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Being Thankful…November 26th ’14


Wishing all my blog readers a very Happy and #FabULyss Thanksgiving!

Cannot wait to spend the day with the family that I love. Since turning the big “40″ I have no patience for the “BS”… I only want to be around people that I adore.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having
more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have,
you will never, ever have enough.”
– Oprah Winfrey



Saw Billy Joel #ThePianoMan last night at Madison Square Garden.. and he still puts on the most unbelievable concert! I did not want the show to end..

We had two guest appearances last night as well #Sting and John Cougar Mellencamp which was a fun surprise.


#Ferguson #MakeADifference



One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to look at all the gorgeous windows in the department stores. The BergdorfGoodman one caught my eye!

#BergdorfGoodman #HolidayWindows #FabULyss



#MTO #MommyTimeOut reading #TheWomanIWantedToBe #DianeVonFurstenberg loved the book! Diane is one of the most empowering and inspiring women. I loved reading about her grand life, many loves and of course the rise of her career!


Looking forward to taking my boys to see a screening of Into The Woods this weekend


Yes.. Baby it’s cold outside and #BabyBlake is ready for the winter!

Looking forward to seeing her smile tomorrow morning at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.




Thanksgiving Stuffing, Family Friday, DeClutter Before The Holiday & More…November 21st ’14


#BabyBlake makes music to my ears in her #LittleMaestros musci class



If ‪#‎Elsa‬ was a hipster


#‎CommonCore‬ homework… I need a tutor myself for the homework… Not sure if anyone else is as frustrated for our kids the way I am about this #RidicULyss math they are teaching our children?!


#‎FabULyss‬ book signing ‪#‎AndyCohen‬ ‪#‎UJA‬ breakfast this week… Can’t wait to start reading the book ‪#‎TheAndyCohenDiaries‬


I saw a screening of #Wild this week… #Reese Witherspoon was very good, however I loved the book much more than I did the film.



 Don’t get the Monday blues, get jazzed up for Mondays at Beautique

Starting Monday, November 24th, crooner Michael Fredo, will serenade diners at luxury hot spot, Beautique, located at 8 West 58th Street near Fifth Avenue.  The glamorous restaurant and lounge is one of the bet places to see and be seen, with celebrity diners including Mario Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Kevin Spacey and Uma Thurman. It might be cold outside, however this is a great way to warm up and spice up your married life during the holiday season. I cannot wait to take my husband on Monday night.  Fredo was chosen as the first house band to perform at The Plaza Hotel since the 1960s. He spent two years performing in the famed Rose Club (formerly known as The Persian Room) singing for a packed house of New York’s socialites, celebrities and sometimes even international royalty.  He then spent a year at Trump Soho and recently performed a series of sold out shows at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency.

Fredo will perform from 7-11pm; to make dinner reservations (recommended,  but not required) please call 212-753-1200


We look forward to seeing all the Divamoms and DeLysscious tots on Wednesday, December 3rd 5pm-7pm
The Armani Junior Store-1223 Madison Avenue @86th Street

#DivaLyssciousDiscount shopping to support #Riley’s Dance

Face painting for the lil ones, makeovers for the moms

Be one of the first 100 moms to RSVP and you will automatically be entered to win a $1,000 gift certificate to shop the gorgeous 2015 collection



Make sure to purchase your tickets to The Jewish Museum’s 20th Annual Family Hanukkah party on December 17th, 5pm



Stuff your turkeys, not your closets!
Let @ClarityNYBusiness help you organize your closets so the only stuffing this holiday is in the turkey!
Declutter. Organize. Breathe.

Email Jodi Starr:  clarity.declutter.breathe@gmail.com


I look forward to taking the kids to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday… a family tradition we do every year




Have a #FabULyss Thanksgiving


Turkey Talk, Frozen On Ice, Disgraced On Broadway & More….November 14th ’14

What a week! Someone recently asked me what’s it like raising three kids in #NYC and working full time?! My answer… #Chaotic #FabULyssFun #LittleSleep and the #LYSST goes on and on! With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the holiday season upon us and #SnowVember (yes we had snow last night).
We celebrated #Veterans Day this past Tuesday
#Olliepop in the November issue of #TimeOutKids #ThePlaydateProject… His “ideal play date” to catch a Broadway Show
Speaking of shows… We went to see Frozen On Ice at the Barclay’s Center this week #OllieOlaf
The Disney production was #FabULyss! Oliver was singing throughout the entire show with his friends.. Loved that he knew they were lip syncing;)
Did anyone else have parent/teacher conferences this week? I am glad they are over. I always look forward to seeing the teachers and talking about the boys. However, those 15 minutes just fly by way to fast to cover everything. At least I know they are on track and doing well in school.
Went to a screening of ‪#‎FoxCatcher‬‪#‎SteveCarell‬ gave an ‪#‎Oscar‬ worthy performance
Foxcatcher poster
Wow! I took my mom to see Disgraced on Broadway this week. The show is unsettling, thought provoking, disturbing, superb, truly a FabULyss show! My mom and I were so shaken by Hari Dhillon’s performance that we cannot stop discussing “The Scene”.   Hari Dhillon, Karen Pittman, Josh Radnor and Gretchen Mol give turbulent and terrific dramatic performances. This is a#DivaMoms must see show! It’s a show that is truly thought provoking!
From left, Hari Dhillon, Karen Pittman, Josh Radnor and Gretchen Mol in “Disgraced” at the Lyceum Theater. Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Karen Pittman who plays Jory—a smart Manhattan lawyer who works at the same firm as Hari Dhillon’s Amir and is married to Josh Radnor’s Isaac.   www.pittmankaren.com
We talked about raising two children, working full time, having meaningful careers and more.
The holidays are upon us, what are some of your favorite things to do with your children in NYC?
We love to go to Lincoln Center. I’ve been lucky enough to work at Lincoln Center for the past three seasons, including Disgraced and Domesticated. My kids know that mommy worked here.  Also, my kids love a fancy dinner and we go to ABC Kitchen and lets not forget It’s Sugar. We can spend sixty dollars on some of that delicious candy.
You were outstanding in the show! How do you continue to do this performance six days a week? I love what I do! I love the show and the ensemble that I get to work with each and every day. My kids also know that I love my job and that makes it a lot easier for me.
Tell me about your parenting philosophy? As a single mom and raising a young boy and a girl, it’s very important to me to be present when I am with them. That means powering down (no IPhones, etc).  The children go to the Brooklyn Waldorf School. I love their philosophy of teaching children to be thinkers and allow them to explore. I grew up learning the importance of reading and writing at a very young age. As much as that’s important to me now as a parent, I also want my children to become independent thinkers and I love the way the school teaches children.
I know that everyone that goes to see this show will walk out mesmerized and they will agree that Karen’s performance is outstanding! Don’t walk.. Run to see this show!
Karen Pittman headshot
I cannot believe Thanksgiving is almost here
The spirit of Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude for your good fortune and giving to those who are less fortunate. Express your thanks this holiday season by involving the whole family in volunteering, donating, and spreading kindness. Try some of these FabULyss ideas to teach your children graciousness and goodwill. The month of November I try and get my entire family engaged with the spirit of doing good and giving back to the community. They study the holiday of Thanksgiving of course in school, however I always try and bring the lessons back to real life at home. Being a good role model to our young children is very important. Below you will find a “LYSST” of some of my favorite ways to teach our children out to show thanks at this holiday time. 
I always gather up gently used toys, clothes and deliver them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I have the kids help me sort through things that they never use and or wear and we make piles and fill up bags to give away. The children understand that although they no longer use these items there are many children that could use them.
You can make this holiday season one to remember for a hungry family. Offer a complete Thanksgiving dinner through your temple, church or an outreach organization in your community. Ask your children to help you with the shopping list. If your children are older they might be able to help you serve at a soup kitchen.

The holidays are a time for giving and togetherness. If you know someone who will be alone for the holidays, make them feel loved by inviting them to your family’s holiday dinner this year. The more, the merrier!
I always love getting the kids involved with setting the table and help decorate the apartment. I have the kids write on cards at each place setting what they are thankful for this year. I also love when they decorate their own place mats with the theme of Thanksgiving in mind. My younger son loves this holiday so much because he gets to help my sister cook.
It’s important this holiday season to power down. No IPads, IPhones, at the holiday dinner table. This is a special time to talk and to communicate with family members that you might not have seen in a long time or over the course of the year. I always like to set a children’s table next to the adult table. I make sure that the children interact with each other verbally and talk to one another and I add in some activities and games for the kids to play together that involves talking to one another. I keep coloring pages, markers and stickers out on the kids table as well.
Gobble, gobble and of course don’t forget to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. If you are watching from your couch and or on the sidelines (I will be with my family) enjoy the wonderful day with your family.Some of the new floats this year that my boys are excited to see Thomas The Tank Engine and Paddington Bear.
Macys Balloon Test
Have a #FabULyss weekend!
To be honest… I could care less about Kim Kardashian’s newest photo spread for Paper Magazine.. Any one else agree?
The hat is for a 7 year old…however we could not resist the #Celfie fun
Scenes from a holiday photo shoot. This was one of those moments that took myself and Heidi Green Photography by surprise. A moment frozen in time that we’ll never have again. Heidi captured #BrotherlyLove… I will admit it’s usually #WorldWar3,4,5 with these boys!

Ross School – Discover A World-Class Private School in the Hamptons on Sat, Nov 15!

An innovative learning community for children from pre-nursery (age 2) through grade 6, Ross Lower School is situated on a 26-acre campus in Bridgehampton, New York, where a typical school day might include visiting the farm animals, speaking Mandarin, building a replica of the Solar System, or growing mold spores in the science lab. Building on such hands-on, interdisciplinary experiences, Ross’s warm and supportive community empowers children to learn about themselves in meaningful ways.

At the heart of Ross School’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners. We recognize that each child is unique, and believe that school ought to be flexible and adaptive, rather than one-size-fits-all, in order to meet the needs of all our students. The Ross curriculum offers educational experiences that accommodate all different types of learners, enriching their sense of inclusion and value.

The exploration of the School’s unique Spiral Curriculum continues at Ross Upper School, which serves grades 7–12 and postgraduates in East Hampton. On an expansive, wooded 140-acre campus, community service, interdisciplinary projects, and travel play a significant and varied role in preparing students for meaningful lives and leadership in a global world. A wide-ranging offerings of electives, Field Academy trips, and Senior Projects of the students’ own design address learners’ particular needs and interests.

The Ross Admissions team will share more about what makes Ross School unique at two Open Houses on November 15th, the first at Ross Lower School in Bridgehampton from 10am to 12pm, and the second at Ross Upper School in East Hampton from 1 to 3pm. If you can’t join us, please schedule a tour or come for one of our scheduled Wednesday Walkabouts. For more information, please email Kathy Lattari at klattari@ross.org or visit www.ross.org/apply.

#FabULyss Annual Halloween Spooktacular & More! …November 3rd ’14

I hope everyone had a #SpookyLysscious Halloween!  The #DivaMoms annual Halloween #Spooktacular at Dylan’s Candy Bar was a blast.

My #BabyBlake was dressed up as the sweetest candy girl!

Jax is was ready to take the #MonsterMash by storm as #TED for #Halloween… Minus the profanity
I found the most #DeLysscious #OllieOlaf 2nd grade #MonsterMash #Halloween

#DivaMoms Annual #Halloween party #Dylan‘sCandyBar had the most #SpookyLysscious cupcakes

Healthy snacks for the kids #Plum Organics
Urban Sitters had lots of fun with the tots decorating Halloween masks
Learning Express was #FabULyss! They brought lots of the amazing toys that they are going to be selling at the new #UES store. We are so excited to welcome them to the neighborhood. I have a feeling I will will doing a lot of shopping in the store!
The kids had so much fun rocking out with the Little Maestros
I love that Blake is eight months old and already makes the same silly faces like I do:)
My Baby
Friendship going on eleven years! Our boys became best friends when they were six months old.. the rest is history!
I love all these happy faces!
#OllieOlaf was on @foxandfriends #FoxNews #Halloween costume fun
Did you tune into the #ReelMoms #TodayShow #Halloween segment?! Yes.. I was really dressed up as Minnie Mouse
I love how much Blake loves her #LittleMaestros class! Brings the biggest smile to her face… #Muscic, #Dance, #PuppetShows, #StoryTime and more!
Little M
#FreedomTower opened this week! I Love #NYC! All my Conde Nast friends are officially down town.
My older son has a passion for baseball… it amazes me each and every day since the time he was three how committed he is to playing this game!
Cold weekend for a tournament in Maryland…#NYSluggers always smiling #Baseball

I enjoyed the show This Is Our Youth… @YouthBroadway with my #Berta #CortTheatre #MichaelCera #KieranCulkin #TaviGevinsonI told my sister and her friends that they should all most definitely go see the show.. they are in their 30′s.


Thanks to the #BigAppleCircus #Olliepop wants to learn how to juggle… We had #FabULysslyFun time xo #Clowns #Jugglers #CottonCandy


Now that we turned back the clocks, I am trying my best to adjust to the time difference. I cannot lie.. I don’t like one bit that it gets dark at 5pm!


Yes… this was me last night! My husband came home to an apartment where we were all sleeping by 9pm.

Bed#BabyBlake was excited to get a surprise visit from her Auntie Kimmee this week. Look at the #FashionablyFabULyss booties she bought for Blake.




Would you rather purge your old clothes or purge the Halloween candy?  How about both!  Let Clarity’s Jodi Starr help you to declutter & start fresh in your space; proven to be emotionally and physically uplifting. Declutter. Organize. Breathe.



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