to make a move, then take a breath and put one foot in front of the other. Because here’s the thing—more often than not, city girls wind up falling head over heels for life in suburbia. Why? It’s simple—because there’s lots for those diehard city dwellers to love about the ‘burbs.

  1. Your Yard, Your Rules

Want a pool? An outdoor kitchen? An enormous playscape that your kids don’t have to share? Check, check and check. Anything’s possible once you’re calling the shots on your own backyard. Sure, those massive city parks are incredible, but you’re constantly vying for the best picnic spots, benches in the shade and time on the swings.

When it’s all yours, just open the door and shuffle your brood out. And when they have to go to the bathroom (or get a popsicle or a drink or a new t-shirt…), they can just pop back in and take care of business. No public restrooms or expensive cab rides home required.  

  1. No One APPLIES to Public School

School admissions. Need we say more? No matter what city you call home you’re likely going to find yourself elbow-deep in the school admissions process by the time your child is two or three years old. TWO OR THREE! There are preK applications to weed through, tours to take, interviews to schedule and tons of time spent waiting and waiting and waiting for an answer. And that’s for private and public schools!

And in the ‘burbs? While you may wind up sending your kids to private school, even that process tends to be less cut-throat, less time consuming and less all over the place than the city system. And if you opt for public schools, you just walk in and sign your kid up—seriously. Bring proof of residency and you’re in. No preK admissions counselors and gifted & talented tutors required.

  1. Suburbia Is Catching Up

Major shows, concerts, galleries, designers and restaurateurs are popping up all over suburbia, so many of your favorites will likely wind up following you to suburbia eventually. Plenty of Michelin-star chefs are opening up suburban outposts, as are top designer brands, home goods shops, boutiques and more. And that concert you don’t want to miss? It might be heading to your downtown before it’s in the city. Imagine that!

Will you always miss the city? No doubt! Who’s to say you can’t pop in on a whim or, even, plan a fun family weekend in your old stomping ground. But don’t let your love of the city keep you from considering the ‘burbs. There’s lots to love beyond city limits, as countless families have learned—and, chances are, you will, too.

See you in suburbia!

To figure out where in the suburban jungle you belong based on how you want to raise your kids, not just number of bedrooms and bathrooms, click here for your complimentary suburbs strategy session!


#FabOOLyssHalloweenFun #GlowingSkin #NovemberNews & More- November 5th, 2016

What a #FabOOLYSS Halloween Weekend!

On Sunday I had the most Spooktacular time at the #plazahotel  TRICK OR TREAT TEA AT THE PLAZA

The Plaza’s most famous residence got in the spooky spirit with a special Halloween-themed Eloise “Trick or Treat Tea” which featured delightful fall treats like Pumpkin Spice Cotton Candy, Black and White Oreo Cream Filled Macarons, and Pumpkin and Gingerbread Meringue Tarts, alongside the Eloise Tea fare. It woudldn’t have been Halloween without candy, so children took to the “Trick or Treat Candy Cart” during tea to gather their own bags of handmade candies and seasonal favorites. I wanted to eat all the #DeLysscious candy on the amazing #candycart. My two and a half year old daughter loved the personalized letter from #eloise. We were looking all over the beautiful #palmcourt for #eloise. Once the cotton candy, pink lemonade and #deLysscious scones were served a letter from #eloise was hand delivered to our table. Talk about #fabOOLyssfun! I highly recommend an afternoon having a special #eloise tea with your lil ones. A wonderful afternoon they won’t stop talking about.





Our Annual #DivaMomsHalloween Spooktacular was truly #FaBOOLyss! DeLysscious cupcake decorating with #cakesjagla. #FaBOOLyss #sweetest #halloween#spooktacular #dylanscandybar🍭 Monday, October 31st (Halloween) 10am-12pm upstairs in the #privatepartyroom
(4 months-4years) #monstermashdancing with #jamwithjamie 🎼🎤#toyfun with #learningexpress 🎨 #sportsactivities 🏀⚽️ with#kidsinsports #halloweenportraits with #heidigreenphotography most#creativecostumecontest 👻 with #lesters #minimakeovers 💄 with#lauramercier #balloonfun🎈with #emmasdesigns and healthy snacks with #organicavenue and #nuturie arts and crafts and bracelet fun with #changlesbanglesnyc





Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Bass. Dr. Bass is a nationally recognized innovator and authority on advanced technologies in aesthetic plastic surgery.  Over the past 25 years, he has written and lectured extensively on his research in advanced surgical techniques including laser and other non-surgical technologies.  He has over 90 scientific publications in journals such as Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Annals of Plastic Surgery and Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. He has his own practice in upper Manhattan. I took my mom #Nanadoll for a visit to have XEOMIN. It has been a week now and her skin is tighter and much more youthful looking. Dr. Bass was patient, kind and extremely sensitive to the needs of my mom. He was very professional in his approach to the procedure and extremely knowledgeable. For more information visit http://drbass.net/


What is XEOMIN?

XEOMIN® is a botulinum toxin type A that was approved by the FDA for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate toto severe glabellar lines, or frown lines between the eyebrows, in adult patients.

How Does XEOMIN Work

XEOMIN works by blocking the transmission of signals from nerves to the muscles, by hindering the

production of the neurotransmitter (the chemical which relays the signals). This causes the muscle to

relax giving it a smoother appearance for a temporary period of time.

The median first onset of XEOMIN effect occurs within three to seven days after injection. The typical duration

of effect of each treatment is up to three months; however, the effect may last significantly longer, or

shorter, in individual patients.






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