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Sweetest #BabyShower #BlackTap #FabULyssfun #BWay Shows & More… October 1, 2016

L’Shana Tova 🍎🍏🍎! Wishing all my#fabULyssfriends that celebrate a very Happy & Healthy New Year


Had the best time celebrating my baby sister yesterday #BlackTap! Babies & DeLysscious milkshakes


Celebrating the #sweetest day for my #beautifulbabysista 💞 @blacktapnyc most #deLysscious #milkshakes for my #nizzy cannot wait to be#auntpiggy2



Let the #memoriesliveagain 🎼 #catsthemusical #fabulyssfun#supportbroadway


Completely adored #HolidayInnMusical.  Remember Corbin Bleu from “High School Musical”?

He’s a grown leading man now, and is fantastic in this good old fashioned Musical which celebrates the wonderful music of Irving Berlin.

 Highly recommend this show!


Did you catch me on @insideedition later this week discussing the #dutchessofcambridge and parenting technique #activelisteningskills#parenting


#fabULyssfallday #❤️nyc


Looking forward to taking a few days this week to #powerdown in the Berkshires #groundsea


Q & A #fabULyssfind For New Moms #CARDAMOMapp- September 20th, 2016

We have a new #fabULyssfind for #newmoms! Excited to introduce you to the CARDAMOM app! I wish this app was around when I was a new mom! Love how far technology has come for new moms. CARDAMOM is a simple, easy, customized way to meet other moms in your neighborhood and around the city.  Find a mom-soulmate, a rainy-day playdate, a professional connection, and everything in between! You will find #fabULyssfriends using this awesome new app!



Q: Please tell our #divamom blog readers about the new CARDAMOM app

A: Cardamom is a cool, new friend-networking app, designed just for moms. The app is “matches” local moms to each other for friendship, playdates, and professional connections, and is customized to what each mom is looking for. Introductions and connections are made directly on your phone so there is no planning or pressure. It’s like a friend-dating app for moms!


Q: What inspired you to create this fun and easy way to meet other moms in your “hood” app

I’m a working mom of two girls, raising my kids in Manhattan. I know firsthand how important a friend to laugh with, lean on, cry with, drink with (coffee or wine J) can be. Before we were “moms”, we spent decades of our lives making friends organically, through school, work and play. Enter motherhood, and it’s like starting all over again.

It can be so hard to make new friends as a mom – to find the time and energy to go out to events, classes, playgrounds, activities, meetups, moms’ groups, and other places where moms are, in the hopes of meeting someone you click with… and then even if you do, your kids, schedules and lifestyles need to be in sync too.  It can be exhausting and overwhelming. With Cardamom, the app does the hard work of making introductions to like-minded moms, all from the comfort of your phone, so new friends are just a tap away.

Q: How easy/hard is it to use the app?

It’s simple and easy. We want the whole experience to be beautiful, since it’s such a personal thing and most moms are always on-the-go. After a mom creates her profile (the “Card” in Cardamom), she can just sit back and let Cardamom do the hard work of finding her potential new friends.


Q: How does the app work? 

Moms create a profile Card to share things like where they live, kids’ ages, work status, availability, interests, and even other niche things like career choices and languages. Cardamom’s fancy matching algorithm then introduces local, like-minded moms to each other. Moms can see their matches on a map, so they know who’s near them. If a mom wants to meet another mom, she simply “waves” to her on the app; when the other mom waves back, they are connected with a high-five and can start chatting directly on the app. The app also tells both moms when they have common availability, since we want to encourage our users to meet up live and grow their friendships.

Each mom receives a limited number of introductions per day. After she has either waved, saved the Card or declined the introduction (don’t worry, its anonymous so no hard feelings), she’ll receive a new set the next day. So check back often as your village grows!

Q: Will the moms find other like-minded moms on the app?

A: Absolutely. We’ve already made over 2,500 introductions in NYC alone, and sparked many great conversations. We just launched last month, with new moms joining every day. So if you don’t meet the right one just yet, check back when you can!

Q: How can a mom actually engage with another mom on the app?

A:  Once both moms “wave” to each other, they can chat on the app. We’re building out a mom-date planning service as well as group boards where moms can ask each other questions, coordinate nanny-shares, and other things that make motherhood fun and easier. Stay tuned!


Q: How will a mom know if another mom wants to meet up with them?

A:  The mom will receive a message that another mom has “waved” to her. If she wants to meet the other mom, she simply taps “wave back” and let the friendship begin! Moms can chat, learn more about each other and coordinate meet ups with or without the kids.

Q: Is there a cost to use the app?

No, the app is free. We just launched for iPhone/iOS and Android will be available soon.


Q: Is there anything else that you want our moms to know about the amazing new app?

A: It truly takes a village. Cardamom will help you build yours, one friend at a time. Give it a try! Friendship is critical in motherhood, but “mom-dating” is hard. This will make it easier.

Cropped shot of two attractive women laughing while drinking coffee


Q & A New #FabULyss #UES #DanceWorkshopNY- September 19th, 2016

Q & A With the #FabULyss New Dance WorkShop NY
I came across a #fabULyss new dance studio on the Upper East Side that I want to share with you.
Established on Long Island in 1978, for nearly four decades Dance Workshop has been educating children and adults. They just recently opened their doors to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, welcoming dancers and their families to join their dance community. Dance Workshop is a warm and inviting space for our youth to enjoy and learn the art of dance. Their second location in Manhattan, set in a brownstone on 64th Street and Lexington Avenue, will make you feel right at home. The studio is a safe environment where children can develop friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. The kids of all ages will be able to dance their hearts out at this new beautiful dance studio. www.danceworkshopny.com
Q: #divamoms are so excited to have you open on the Upper East Side.. Tell us what you are most excited about…
A: We couldn’t be more excited to open our second location on the UES!  It’s truly a dream come true to have our studio sit on the corner of 64th & Lex.  We are really looking forward to meeting new families and bringing dance to their worlds.
Q: Please tell our #divamom readers about the different programs you will be offering…
A: Dance Workshop offers an array of classes from ballet, tap and jazz to musical theatre, modern and hip hop. We also host birthday parties and offer wedding dance lessons. Please check out our “Classes & Services” section on our website for more information!
Q: What age do you think is best to start ballet and tap?
A: We begin teaching our dancers ballet and tap at 2 years old.  At this sweet young age we incorporate creative movement, dance terminology and introduce fundamentals to our dancers.
Q: What will some of the more popular classes be?
A: Ballet will likely be the most sought after class but hip hop will be a very close second.  Our hip hop classes are high energy and a great way to get kids to move, shake and fall in love with dance!
Q: What are the costs of the classes? How long are the semesters?
A: Base tuition for one class is $175 per month. Each semester is 5 months long and the season has already started this September 2016 and ends in June 2017. We will also be offering pro level drop in classes with some of New York City’s finest choreographers.
Q: Do you sell the clothing and ballet shoes at the studio?
A: We do! We offer Dance Workshop apparel, leotards, tights and shoes at the studio for purchase.
Q: Can children have Birthday parties at the studio? 
A: Yes! Dance Workshop can plan your child’s next Birthday party at the studio. We have a great birthday party package that includes 50 minutes of dance and 40 minutes of food and cake. Please see the “Classes and Services” section of our website for more information! We would love to host your next party.
Q: What can the moms expect to see at the studio? 
A:Moms can expect a warm and welcoming space with a kind hearted and welcoming staff.  Set in a townhouse we strive to be a place where children and adults want to spend their time and learn the art of dance.
Q: How long have your teachers been teaching? Experience?
A: Our teachers have been in the dance industry for decades.  Each instructor brings a unique perspective as their experience as professional dancers, teachers and choreographers is extensive.  From Broadway to hit television shows and professional dance companies our staff has boundless knowledge to share with our students.
Q: Will you eventually have dance classes for the #divamoms?
A: We have focused our attention on children’s classes but are looking forward to having #divamoms join the fun!  We will surely keep you posted on our adult offerings!
Q: Anything else you want to share with the #divamomblog readers?
A: Thank you Lyss for all of your support! We encourage Diva Moms to stop by the studio! We’re thrilled to join the Upper East Side Community and look forward to meeting all of you!

Q & A With the #FabULyss #DesignerRevival-September 13th, 2016

Q & A With the #FabULyss Designer Revival.. A #DivaMust for all #DivaMoms
Fall is upon us and that means new #FabULyssfall clothing! I want to introduce you to a new #FabULyssFind. Designer Revival on the Upper East Side is the place to go to consign and shop. You will want to purchase everything in this hidden gem. You can set up a time to meet with the a personal shopper as well as someone to help you decide what its time to clean out of your closet and what to keep.
Designer Revival

 Tiffany has a talent for style as evidenced by appearing in Bill Cunningham’s On the Street in the NYT Sunday Styles section almost a dozen times. Aside from her sense of style, Tiffany is an accomplished marketing executive who was in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She’s held senior marketing rolls with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, June Jacobs Spa Collection, Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare and Pola Orbis.  She spent most paychecks on her fabulous wardrobe and her favorites are Roland Mouret, Givenchy, Chanel,  Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and has been a consignor and consignment shopper for almost 20 years.  She travels regularly to Europe and Asia in search of style treasures and has a true love and touch for making women feel fabulous in their clothes.

She graduated from Columbia University/Barnard College and is a proud #divamom of an adorable baby boy named Kai Asher. She lives with her husband Michael in Tribeca.

Q: Please tell our #divamom blog readers what sets you apart from other high end consignment boutiques?
A:  With Designer Revival you not only have access to a highly curated selection of high end and contemporary designers at very accessible price points but we offer service like no other consignment store or website. Our services are the following:
– personal stylist assistance
– education on what brands are an investment and have the highest resale value
– an enjoyable experience that is is more like a “glamorous treasure hunt” with a neighborhood feel without the “stuffiness” of a high end department/retail store
– a tailor on premise
– white glove consignment pick-up
– closet management which educates the client on the Designer Revival Method for tackling a cluttered closet
Q: Is it true that there is a team of stylists that will work with the clients?
A: yes! All sales assistants are stylists and help our clients to create a “complete” outfit with multiple items and we assist in helping clients with what looks are right for them.  We believe fashion is a reflection of one’s personality and out mission is to provide style guidance and closet management to help our clients create their own unique image.
Q: How long have you been on the Upper East Side?
A: The store has been on the upper east side for over 20 years. I purchased the store in 2015 and renamed it to Designer Revival (was called Designer Resale).
Q: Have you seen a constant trend in the world of consignment? Is Chanel always a winner? 

What else are consignment favorites of yours?

The consignment category is hot right now and luxury brands and retailers are embracing the value of liquidity for a woman’s wardrobe.  My favorites are Chanel and Hermes. They are always a winner and have the highest resale value so truly are a smart investment.
Q: How does it work with your consignment? What’s the best way to bring in clothes and accessories? Should the #divamoms make an appointment first? Or just come in?
A: We are open 7 days a week and our clients can come by anytime to consign and no appointment is necessary. We also offer white glove service and provide home pick ups for 10 or more items. We take all seasons unlike other consignment shops because we have storage so we take all seasons at all times.We have a competitive cost structure that is a 50/50 split and up to 70% for certain merchandise like Chanel and Hermes hand bags.
Q: What have been some of the best treasures you have found in your recent years of business?
A: I am in love with FUR! so I have come across a beautiful Chinchilla coat and a Gucci (by Tom Ford) mink and leather bomber jacket.
Q: How often to you recommend #divamoms coming in to shop? 
A:Every week! We put out new merchandise everyday and we have many women who consign on a monthly basis to make room for new purchases.
Q: Do you take cash, checks and credit cards? 
A:We take cash, credit cards and paypal (online). We also have a layaway program in store.
Q: Anything in particular you want our #divamoms and #glammas to know?
A: The more you consign and/or shop with us the more rewards you receive with our customer loyalty program

#lastdaysofsummer-August 31st, 2016


#summernights #summerreading 📚 #jaxman lost in his book #bystander#7thgrade


#familytime out east


#fabulyssfunday #olliepop🍭 #beachboy #regine 😘 #bluemouth 💙#blueices #blueringpop💙 #summer😎


#blakeybleu🎀 #beachbabe 👙#fabulyssfunday


Could not have asked for a more #fabULyssfun date tonight @baysttheater_ to see #myfairlady 💐 #olliepop🍭 #icouldhavedancedallnight💃#hamptonsnights



Wishing everyone a #FabULyss #LaborDayWeekend! Looking forward to starting the new school year! Three kids in three different schools.. #coffee


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