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Queen Of The Night #FabULyssNight & More… August 13th ’14

Reopening of DIAMOND HORSESHOE on New Year's Eve

#QueenoftheNight #ParamountHotel my husband and I had the most #FabULyssFunEvening.. My husband had no idea what he had  gotten himself into (they blind folded him and he lost his Sh*t! ) I was hysterical laughing.. secretly I know he was loving every minute of his new adventure.


If you’re Looking for a fun /sexy night out with your spouse, or a great 2nd or 3rd date, check out Queen of the Night at the Paramount Hotel…think mulon rouge meets cirque de soliel meets cabaret and add in a #DeLysscious fun-filled meal.   It’s definitely a experience you don’t want to miss. The show is running until September 28th. Queen of the Night, a lavish and delightfully dangerous evening of dining, drinks and entertainment. The Diamond Horseshoe is no regular Times Square venue, and Queen of the Night is far from a traditional theatrical event. At Queen of the Night, guests are immersed in a world of theater, cuisine, circus, dance and magic.  The evening was magical to say the very least. You will uncover secret performances and mingle with old (and new!) friends. This show is great to go with a bunch of friends and or for a Birthday or celebration. The signature cocktails are also #YummyLysscious amd don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the show.

  To purchase tickets visit www.queenofthenightnyc.com

Queen of the Night Diamond Horse Shoe at the Paramount Hotel

 Queen of the Night Diamond Horse Shoe at the Paramount Hotel

Did you see Magic In the Moonlight? I loved the new Woody Allen film. I went into the movie not expecting much because of all the reviews. However, I am so glad I went to see the film. The scenery is exquisite, set in the South of France. If you know me and know my humor.. I will say one name to sum up the movie for me.. #BRYCE. Go see the film:)!



#BabyBlake loved putting on her “party dress” for her new beau #BabyReid #Bris


RIP #Robin Williams one of my all time favorite actors/comedians… #HollywoodIcon #Comedian


Another great #hollywood legend taken away… RIP #LaurenBacall






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Mother’s Art World…#FabULyss Back To School Book Series August 11th ’14


A Day with Degas written by Mothers Art World founder Sima Levy, follows the adventures of a young painter named Paris as she is whisked away to the past to meet impressionist artist Edgar Degas. Through the interactive and engaging narrative, the book’s reader learns the importance of drawing, erasing and redrawing from Degas while using imagination to improve his or her art.


Do you know #DivaLyssciously #FabuLyss Sima Levy? If not we are going to introduce you to Sima and Mother’s Art World. Back to school is right around the corner.. why not do some summer reading with this amazing, #FabULyss book series.

Sima Levy was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved with her family to New York when she was 8.  Sima’s essence was born that same year when her brother, Donny, died of a brain tumor at the young age of 17.  As a child she became passionate about giving back to the world through charitable works and education.  What she was unable to do as a child, she has been able to begin to accomplish as an adult.  The Meet the Artist Series is the first step in making those dreams become reality.  She teaches at the to the Cohen’s Medical Center and in her words “has the absolute joy of watching children immersed in art being able to forget their pain and their illness – even for 2 hours.  To watch them is the power of creativity and artistic expression.” As a mother, wife, teacher, writer and creator, Sima enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, and  children Jordan, Logan and Paris, all of whom have contributed to the development of the Meet the Artist Series.  Most evenings, she can be found sitting at the computer dreaming about the next adventure Ms. Simone, Paris and the rest of the gang.rendezuous with renior

A Rendezvous with Renoir follows the adventures of a young painter in Ms. Simone’s art class, named Mary. She and her friend, Manet, are studying the life and work of the famous impressionist painter, Pierre-August Renoir.

Mary is enthralled with Renoir’s paintings of happy people gathering and with the beauty of the countryside experienced through his work. She is filled with dreams of meeting Renoir and his friends in Paris. Together with Manet, they say the magic word “Wacadoey” three times and travel back in time to meet Renoir in Montmartre. Through the interactive and engaging narrative, the book’s reader learns how to use fluid brush strokes to catch real life quickly. Renoir teaches Mary and Manet how he observes and paints flickering lights and his famous gatherings of happy people. The book closes with Mary returning to class to paint what she saw in France, adding Manet and Renoir to her illustration.


Did you know that there is compelling evidence that if we want our children to achieve more – academically and in standardized tests – inclusion of a focused art education program is a critical factor in reaching those goals. Art education is closely linked to almost everything we want for our children as teachers, parents and citizens.

Mothers Art World’s mission is to provide opportunities for children to be enriched through its art education programs and books.

A Day with Degas, the first in a series of art history books published by Mother’s Art World, is fun, adventurous and interactive.  The main character, Paris is excited to paint her ballet dance trio, in Ms. Simone’s art class using Edgar Degas as her inspiration. Paris was able to capture her own movements, but had difficulty illustrating the gracefulness of her friends Justine and Mary. She dreamed of meeting Monsieur Degas to receive artistic guidance.

The magic starts when, with her best friend Manet, they say the magic word three times: “Wackadoey, wackadoey, wackadoey,” and are whisked away to the past, to meet Degas in Paris, France. Degas teaches them to draw, erase, perfect and redraw. Although the artist is an impressionist painter, he takes his time completing his works and Paris learns that she should do the same. She returns to ballet school to sketch Justine and Mary and the outcome is perfection! Read A Day With Degas and you will experience a “Manet Day,” learn to use your imagination to improve your art, and feel coo-cooey wackadoey.

visit with vangogh

The third book, A Visit with Van Goghfeatures our newest character, Mays who is an artist and poet in Ms. Simone’s art class.  While learning about post-impressionist artist, Vincent van Gogh, Mays begins to feel he has a lot in common with the artist.

But Mays is not sure whether to compose his poems or illustrations first.  Receiving the secret magic word – Wackadoey -  from his classmates they travel to Amsterdam.  Van Gogh teaches them to quickly capture their feelings with heavy paint and quick brush strokes while teaching them there is no “right” order of expression.

The magic continues when Mays returns to the classroom and the reader is delighted by his final creation


Mother’s Art World is the perfect way to introduce your children to the world of art. The book series truly engages the children’s minds and imaginations. The books can be purchased here

*When I purchased the books for my boys I really wanted them to learn about art in a fun creative way. They loved the stories, the characters and the gorgeous illustrations. I know your children will enjoy this book series as well. The book series also makes for a wonderful gift.

I paint





The Most #FabULYSS Wedding, SuperSaturday17 & more… August 5th ’14


Hello, August!

AugustFirst… let me apologize! I know it has been a while since I last blogged and updated my blog. So much has happened in the past few weeks and it has been a whirlwind to say the very least. My beautiful younger sister Sam #Nizzy got married on the most beautiful Saturday evening in July (full moon) at the Liberty Warehouse. The boys have been in camp, #BabyBlake is five months and started foods (she loves her Plum organics), SuperSaturday17, and then my father was rushed to the hospital. He has been there for a few weeks now. I will get into all bit by bit. So please accept my apologies and know this will be a very long blog. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Let me start with the good… My sister’s wedding was #FabULyss! She could not have asked for a more perfect summer evening. Not an ounce of humidity (great for the hair) and just a gorgeous, happy evening.

#Olliepop was loved being the ring bearer

Olliepop Sams WeddingNanadollThe beautiful bride dancing the night away! Oh what a night…Happy sam



My #BabyBlake turned 5 months! She loves her puppy #Jedi.. Blake has brought so much sparkle, love and pink into our livesBlake 5 months

Had the best evening watching the beautiful sunset at Wölffer Estate Vineyard #Hamptons… This was before I got the news that my father was being rushed to the hospital with 105 fever and pneumonia… just to start.

To make a long story short… my father kind of dictated this… at 28 he had Hodgkins Disease…was radiated in neck and had chemotherapy (I was three)….at 40 he had Esophageal Cancer (I was sixteen)..once again, had chemo and was radiated in throat by a process called brachytherapy…over the years scar tissue built up in throat …as of late making it impossible for him to swallow….they had to do a procedure to dilate (stretch the esophagus.)..but must be done a little at a time not to cause any harm…. in meantime, they inserted a feeding tube in him so he can get the nutrition and calories that he was lacking due to not being able to eat! There are other issues but that is basically the story right now…he is in North Shore and hopefully will get stronger day by day. I just want to thank my amazing friends (you know how who you are) for being there for me over the past few weeks… You have been INCREDIBLE! I am sorry if I have not emailed, text or called you back… I promise to get back to each and everyone! Thank you for being as I would say… #FabULyss! xo


On a brighter note… I am now writing a weekly column for METRO NY called  DivaLyssciously Yours. Every Tuesday I will be writing about something mom, dad, parenting and or children related.


  And loved talking #FabULyss Summer films last week on Today Show Kathie Lee and Hoda #ReelMoms

See #GuardiansoftheGalaxy! xoxo

Sex tape

Speaking of films the DivaMoms night out to see Sex Tape was fun filled. We had a #FabULyss guest speaker SARI COOPER, a Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Therapist, writer and media expert who has run these groups before and has given workshops for independent schools around NYC. In addition she has run workshops on body image issues, crushes and how to set boundaries for The Parents League, the Ackerman Institute and private mothers’ groups.  She is a frequent contributor to CBS This Morning, Women’s Health, and Cosmo.  She has appeared on Dr. Oz and is an expert on his site Sharecare.  Her own blog is at saricooper.com/blog. She is also a regular contributor to HuffPost and Psychology Today.  In addition she is the Sex Education expert for your Teen Magazine.

SARI is going to be teaching a six week Sex Esteem series of 6 classes for parents beginning this fall in which parents can learn the confidence they need to open up conversations on an age appropriate level throughout their children’s childhood, tween and teen years.  There will be different groups: one for moms on talking to the kids about Sex and one for moms who want to unlock the keys to a Better Sex Life.

Here’s some great advice from our guest writer, SARI COOPER:

“When women get married all they know is that jokes are made about how tiny their sex life will become because of all the jokes made by their fiancé’s married men. They also hear how exhausted their girlfriends are after their first baby’s born and how they are working out as much as they can to lose their pregnancy pounds.  What they don’t hear about is what sex is really like. They don’t discuss how at times pregnancy makes it uncomfortable to have sex that feels great or that recovery from labor is much longer than the six weeks obstetricians say is needed to get back in the saddle.

Women also don’t understand that it was easy to get in the mood in the early part of their relationship because the chemicals of dopamine, oxytocin and elevated levels of testosterone keep your libidinal engine primed and the frequent sex keeps you pumped for more.  It is natural for frequency to lessen after the first couple of years of a relationship and couples actually have to figure out creative ways to keep it in their life and to keep it sexy.  Whether it’s lack of sleep due to a nursing or colicky baby, Post-Partum, traumatic delivery, each woman has had the experience of their desire plummeting.

In this six-week Sex Esteem course for women, I want to address women’s understanding of their bodies’ changes, how to increase their libido, and provide education about certain specific dysfunctions.  I’ll also be providing the latest research on women and desire, couple’s erotic love maps and the secrets needed for sexual longevity.  Women will feel more able to articulate what it is they need for themselves and their relationships in order to renew, rejuvenate and revel in their sexual partnerships.

The second Sex Esteem is for moms who feel uncomfortable addressing sexual topics with their children. It’s natural that most parents feel awkward about discussing sex because they most likely didn’t have parents who discussed it with them.  In addition, sex ed classes were and still are for the most part about STD and pregnancy prevention and puberty changes in one’s body.  They don’t discuss the tingling that happens in one’s body and the pleasure that provides, masturbation and how it’s actually the safest sex out there.  Parents feel tongue tied when it comes to discussing the “double standard” for girls, the pressure kids feel to keep up with what they see online, and how to judge whether someone is trustworthy.  These parents will learn how to discuss setting boundaries with boyfriends/girlfriends or the crush with whom they want to “hook up”. Many moms say to me:  “ Oh yeah, I’ll have to discuss these issues in a few years” when their child is 8.

My feeling is that parents need to be well educated early on to discuss pleasure, sexuality and boundaries at each of a child’s developmental stage and NOT wait until adolescence.  Kids are sexual beings from the time they enter this world (and oftentimes in utero).  It’s not that their sexual experience is the same as an adults, but rather they give themselves pleasure or comfort through touch all over their body including their genitals.  If kids were taught that touch was a good thing and given the names of ALL their body parts while also being taught the rules around such touch, they would feel more confident and less ashamed and embarrassed as they grow up.

This course also offers guidance to parents on how to discuss the ages, behaviors and morals they want to impart to their children beyond saying: “just wait”.   Just as kids know they aren’t driving until the age of 16 and getting a license at age 17 after they’ve had lessons.  Parents will receive the coaching and education in order to discuss these issues with their spouses/partners in a deliberate practical way.

What is it that parents need to know in order to raise smart, self-aware and confident kids when it comes to their eventual sex lives?  Whether it’s how to understand crushes or understand how sexuality involves everything from kisses on the lips, holding hands, making out or making love, kids today are NOT getting the full education they need when it comes to sex.”

For more info on SARI, visit her @ saricooper.com


I am looking forward to taking the boys next week to see Marvel Universe LIVE! at Barclays Center

 This Thursday evening I am going to see Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man. I will let you know how it was… I heard fun things:)!


Last… SuperSaturday17 #Camp DivaLysscious

We had the most beautiful day for Super Saturday! The kids had the best time at #CampDivaLysscious. Both Kelly Ripa and I could not get our glitter tattoos off ;)


I love that my boys know how to walk the red carpet better than me….

boys ss

kelly ss


I love these quotes below…



I think this is #FabULyss… just saying…#OliviaWilde #GlamourMagazine #SeptemberIssue

oAnd NEXT MONTH!  Join us Sept 3 @ 6pm when I’ll be hosting a awesome Moms Night Out at South Moon Under in Woodcliff, NJ..LOTS of great giveaways, gift bags, and awesome surprises – See you there!

 I hope you enjoy the gorgeous weather in August! I will hopefully get to the beach and take a much needed technology detox… I can’t believe that we will be shopping for #BTS very soon.    xoxo, LYSS


#FabULyss 4th of July, Manhattan By Sail, #Olliepop is 7 & more… July 7th ’14


I hope everyone had a #FabULyss 4th of July! I know we most certainly did. The weather was on and off, were we going to get soaked from #Arthur or not?! That was the big question of the day. We decided to take a trip to Coney Island #LunaPark and have a blast on some awesome rides. Of course we then headed over to Nathan’s Original hotdogs (I will admit.. I had one and a few of the boys fries). What can I say besides just #DeLysscious! Now of course I am back to my boring diet! I am thrilled that the weather held out for the 4th and what beautiful, amazing fireworks there were.


pop flying

My #DeLysscious #4thofJuly #BeachBabe

Beach Babe

OK… so we celebrated #Olliepops 7th Birthday for over a month. Next summer he can celebrate for the entire week in sleep away camp! We had his last and final 7th Birthday celebration this weekend (gorgeous beach weather) at our beach club. As you can see (he does not love his moms singing voice). The cake was #DeLysscious thanks to #CakesJagla as well as always looking beautiful. The Birthday celebration was a sports party with my husband as the ref  (use your imagination). I love this boy so much or as Buzz Lightyear says.. To Infinity and Back!


I’m late on this one, but @Jon_Favreau #ChefMovie is one of the sweetest films ever…go see it! I left the movie with a big on my face! If you have yet to see the movie.. run don’t walk!


We had the most #FabULyss time aboard #Manhattan By Sail.

 What a wonderful, special way to see NYC at sunset by sail! The boys had the best time. We talked about history (Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, The Freedom Tower and much more). I highly recommend doing this with your family and or of course with your significant other or perhaps just a moms night out. For someone like moi.. who gets very sea sick (I will admit.. I was a tad scared). However, once we set said and were on our way I was so relaxed and had not a hint of being sea sick. Now I am officially ready for my cruise in Greece.

Beautiful evening for a sail around Manhattan with my boys #SailAway #Olliepop helping #RaiseTheSail #ManhattanClipper #LobsterRolls xo


#ManhattanSail #StatueofLiberty #FreedomTower #FamilyFun


Excited is an understatement! One more week until my baby sister gets married. This Saturday night is the big night! #LibertyWarehouse. The weather is supposed to be beautiful! If I am not great at returning calls or texts this week, I do apologize in advance.  There is so much that I still need to do (boys tuxedos, I need to get my shoes, bra and of course SPANX)


I say never give up your #DivaLyssciousAttitude & #DivaLyssciousStyle


Speaking of the Hamptons… If you’re out East there’s a new #FabULyss store to visit for the lil ones #Lullanest
New mom Katerina Williams couldn’t find a store in the Hamptons that had everything she needed for her baby, so she opened her own. Lullanest offers all the products you need for your little ones, strollers, high chairs, cribs, clothing and much much more. She curated the best of the best and I have a feeling this store is going to have lots of high traffic this summer. The store also offers classes/workshops for new and expecting parents. Katerina a #DivaLyssciousMom is expecting her 2nd child this summer. She’s absolutely glowing!
Love allowing your children to fly and be individuals! #Summer is a #FabULyss time for new experiences
OH!  Don’t forget!  We are having a special Divamoms Night Out on Tuesday July 15th at the Sony Screening Room in NYC for the new film SEX TAPE starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel – Can’t wait to see it, I hope its a good one, looks great!   RSVP@divamoms.com - if you get a response back, you’re in

Most #FabULyss Psychic Reading & more… June 24th ’14


#SundayFunday #BeachBabes #SummerLove xo

I try… some times it’s harder than others xo #SeeTheLightInOthers


#HappyBaby… Can’t they make play mats for adults?! xo


I must now introduce you to the most #FabULyss new learning products IVY KIDS

Ivy Kids1

Ivy Kids has launched a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Their goal is to make every moment with your child “quality time.” Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own. Oliver my seven year old cannot get enough. I am signing him up for every month of the year. He is obsessed with the July and August kits. The July kit features the book Jump, Frog Jump! by Robert Kalan and the August kit features the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Taseea Cruz the owner, a certified early childhood teacher and mother of two personalizes each and every kit. Oliver took the kits to the beach club and all the children only wanted to play, learn and explore with each kit. I highly recommend purchasing these kits, you will not be disappointed. #Brilliant


Ok… now for the big reveal! I had the most amazing opportunity to have a one hour reading last week with PSYCHICGIRL.COM.  Psychic Reader Spiritual Healer Jusstine Kenzer was truly #FabULYSS! I think every DivaMom should take some time for a reading with Justine. I am not going to lie… I was definitely a little skeptical at first as I rarely do readings. However, I have heard from several friends that Justine is the go to Psychic Guru and to be honest there’s a lot of unanswered questions that I wanted to know the answers to.  Justine is extremely thorough and patient. I had explained from the start that I was new to this. She took it very slow with me and and answered all my questions. I asked to her be honest, whether the answers to my questions were good or bad. I wanted the honest answers. She did exactly that. She answered questions about my family, my career, my happiness, my goals and much more.  Another awesome part of this experience is that she tapes the conversation and emails the call over to you right away. She’s going to be out East for a little bit until mid July and if you want to meet with her in person (I highly recommend that you do) make an appointment asap before she is all booked up. Of course if you are not out East you can set up a phone reading as well. I like to share amazing experiences with my readers and this was definitely one.  Email jusstinekenzerr@icloud.com and tell her Lyss sent you. You are going to #LOVE her!



Have a #FabULyss week ahead! The weather is gorgeous (I wish I could work every day from the beach)

Can you believe next weekend is the 4th of July already?! My #Olliepop turns seven.

Watermelon4th of july

Loving this 4th of July American Flag Watermelon and #DeLysscious ice-cream

Ice Cream Sundae in festive patriotic setting.



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