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#Juno #WinterBlast #Flu & Valentine’s Day Fun Right Around The Corner- February 26th 2015

‪#‎frozen‬ ‪#‎NYC‬ ‪#‎blizzard2015‬ #DoYouWantToBuildASnowman?

We are anxiously awaiting #Juno.. the food stores are empty, riots have broken out in WholeFoods and the last carton of milk is gone from #CVS….

Now it’s time to take the kids sledding (Hopefully tomorrow)! Be safe when out on the roads.

My #Olliepop is home sick with me today. He has a fever, chills the works. I am on complete #MomDuty #NurseLyss besides writing this blog post today.

I am writing this while there’s a blizzard raging outside of my window…



Just another afternoon… Last Thursday I went to pick up Jax from Hebrew School… he had a GRIN from ear to ear…. (I am thinking to myself either he’s in BIG trouble… or not sure I want to know) he proceeds to tell me that he just LOVES Hebrew School! Mom.. I learned my first ‪#‎Yiddish‬ word…. ‪#‎Tush‬ (butt).. this comes from the Hebrew word תחת (taḥath) meaning “underneath”…. I could not wait to have a glass of wine that evening (perhaps a bottle)…..

#Olliepop and I had a hot date Saturday night filled with popcorn, twizzlers and birthday cake m & ms

We both loved the film #Paddington! Such an enjoyable #FamilyFilm


The first and last time #BabyBlake will have a pickle#Allergic One item we will no longer be stocking up on is pickles! We had an allergic reaction at lunch #NotFun:(


Did you catch me early Saturday morning for a  debate @foxandfriends discussing social media bullying and passwords @schwartzdefense#FoxNews


I am so looking forward to celebrating #BabyBlakes first Valentine’s Day at our annual Sweetest party at Creative Dream Parties.

Join ‪#‎DivaLyssciousMoms‬ & ‪#‎LiliCupids‬ for the ‪#‎Sweetest‬ Valentine’s Day Party!
Friday, February 13th 5pm-7pm Creative Dreams Parties
‪#‎SweetTreats‬ and much more xoxo
The most ‪#‎FabULyss‬ raffle prizes (including scooters, tutus and more)
Cost $50 per family before January 31st…$75 after the 31st

The month of February also marks City Bakery’s annual hot chocolate festival. I  also cannot wait to get my choco-hazelnut fix at NYC’s first- ever Nutella Bar now open at Eataly. For those of you that are “friends” with me on facebook… you know how much I love my #Nutella. Fell in love with Nutella while studying abroad in college #Florence, Italy


Meanwhile, I just hope this snow ends before I have finished eating everything in my refrigerator so I can return to my #FabULyssFlywheel class.  I will be baking with the boys, watching movies and playing some Playstation 4.  Stay safe and warm! I might just see you in #CentralPark tomorrow sledding with my older son.


#WoodlochWeekend Magical 3 Days With The Boys January 20th 2015

Three day weekend are always such a #FabULyss treat and it’s the perfect excuse to get out of the city. To escape the #NYC cabin fever we were started to experience from this cold winter, our family had a perfect two-night quick family getaway to Woodloch. We were guaranteed to have a #FabULyss time as a family.. As much as I enjoyed being pampered in the amazing spa and reading a new book (The Life Intended) by the fire, my favorite part was that me and the boys ate all of our meals together and really talked since there were no electronic distractions #PowerDown. It was real authentic family fun and lots of hot cocoa for me and the kids. What could be better? My boys get to release some of their pent-up energy go-cart racing and snow tubing.






My husband is in LA this week for business and I promised him a date night of American Sniper when he returns. The boys want to see Paddigton the movie.

My mom babysat for Blake and learned a few new words. She needs to start a #Nanadoll Babysitting Service


It’s a shortened week and tomorrow is already Wednesday which also happens to be National Hugging Day! So keep warm by hugging your loved ones and those you are closest with


Believe in yourself #Selfie



Most #FabULyss New Book For Children: Can You Buy Me The Wind? January 15th 2015

 buy me

Once in a while you find a truly #FabULyss new book for children… Our new favorite book is #CanYouBuyMeTheWind. This #DivaKidsBookClub #MustRead is one of the #BestNewChildrensBooks I have read in a very long time! Make sure to purchase a copy of the book before they sell out.

For the Child Who Has Everything.. And the parents (and grandparents) that provide it….

Long Island author Steven Schoenfeld has written Can You Buy Me the Wind?, a children’s book for this age of instant gratification. Inspired by actual events between his daughter and her grandparents, Can You Buy Me the Wind? illustrates the tug-of-war between teaching values and making a child happy.

When Sammy’s grandparents come to sit, they decide that the four-year-old should earn the toy she wants by doing simple chores, and Sammy is eager to comply. Everybody’s happy. As Schoenfeld says, “You can’t buy your children everything and expect them to understand the value of persistence and hard work.”

But when there is no wind to fly the kite, Sammy asks grandma to buy her the wind…a rational question for a child who up until then has received everything she ever asked for.

After learning about the value of hard work, Sammy hears that not everything can be earned or bought. Can You Buy Me the Wind? addresses both issues in a fun, light-hearted way. Sammy absorbs a great lesson about working to earn the kite that she wants, but more important, she learns that it takes more than money to earn the things in life that really matter.

Can You Buy Me the Wind? is illustrated by New York artist Chuck Gonzales. It is available at fine bookstores, and online through www.canyoubuymethewind.com and www.amazon.com.

  My seven year old son Oliver cannot get enough of this book and even Jackson (11) has read it several times (his Nike sneakers and acting classes.. do not grow on trees)

Q.  What was the inspiration behind this book?

The Inspiration was an innocent question that my daughter asked when she was 4 years old. My wife and I were on vacation and my parents were watching my children. One afternoon they decided to fly a kite and when my mother tried to explain that it wasn’t going to work because there was no wind, my daughter Sammy asked if they could buy some.  My mom was hysterical and called me to say that she had just heard one the most amazing (and disturbing) things a child has ever said!

Q.  What is the take-away message you hope children get out of reading Can you Buy Me The Wind?

I think the book has two messages. First it teaches that nothing in life is free and you need to work for the things in life that you want. Second and most important it teaches that there are some things in life that cannot be bought and for those things you earn them by just being a good person.

Q.  The illustrations are adorable!  Who is the illustrator and how did the two of you connect to do the project together?

Chuck Gonzales is the illustrator and I think he did a phenomenal job.  I wrote the book four years ago and just sat on it for a while because I didn’t even know where to start. One day about a year ago I sent it out to a few agents and one of them responded with such great enthusiasm for the story. He sent it to a few artists to gauge interest and Chuck is who we decided to go with.

Q.  What is the most outrageous thing you have ever wanted/requested?

Haha. That’s a tough one. It’s not outrageous but the thing I want more than anything else is more Time.

Q.  Do you have a follow-up book in the works?

I have nothing in the works but I would love to do more.. Coming up with ideas is not easy! I’m waiting for one of my kids to have another  “can you buy me the wind?” moment but it just hasn’t happened.

Q.  What children’s books do you enjoy reading your own kids?

It feels like i’ve read every book out there. I have 2 children and we started reading to them early on. Some of our favorites were Goodnight moon, harry the dirty dog, oh the places you’ll go  and anything by Jamie lee curtis

Q.  Tell us more about your own personal life

I grew up in long island where I still live with my wife, 2 children and 3 dogs. Growing up both of my parents were NYC board of Ed and my sister was a teacher as well. My parents had other jobs outside of teaching and they really taught me what it meant to work hard. They basically worked 365 days a year.  I Graduated from the University of Maryland in 1997 and have been  working on Wall Street in equity derivatives ever since.

Q.  What do you feel is your greatest achievement to-date?

My kids. No question. .  Nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement then watching them be exactly who they are.

#DivaMoms purchase this book! I promise you will thank me xoxo

Golden Globes and more… January 12th 2015

What a busy weekend! Friday night I took Ollie to Bowlmor to bowl. Of course several pizzas later and three games he was exhausted and ready to go to bed.



He’s so into fitness that he accompanied me to Punch Fitness and he’s my new Sunday morning workout buddy. I couldn’t get a cuter partner if I tried;)


Saturday night I enjoyed Honeymoon in Vegas, the Musical with Tony Danza at The Nederlander. The sold out house loved the fun show with filled with lots of laughter. It’s such a great date night! The show was very funny and the musical score was #FabULyss. We went to Junior’s after for some #DeLysscious cheese cake.


Nothing like waking up to see one of my #FabULyss childhood friends Alisa Licht on the front page of The New York Times Sunday Style section, P.R. Girl Revealed as P.R. Exec Aliza’s new book coming out this book is a #DivaMomBookClub  must read coming out this Spring. Huge congratulations to a woman who is beautiful inside and out.


How about Those Golden Globes Sunday night?! I am thrilled that Transparent won for best Television Series and of course the #FabULyssly talented Jeffrey Tambor winning best actor.



I thought Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in her cape.


Dakota Johnson looked stunning in this sequined Chanel sparkly gown #FiftyShadesOfGrey here she comes


Amal Clooney in Dior was just stunning! I am sure the white gloves will become a trend for 2015 on the #RedCarpet… however I don’t think she needed them


It’s always a treat oohing and ahhing over the glamorous designer dresses, diamond jewels and unbelievable shoes. Have you heard of Tutilo’s new diaper bags designed especially for working moms who are commuting and traveling. This is the perfect bag to handle our electronics and look chic simultaneously as a busy #DivaMom. We are giving one away to one lucky #DivaMom. Please write to us at RSVP@Divamoms.com and tell us which was your favorite dress from the #GoldenGlobes. One lucky mom will receive the new #FabULyss Diaper Bag.


We are going away for MLK weekend Woodloch Resort in the Poconos. Looking forward to doing some fun wintery activities with the boys. Friday night I am taking the boys to MSG for The Professtional Bull Riders (PBR) This should be an interesting night to say the very least.


20 years ago my most amazing #FabULyss grandmother #NatalieNanny passed away 41 years ago she made me this elephant blanket… I gave #BabyBlake the blanket today and I know she is watching all of us.




Stay dry!


Winter Blues?! We Have a HOT New Book For You… A Shot of Sin (The Vault) January 9th 2014


#DivaMoms Book Club Presents…. A Shot of Sin (The Vault)


#DivaMoms Book Club Presents…. A Shot of Sin (The Vault)

Have I got the cure for you if you are suffering from the winter blues and still freezing no matter how warm you dress.  On January 13, 2015, Eden Summers’ sexy new erotic romance novel A Shot of Sin (The Vault) will get you HOT, Hot, hot!
Leo Petrova is between a rock and the hard place in his pants. Shot of Sin, the night club he owns with his two best friends, is short one bartender downstairs. The only available replacement is the upstairs bar manager—the one woman Leo knows he can’t take downstairs, can’t have, can’t touch. The one time he gave in to temptation convinced Leo that Shay’s no match for his sexual demands.Only a select few know Shot of Sin’s guilty secret, that beneath the packed dance floor lies a very private sex club—the Vault. The place Leo can let his sexual proclivities run wild.Shay Porter is curious as to why her boss, the king of mixed messages, seems almost desperate to keep her from discovering what’s on the other side of the guarded door at the back of the club.Sliding out of her comfort zone and into Leo’s arms risks everything. Their friendship, the Vault, and most of all, their hearts.Warning: This sex club does not carry the government’s stamp of approval. Contains devilish debauchery, delightful deviance, and dancing on the edge of the darkest of sexual desires.Dahlings, I so wish I could tell you more, but I to am left with my tongue hanging out, drooling until January 13th when the book becomes available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobe and iTunes. 
The author Eden lives in regional New South Wales, Australia with two highly energetic sons and a husband she says she ”doesn’t deserve (in a good way).”. An avid romance reader for years, in early 2011 she decided to take her own writing seriously.  The hunky men and sassy women who dominate her daydreams are now being put to paper.  Eden can’t resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.
This is a #DivaMust new sexy book to bring out your inner goddess…
*Warning… this book is sure to warm you up! #HOT
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